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From the time I first saw it in the late 1980s, John Carpenter’s ‘They Live’ has been one of my Top 5 favorite films of all time and if you haven’t seen it, you may be shocked at how savvy and prescient it is for something made 30 years ago this year.

This cult classic film starring the late Roddy Piper is must-see and it’s free because a guy in Greece uploaded it to his Vimeo account. It’s hard to say how long we’ll be able to have renegade online screenings like this, so enjoy it while you can!

If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, including one of the longest fight scenes in film history, skip ahead to 1h13m, for the final climax.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Just before his death, coincidentally, it was reported that Roddy Piper (the lead character of “They Live”) claimed that the movie was a docu-drama of real live events. Amazingly so – this seams to be the case.

    FIVE OR MORE PAIR of night vision goggles allow the viewers to look at the entire canopy of space above us. In that much sky we see an average of over 75 UFOs per hour between 75 miles and 300 miles out. It is always very busy up there. The best time is just after dark while the sun shines on the craft like a spot light

    Night Vision goggles we use are PVS-7 military grade third geeration. The electronics of this model see light frequencies in the invisible ranges along with what frequencies the human eyes see. The invisible range of sightings are then translated into imagery that can be viewed by the human eye through the goggles. There are a large variety of things that get seen this way, throuh the goggles. Some are invisible to the naked eye.

    About one out 10 times we go viewing with PVS-7 night vision goggles we spot somehing near us, perhaps within a mile or within 100 feet. Sometimes they are invisible to the naked eye but not invisible when imaged through the PVS-7 third generation night vision goggles.

    When Travis Walton (movie: Fire In The Sky – the Travis Walton Story) was abducted in 1975, statistically 1 out of 10 people had seen a UFO. By 2007 1 out of 8 people have seen a UFO.
    Today it is presently 1 out of 2 people have seen a UFO. And if you want to see one you can by viewing the heavens at night with quality night vision goggles.



    Bob Oliver 831 383-2676 Monterey CA

  • Very thought provoking. Many contemporary parallels. Eye opener. Thanks for sharing. Pass it along and make a external drive copy asap.

  • One of my favorite movies. The metaphor of putting on glasses that see the truth of things is so apropos for our present circumstances. Wish had thousands of pairs to share

  • The ENTIRE world system of GOVERNMENT = (Mind) control) and RELIGION = (Mind control) operates EXACTLY as seen in this movie…PERFECT Fit!
    ALL Law enforcement/Military (Cyborgs) act EXACTLY as seen in the movie…We even have a SECRET Space Program (Elysium/Cimera Group) operating EXACTLY as seen here…Only I believe that the character played by the WHITE guy should been given to the BLACK guy, because THEY can SEE Much better WHO really CONTROLS the world (For NOW!)…FAKE JEWS…Controlled by the VATICAN!….A Babylonian MONEY Slave system, created by THEM.
    Evidence is piling up daily about them…SOME people living “Outside-the-box” can see this VERY clearly…JUST LIKE THE GUY WITH THE GLASSES.
    WAKE-UP Folks…GOVERNMENTS/RELIGION can NEVER be expected to “Clean-the-swamp” because THEY ARE THE SWAMP.

  • THIS IS NOT LIVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is happening on earth ever since the thousands of years.

    I know a survival structure.
    I know a structure of living life in love. (LLL)
    I know a structure of being universal in oneness.

    So first of all don not call all the movies as movies of life.
    It is not, is a survival lie.
    First after this is comprehended, there is a possibility to discover what love is.

    By this movie is shown how many do not want to know what life and feeling is.
    They know the sensed sensations by the sense organs, which are genetic.

    Speaking over forbidden knowledge…………………….
    The knowledge of love is so much for bidden, there is even no interest in discovering it.

    Here the goal: the feeling organ is present beyond the genes inside any human being and it is for all ONLY spiritual active.

    Who wants to know more about it?

    • aham
      You’re basically saying love is only truly known by those who are spiritually discerned? I tend to agree if that’s what you mean.
      Those who ‘know’ Love will have Life and therefore truly live.
      Everything else is just sensational and merely a survival stress. On that note those who Live have entered a Rest deep within and can withstand a much higher level of stress (and abuse) without burning out. Their actions and deeds are good and powerful since they emanate from love and selflessness. These are in my opinion true super humans unlike the artificial Homo Deus that the rest of the world is striving to achieve.

      And this rest I speak of is promised by Jesus Christ, which most of the church going, religion pushing ‘Christians’ know nothing about.

      • hln, I tend to agree with you whole heartedly … I am 78, woke up to Love (via a natural [spontaneous] Kundalini experience) about 25 years ago. That came after many years of midlife crisis around depression for lack of finding truth in this world, I had always sought it but it was not very evident among-st our “leadership”, secular and especially with the religious (who should have known better) … after my “born again” (true version, not the “claimed” religious variety) reunification with my higher self, my Spiritual Soul, everything changed, everything! I then searched far and wide, constant study with countless esoteric books, new and ancient, culminating eventually in what considered a true “Enlightenment”, true in that I knew it was time to “chop wood and carry water” only with so much more wisdom. I am so glad that I got over that early and my temporary desire to “open shop” based upon sharing some kind of “healing art” that so many seem to do. Thus so many have went off “half cocked” claiming something that they have not, but ego keeps them continuing such “promises” that when unfulfilled jade both the practitioner and the customer … my higher Self told me (the lower self, ego) to just “tell others” … thus a book that does not get around, and two decades of “blogging” which may not get around much either, but I am trying to fulfill “my mission” … it is all I can do … that so many could care less seems to be because they live in such a jaded world that they trust no one with an answer … but when their time comes it will be done. Karma is the true justice.
        BTW, most of what I tell others is about how the true evil hides behind the wealth “heap” pyramid of control peak where it is their shit that “trickles down” on all of us, it gets pretty thick down here and it drowns so many. Point being, people don’t want to hear how bad things are, they would rather have fairy tales told to them, they do not know that before “the light” comes the “dark night of the soul”, that “the bad” must be confronted, not just sluffed off … anyway, that was my experience, and well worth it, I have had no fear or anxiety about anything ever since. Just a Lot of Frustration when nobody seems to be interested. :-/

        IMnsHO and E.

        • and E,

          yes I know your frustration very well by me also.
          I perceive that the “bad” is just not lived love energy, out of misunderstanding. Here it is indeed so: love the inner bad, love the inner enemy.
          I perceive the ego as the personality of a human being.

          Could we also mail in private?

          Im am born in 1943 and started my real search at my age of 28.

      • Hln,

        at first I would love it that you and I could speak in a wider view as here in the group is possible. Could our mail adresses become passed on to each other?

        I had to invest what you meant by this word: discerned, because of my limited knowing over the english language.
        What I comprehended is: “love is all around” is a common saying. Moreover I say, love is also within. Here, I think that dis-cerning is not the con-cern of love around, by con-centration. Now discerning means going inside to the centre of being. When so, I state this centring is possible while receiving and perceiving as a perceiver INSIDE is present. First after the human being received “godly” love, he can live in it.

        About selflessness.
        I am aware of three ways of addictions.
        – love as longing for the partner/the other one.
        – jealousy as longing for any kind of possesion.
        – selfishness, where the inner self is the energy of the inner most core, present as timeless love. Now by being selfish, more olve comes inside.

        Yes, Jesus said some words, where christians fails to comprehend them.

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