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It is difficult to watch our fellow Americans celebrate our country’s sacrificial offering on the Globalists’ pyre.

Kerry Cassidy is here with a perspective on how this latest inauguration insult is just another battle in a long war that has been waged since the late 1700s and especially since the JFK Assassination, an act which cemented the Satanic plan for a New World Order.

She explains, “It’s not so important that we know the details. It is enough to know that this is an ongoing war, that you’re fighting for freedom, for human freedom all around the world…it’s just one of the innings.

“And basically, the elections have been stolen all the way through. You have not elected your leaders. And that’s the reality behind the scenes.

“Now, what happened with Trump in 2016 is Hillary was doing the normal hack of the election, her and her team and then the White Hats, a certain portion of the military, led by the Navy, from what I understand, went in and stole it back. So, that’s what happened, then.

“In this situation, from what I understand with Trump and his team, they wanted to expose that. They wanted to expose the stolen elections, the process and how it was being stolen, for you to see. And so, they let it happen this time. They watched it, they monitored it, they recorded it and basically, they have all the evidence to prove it.

“They proved that the Chinese Communists were behind the scenes, funding the operation, that it had the help of various countries; Iran, Germany, Italy and so on – certainly, the Dark Magicians in the UK.

“This Cabal, this Satanic, Luciferian alliance has always been orchestrating events in our country and that goes back to the CIA and their links to the Vatican, to the alien race that runs the CIA from behind the scenes. And all of this is going to come out eventually.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • How patronizing to accuse someone of being a purveyor of tin foil hat information, and the next minute ply her with, “but you are a beautiful lady”. Kerry Cassidy’s information is not for kindergartners. Try reading all the transcripts or watching all the videos from Project Camelot. Kerry has racked up about a thousand interviews from physicists, astrophysicists, military whistleblowers, etc. I’ve read/watched all of them. I don’t necessarily believe all of them, but they offer a trove of important information. Many of these whistleblowers risk their lives, that to conclude their information is of the tin foil hat variety is a clear indication one has no understanding of what is being presented. If all you do is cursory research, you should refrain from being condescending or outright insulting.

  • I like your tone and delivery. I know a lot of truth is on here that is mistaken for conspiracy Shit is happening NOW. The stuff about the reptile people and aliens seems straight out of Star Trek Enterprise which I followed. Really I do not believe any of this. My logic is telling me there are a lot of facts here that are sensitive and repressed by the powers on this site. I encounter this stuff occasionally. I think you must be working for the powers to insert ridiculous fantasy into the pool of need to know knowledge so that if given the opportunity to trial sometime say by the NWO. They can use the fact we believed this, and present it as proof we are crazy and justify our punishment. It may also be part of a CIA operation to debunk everything on the basis of this one mindset and thereby win the propaganda war by proving anyone who will defy political correctness, is a crazy tin foil hat-wearing conspiracy theorist.. There are insightful and true presentations here but yours is not one of them. I hope everyone uses discernment. BUT You are a beautiful Lady and that is the truth.

  • Dear Kerry Cassidy, Thank you for putting your unique perspective out there. I know nothing about aliens, but I do notice the chemtrails and I thought that given a second term Trump might have gotten around to at least saving money by cancelling them. Very disappointed that isn’t going to happen. I did learn, though, that the CIA has an airforce and I thought, Yah…, bet those are the people spraying out the chemtrails, or loaning their planes to the globalists, when they aren’t droning some poor defenseless country.

    I think we need to encourage people to be active, as active as possible in their own sphere whether it is social media (not me), writing, or activist in the next election. I am going to take the training to become a poll worker. In California we really need to begin to turn this around because our legislators are totally not grass roots. We are the guinea pigs for their globalist agenda. This is not a time to be idle. We have to push back hard, or lose the battle.


  • This “cabal” goes back a long way. God speaks to this in The Book of Revelation.
    He calls her Babylon = “World System”. Commercial, Political, Religious and also a city.
    Her “octopus-like” arms reach far beyond a city.

    CH 18:2 “She has become a home for demons and a haunt for every evil spirit.”
    CH 18:23 “your merchants were the great ones of the earth, because ALL THE NATIONS were led astray by your sorcery/witchcraft/magic spell,”

    One good thing about this current season is exposing their evil deeds and helping people to wake up!

  • Thank you so much for this Kerry. Please keep in mind that we can all demand our freedom by meditating everyday and ask for a judgement from the higher cosmic courts. The Christ spirit is also very strong here in the USA . I hope this will bring people together to work together . The COVID was installed to keep us from trusting each other.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Is there any way in which you can promote this factual conspiracy and problem-solving video, please?

