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This is Part 3 of Dark Journalist Daniel Liszt’s latest series of interviews with Dr. Joseph Farrell on Transhumanism and Social Engineering, exposing the forces behind the controversial teaching program called ‘Common Core’ that co-opts the academic life of young students in favor of a privatized, computerized software that is being forced on communities around the country in the name of ‘progress.’

Farrell investigates the sources of modern academic theory in the figure of Wilhelm Wundt who developed the idea of the students as a ‘Stimulus Response Mechanism’ and trained the (in)famous Russian scientist Ivan Pavlov, famous for dog torture. Farrell also looks at other influential nihilistic educators like BF Skinner, who developed his theory of Radical Behaviorism while doing experiments on his own daughter, whom he kept in a cage.

As Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt writes:

“Now these forces are heading towards their ultimate goal of achieving the ‘Singularity’ by merging with machines while turning mankind into slaves of artificial intelligence. The great clash of progressive humanity with regressive covert forces attempting to control them using technology and mind control is coming together at an alarming speed and represents the dangerous centralization ideal that the elite programmers have had from the very beginning.”

Don’t miss this excellent Dark Journalist episode.

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  • If the “elite” have dumbed themselves down so bad, then how are they able to rule the planet? The fact is that the elite are following orders just like the rest of us. There is no group of humans on earth that has the capacity to orchestrate what is happening on this planet.

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