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    This mini-documentary by Health Ranger, Mike Adams, publisher of Natural News exposes the horrible hoax of the alleged dangers of the Zika virus and the real harm caused by DEET and carbamate pesticides – which actually cause the very symptoms attributed to the Zika Virus!

    It’s been presented by several South American medical groups that Zika is a relatively harmless mosquito-borne virus and that the wave of microcephaly cases in late 2015 were due to the use of a larvacide produced by the $34B transnational mega-conglomerate, Sumitomo Chemical in the water supply of some impoverished communities in Northeastern Brazil.

    Still, the CDC continues to perpetuate the lie that the damages produced by this larvacide are the result of the Zika virus. President Obama has set aside millions of dollars now to produce a vaccine for Zika! This is a complete sham gravy train boondoggle by the pharmaceutical industry, in collusion with the government!

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    • This is just so blatant I had heard about it being around for some long period but to think it’s going to jump across the isthmus and Mexico and end up in USA is ludicrous and misinformation about the real cause is the clincher. False Cause.

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