These are four trends that emerged from a recent poll of 2,088 Americans surveyed about what they expect to be the norm by the year 2036.

1. Drone Delivery: 66% of Americans believe that drone pizza delivery will be normal. New laws would have to be passed by the FAA to allow this. Laws banning the use of drones in populated areas are currently being re-worked, under pressure from and other firms currently designing new drone delivery systems.

2. Self-Driving Cars: 60% believe that by 2020, driverless cars will become the norm, to make roads safer and less backed-up.

3. Bio-Hacking: 49% Americans expect embedded microchips under the skin to be used to monitor health, as a matter of routine.

4. Cashless Society: 60%  Americans believe that physical money will disappear. Younger people are more comfortable using their phones for any number of tasks. The total number of mobile financial transactions is expected to expand by 210% this year, alone.

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