A more accurate title for this piece might be, ‘This is What Project Mockingbird Looks Like’.

I’ve run videos like this but it never ceases to amaze!

Who do these people think that they are and what are they doing?

Are you watching them? I hope not.

The Mainstream Media is extremely dangerous to our democracy.

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  • Works best if opened before expiration date. Must be combined with opioids for best experience.

    Any hallucinations or other MK Ultra experiences are purely by accident as illusions do happen.

    I prefer mine with an economic basketful of twenty items are inflation counting, along with 0% interest on earnings and a deflationary guard posted at my money market account, which would be the only interest it would ever make.

    Careful what you say here, the Matrix is in a heating phase right now as they are testing the new electronic cattle prods on the new freshman class.

    Do not try this at home, kids. At least while mommy and daddy are watching too.

  • The same corporations own the media and they write the script. I gave up newspapers and tv a long time ago. They are only there to tell you what to think about and how to think about it. In the UK people even have to pay a hefty fee for a tv licence! How masochistic is that?

  • Is there any difference between fighting by democracy, by communism, by religion, by sports, by baking by etc. etc? Is there a difference in quality?
    Is it right to be soldier where a democracy allows to kill?
    These soldiers now are using flying robots, where they can kill exactly the wanted person on a huge distance.
    Allowed by a democray organising fighting instruments, as f.e. also the media?
    This is all a part of the old matrix.

    It is not so easy to love on a distance.

  • People have been brain washed, this is not a democracy, it’s a REPUBLIC! Don’t be washed into believing it’s a DE MOC RACY! It is a sham.

  • The television media doesn’t make news it only reads the news. The media is being controlled not the people. When I watch television I often ask myself why the television media doesn’t be more original and creative since there are always enough different events going around without each TV station regurgitating the same old and sad stories everyday of the year. Repetition doesn’t make perfect it just provides more confusion and lost opportunities for the television media & it’s watchers.

  • Communism, fascism, socialism in all of their variants all lay claim to democracy too, let us not overlook that.

    The American Constitutional Democratic Republic as founded is rather unique. I do not think we have the mettle today that was possessed by this nations founders.

    The controllers have worked ceaselessly to dismantle this Republic for the past century and have damned well nearly succeeded. Who are the controllers?

    Don’t know if it helps to name them as they come in different varieties, so let it suffice to say that them as holds the gold makes the rules and we’ve been having so much fun we’ve failed to hang onto the most powerful defensive weapon we have – the US Constitution.

    We let it slip through our fingers with the deceitfully mis-named Patriot Act which trumped the Constitution. Eight years under the impostor’s regime tightened that noose around our necks.

  • Any democracy base on numbers, which matters by their amount.
    Now these numbers are build up by human matter/bodies, where now the body-minds can become controlled.

    Any soul-mind/consciousness base on mass, which is kept in prison inside the body-mind-matter. Now the soul can become controlled also.

    When there is a search for freedom, now it is a soul/spirit affair.
    This spirit is present inside, inside an inner void of matter.
    Love is within, is with-IN.
    Control is without love, is with-out.

    Love is NOT a democratic affair.
    Where inside any religion a democracy is present, this religion is a false flag.

    The strange thing is that the power of any religion base on the amount of numbers, so on the amount of believing bodies. Now the baby boom is needed for any religion, otherwise its power disappears.


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