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THE DOCUMENTARY THAT CHANGES EVERYTHING Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt has made a shocking discovery through his deep research that an area he refers to as the ‘HotZone’ between Miami, Bimini, Cuba, the Caribbean and Yucatan contains secret findings of mysterious ruins that hold the key to the ancient advanced culture of Atlantis.

ARCHAEOLOGY WARS ATLANTEAN SECRECY! By connecting the hidden network of Mystery Schools, Exotic Technology, Belial Cult, Psychic Spies and Covert Geopolitical Archaeology Wars, Dark Journalist takes us deep into a completely different way of understanding our ancient past and the Atlantean Poseidia TUAOI Global Power Station. Join Dark Journalist for this Breakthrough Documentary Presentation as he is interviewed exclusively by Kellsey Forest about The Craze In The HotZone!

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MIND BLOWING REVELATIONS: LAND RISING NEAR BIMINI See how historical figures like the Sleeping Prophet Edgar Cayce, Legendary Author Ernest Hemingway, AI Creator MIT Marvin Minsky, Convicted Socialite Ghislaine Maxwell (AKA Janet Atlantis), Anti-Gravity UFO File Scientist Thomas Townsend Brown are all connected to Hacking Atlantis. Learn how major Mystery School Movements like Theosophy and Anthroposophy with leaders Helena Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner were deeply involved in revealing the truth that is about to emerge from Land Rising Deep in the HotZone!

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  • The symbology goes back to Pharoahnic Eqypt…..The First Empire on the planet.

    Caribbean, all Templar Islands.

    Stone building, or building in Stone came from the Pharoahs.

    Not Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs, but the ancient pharoahs.

    The symbols shown in the video…sun hieroglyph, eye of RA, masonic Circle and the Square and Compass.
    All derive from the Pyrimid….as the empire, traveled and influenced the globe.

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