    Published on February 3, 2020 by Revolution Television

    CoronaVirus Predictive Programming by Dr Leonard Horowitz:

    Whilst America awaits a solution to the deceptive inauguration of the despicable Biden Cabal via the hopefully good auspices of the Military, the question of what the Covid virus is and how to keep oneself and loved-ones safe, must surely be of the highest importance?

  • For those that do not yet know, something went badly wrong yesterday!

    I will thus, try and make sense of it as follows.

    I am attached to ACIO here in the UK; although I have severed all communication with the organisation since Christmas. Before doing so, I advised them that there are 25 members of their staff, fifteen of whom are in the USA, that are treasonous and colluding with MI6 and the CIA.

    Sometime last year, President Trump attempted to get the Cabal to give up and go quietly. They told him to take a run and jump and threatened him that they have underground bunkers across the USA with missiles, armed with Bio-Weapons, which they would deploy, if he ever tried to take them down.

    When I reported this to ACIO, I was assured that ‘Our Friends Out There’ could disable such devices quite readily.

    I have just dowsed those that I know withing ACO, and all their Spiritual Energies have collapsed. All except one. He is the individual tasked with communicating with me and, the reason I broke off all communications with the organisation. As I suspected, he is thus one of the treasonous ones. Until yesterday, his Spiritual energy was at rock-bottom!

    My HS is advising me that one of the underground silos was left intact, undetected. It was the threat of its deployment, potentially devasting vast swathes of the United States, that persuaded the ‘good guys’ to call off their arrest of everyone in the White House last night.

    As I have in the past, I could locate the missile silo and name those whom are treasonous within ACIO.

    Yet, there is little point breaking cover to message the rogue go-between, for my information will simply disappear into the ether.

    I would like to speak with Simon Parkes but I have no contact means. He could pass on my willingness to assist by naming names and the location of the missile bunker. I have tried writing to Charlie Ward as a member of his group but his support staff have seemingly dismissed my approach. So much for paying to be a member!

    All I can hope is that one of the good guys within ACIO reads this message and makes contact, but I will not hold my breath, alas!

    The intimation from Simon is that the Military is aware they will never have the opportunity again to seize so many of the Cabal all in one place.

    There is talk of trying again to have them all arrested; no longer by the 4th March but by April, prior to the New Financial Year.

    But without taking out those of senior rank within ACIO whom are ‘Evil’, I have no confidence in the military’s success!

    • Don’t give up, Christopher, if you have good info. but I would imagine the T side probably know at this point where the trouble spot is. Otherwise, alert us if you sense any Fflags on the horizon.

      • I am afraid I have near given up. So much of my life was hanging on by a thread, reliant upon The President prevailing at this point in time.

        I gave my Ancient Love whom has been away for over five years until Christmas to show, to no avail. For five years I have been repeatedly stabbed in the back, first by Sir Christopher Geidt and then Sir Edward Young.

        My Ancient father decided to confine me to solitary confinement, which has near destroyed me.

        For eight years I have been treated as a ‘loony’! And, I have had enough!

        I could so easily find the missile bunker and those responsible and so much more. But as always, ‘Evil’ will prevail.

        Thank you, all the same.

      • Dear AliceinW,

        I regret my HS lacks your confidence in the Military knowing the whereabouts, let alone the nature of the deliberately concealed missile bunker. A situation deliberately, conspired by those of high rank within ACIO, colluding with both MI6 and the CIA.

        I have for a long time, offered to name all those of ‘Evil’ within MI6, ACIO and the British Government, only to be fobbed off and patronised by the equally despicable ‘Angry’ Andrew!

        I have repeatedly offered F***HR the opportunity to communicate via my secure encrypted ProtonMail account, only to be summarily ignored.

        ‘Angry’ Andrew stated that the organisation was undergoing a deep clean! Please do not make me laugh! With ‘three ‘Evil’ entities within Top-Tier colluding with the Cabal as well as senior members within my stated 25, similarly colluding; the organisation’s determination to defeat the Cabal is little more than a joke!

        This is despite naming those guilty of heinous activity, with which information, ‘Angry’ Andrew did precisely nothing!

        As I wrote earlier; it is most telling that ‘Angry’ Andrew is the only one that I know within the organisation, whom is happy with the current situation. Even the most naive individual would surely not miss the connection?

        And one wonders why I have had enough?

        So be it. Nobody can say that I did not try.

        Christopher J James

  • Confucianism and communism are perfect match. The notion that CCP is not Chinese is another grave mistake lots of people in the west are making. The new middle class got their power and wealth because of the system and lots of them in the free world now pretend they are victims.

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