Amazing Polly truly believes that what we’re all about to see is the much-vaunted and much-maligned Q “Plan” and she explains why in this video. The good news is that we’ll likely know for sure within 24 hours.

She describes the Q plan as a 4th-generation warfare plan to save America from the Globalists and from those in power who have been corrupted by them.

The Establishment is trying to claim that the 65,000 troops who have now been deployed to DC are there to protect Joe Biden and the Capital from Right Wing White Supremacists – although Joe Biden, himself doesn’t seem to think so. As was widely reported, Biden is fearful that National Guard troops loyal to Trump may attempt to assassinate him during the Inauguration.

Biden ordered the FBI to do background checks on 20,000 troops, in order to know who voted Republican. He ordered all soldiers stationed near him to have their weapons removed. He also scrubbed the new Secret Service team assigned to him.

Nothing quite says “legitimate election” like razor wire!


Rumors are swirling about how the Emergency Broadcast System will kick in on all TV stations to broadcast the live arrest of Joe Biden and 50-100 attendees at the Inauguration, including Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. All devices will similarly broadcast their military tribunals, no matter what channel they’re set to. All evidence of their crimes will be made public.

There are rumors that FCC officials are showing up at TV stations, telling management to prepare to have their programming pre-empted between 8AM Wednesday for up to 72 hours.

Also, teachers in California were sent a mass email, warning them not to let their students watch the Inauguration or the Emergency Broadcast System. They were instructed, instead to teach about the branches of government and to acquaint students with the faces of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.


On my end, I joined the Telegram group of General John E Hyten, Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Air Force and he sent out a Telegram thread, rattling off a string of Qisms:

Don’t give up hope. It may seem difficult to you, but we have everything under control.

Stay tuned for more information.

All stations are ready to go. Waiting on the decision of one man….


Do not be afraid.


Have faith.

Nothing can stop what is coming.

This is just the beginning….

The best is yet to come!!”

Emergency Broadcasting System.

Day 0.

The president is safe.

They all know what’s coming. [DS]

I don’t know for certain whether this General’s Telegram account is real or if this is just more Operation Trust being directed at Trump supporters. Although Mike Adams did a complete 180º on Monday from the post I shared with you on Sunday, saying he believed that something wonderful was afoot, he had been promoting the claims of Alex Jones, that Q is a revamped version of Operation Trust, a Bolshevik counterintelligence operation run from 1921 to 1926 aimed at neutralizing opposition in Russia by creating the false impression that a powerful group of military leaders had organized to stop the Communist takeover.

But I can report a true story about a friend of a friend, whose son was at home on leave from the military for a couple of days and he wasn’t allowed to talk about anything that he was doing but upon seeing his mother suffering horribly at the prospect of a Chinese takeover of the US, he urged his family to be at peace and he reassured them that everything was going to be “wonderful”.


As nice as that sounds, I think we’re sick of “trusting the plan”. We want to be proactive, even though all MAGA people now have a target on our backs, with everyone from the UN to CNN referring to Trump supporters as “Domestic Terrorists” in need of re-education camps. But it was our apathy and lack of involvement that helped get us into the mess we’re in, where we have a media monopoly that is openly at war with Americans and American ideals.

Last night, I was invited to join the Obstructed Awakening Telegram group to discuss a 50-state recall movement, to replicate the censure of Liz Cheney with all GOP representatives in every state who voted to impeach President Trump last week.

On Monday, in a unanimous vote by the 45-member Republican Party Central Committee in Carbon County, Wyoming, Rep. Liz Cheney was censured for voting for Trump’s impeachment and demanded that she appear before the committee to explain her actions.

The resolution condemns Cheney for conduct described as defying the will of most Wyoming Republican voters and joining in a rushed impeachment that did not examine all the facts and denied President Trump due process.

The resolution also declared that a “vocal majority of Wyoming Republicans recognize there were significant irregularities” in the Nov. 3 presidential election.

If you want to get involved with the 50-state campaign to censure your own GOP representatives, join the Obstructed Awakening Telegram chat group (you will need to download the Telegram app to either your phone or your computer, here:

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  • I’d say the son is a libtard Commie:

    “But I can report a true story about a friend of a friend, whose son was at home on leave from the military for a couple of days and he wasn’t allowed to talk about anything that he was doing but upon seeing his mother suffering horribly at the prospect of a Chinese takeover of the US, he urged his family to be at peace and he reassured them that everything was going to be “wonderful”. “

  • This Q crap is just that crap. I swear the left has played PsychOPs on everyone and they are laughing their butts off

  • “Q” Started on April 1st 1860 by 20 (I think) Union Generals to protect Lincoln. They have been protecting Presidents ever since. Reference: Bishop Larry Gaiters.

  • Re: Gen Hyten on Telegram. Followed him on the 19th until he was hacked. New acct. became Great Awakening. Seemed ok initially on the 20th but then looked suspicious when a donation was asked for. Donation post was taken down later but be careful. Too many EBS warnings posted like someone mocking. Hacked again maybe?

  • This is the darkest day in our history. Comet Pizza had so many pedos at there party last night it stretched around the block. I’d say less than 100 people showed up at inauguration today for China Joe. That’s all we need to do was arrest maybe 100 and it would have been over. Trump is talking of a “patriot party” comeback, are you kidding me, he had 100 million Patriots at the ready, there is no next time, next party! BIGGEST BETRAYAL IN HISTORY!!!

  • Everything going to be wonderful says the Commie.

    “But I can report a true story about a friend of a friend, whose son was at home on leave from the military for a couple of days and he wasn’t allowed to talk about anything that he was doing but upon seeing his mother suffering horribly at the prospect of a Chinese takeover of the US, he urged his family to be at peace and he reassured them that everything was going to be “wonderful” “

  • Dear Alexandra,

    Did you hear from Simon’s latest post that he claimed that Tucker on Fox News incited violence by claiming that all of the troops in DC were loyal to the democrats and not the Constitution or The President? He is concerned that Patriots will turn up armed in DC to protect the constitution?

    Generally, people are really starting to panic, trying to place a foot in the opposing camp, just in case.

    To me, it says only two things, a: they were never true Patriots and b: they have no faith in The President.

    I watched a post by Amazing Polly sometime yesterday and even she seemed to be having last-minute nerves? I haven’t watched this post, relying on your narrative; but I hope she has recovered her nerve?

    I have just received a headline from the Patriot Post advising ‘What to do if Biden becomes President?’

    Why are these people so spineless?

    To quote Aesops: An uncertain friend is worse than a certain enemy. Let a man be one thing or the other and we then know how to meet him.

    • Do you not believe in freedom of speech, Christopher? It sure seems that you do as you exercise it here in excess.

      Several days ago you called me naive for asking simple yet revealing questions about the so-called sting operation. I said that I’d wait until Biden’s inauguration to comment further.

      If, as he said, that we had the massive evidence like watermarked ballots and that massive arrests “are underway”, we would indeed today be watching a Trump inauguration. We are not and, as I previously stated, it was a lying hustler doing a CIA psy op on conservatives rather than a sting op.

      You are the one that was naive and blind to the truth.

      People that disagree with or are skeptical of some of these videos are not necessarily evil as your knee jerk reactions state all over this board.

      Alexandra, to her great credit allows comments of dissent. It is actually what we are currently being denied online and in real life.

      The last thing we need right now is a know it all person like you dousing people and name calling as it distracts from the issues and makes you look quite unstable and asinine.

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I have loaded Telegram on my PC but not being an ‘app’ person, I wonder whether you would be so kind as to indicate how one joins the group for General John E Hyten?

    I am not certain whether here in the UK we will receive the Public Broadcasts, although the intimation is that we should, thus I would like to make sure that I receive any messages that the General releases.

    My HS assures me that they are meaningful and legit!

    It also tells me that the BBC will refuse to carry the President’s broadcasts and thus I can but hope that this quite ‘Evil’ broadcasting station gets its comeuppance? And soon!

    • You need to download the app to your smartphone first, even if you prefer to access by computer (it will no longer be encrypted if you access via computer).

      Like any other app, it will access your phone book and instantly find all your other contacts on your phone who are also on Telegram.

      It looks like that Hyten account was fraudulent after all. I unfollowed it.

    • Doc, whomever you are?

      Did you not get my message?

      You need to go and join your ‘Evil’ friends drowning in the swamp.

    • Telegram is a Russian messenging app.

      The reason why Russia is so demonized in the West is because they want nothing to do with the central banking system (aka the Deep State).

      So, it’s an anti-Deep State messenging system.

      Your phone is a Deep State tracking and monitoring device.

    • I have dowsed your energy Doc., and without a shadow of a doubt, you are pure ‘Evil’!

      Thus, I repeat, go and join your ‘Evil’ friends drowning in the swamp!

      Your ‘Evil’ views and energy is not wanted on this platform!

      • Dan,

        Whomever you are?

        I see that not unlike Doc., you are ‘Evil’ too!

        If I were you, I would be more concerned with the Cancer of the Spleen that you are rapidly developing, rather than harassing Alexandra!

        • My my we have a snowflake acting all Barney Bad ass behind his little computer screen, I see no one harassing anyone but you.

          • Dan,

            You have just told everyone, exactly whom you are.

            I am so pleased that you have not taken me seriously.

            In time when they are pumping you full of Chemo drugs, do remember my warning, please?

            Others may not have the courage to look you in the eye and recognise you for the despicable wretch that you are.

    • Yes, it’s hinky. I think a lot of people are trying to view it right now. You have to hover the cursor over the “play” button until it turns blue, then click to play.


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