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Nobody else on this Earth has the combination of intellectual heft and the respect of millions of people and the courage to take on this subject like Graham Hancock does. He slams the harsh criminalization of the use of hallucinogenic plants by saying, “If we as adults are not allowed to make sovereign decisions about what to experience with our own consciousness, while doing no harm to others…we cannot claim to be free in any way.”

The DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) found in varieties of flowers, herbs and mushrooms mimics a natural brain hormone that we all have in our bodies but its function remains unknown for lack of research.

Hancock rightly notes, that “It’s not as though our society is opposed in principle to altered states of consciousness. I mean, billions are being made by the unholy alliance of psychiatrists and Big Pharma in over-prescribing drugs to control so-called syndromes like depression or attention deficit disorder…and we have a love affair in our society with alcohol. We glorify this most boring of drugs despite the terrible consequences that it often has and of course, we love our stimulants; our tea, our coffee, our energy drinks, our sugar and huge industries are built around these substances, which are valued because of the way they alter consciousness.”

What these “approved” altered states of consciousness have in common is that none of them conflicts with the “alert”, beta-brainwave, problem-solving state of consciousness that is valued by our society and which Hancock notes is useful for the “more mundane aspects of science, it’s good for the prosecution of warfare, it’s good for commerce, it’s good for politics but I think everybody realizes that the promise of a society over-monopolistically based upon this state of consciousness has proved hollow and that this model is no longer working that it’s broken in every possible sense that a model can be broken and that urgently, we need to find something to replace it.”

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  • Survival.
    Con-spiracy is a con-genial partner by a con-stant con-sciousness of survival, where all fights con-centrate themselves around the con-cept of good and bad, of rewarding and punishing.
    The genes of war act as con-spiracy by a con-spirator and con-spired partners.

    Inspiring ….in-
    An in-spiration in-spires in-side an organism a new structure of living spiritual life in love.
    Any in-spiration in-serts in-formation in-to any organism, where the impact of in-spiring transformation the old in-to the new acts.

    This spiritual/material being transforms from a survival concurrent being into an inspired living being in love, moreover now into a pure spiritual singular being.

    • very nice words…

      Please explain to the 170,000 plus Americans that their called calls “Targeted Individuals,” how to move from the con stage to the in stage, all the while defending themselves against directed energy weapons being deployed and being used a tortured by the US government, their deep state contractors and allies around the globe.

      BTW, the global number of targeted individuals is estimated above 1 million.

      Although placed on watch lists, no charges have ever been leveled, no due process accessed, all rights suspended, unemployment and poverty the eventual result. And the PsTB clueless and action-less to intervene. If anything, they support more of this.

      Do you have a red pill for heaven that I may take on my exit? I’ve time for nothing other than self defense. Thanks and may God Bless!

      • No there is no red pill for heaven, because heaven is searched in the outside world around any human being.
        When heaven is searched in the inside, all people has to discover what they are as spiritual beings. They will find here their spiritual soul.

        Such a journey happens by the discovery of what I am NOT.
        I am NOT the product on my religious, social education.
        I am something else.
        Here meditations by breath techniques are helpfull.

        By any intrerest, ask for my mail address.

  • As with the marijuana legalization issue, banning the use of stronger hallucinogens is a money-flow issue for the cabal.

    By outlawing these drugs, big pharma has a guarantee that their own branded, patented and insanely profitable drugs will rule the marketplace. This is jealously and psychotically controlled by the military. CDC, WHO and others are military operation that distribute drugs via government.

    Big Pharma, with historical and direct ties into these organizations, shows why they receive corporate welfare, the most liberal patent protection of any American company and in the world, why their CEO’s are generally given wrist slaps for abhorrent unethical behavior and more. And lastly, the CIA is the distributor of opiods assuring competitive advantage throughout the world for the US for illegal black markets. So, it’s not as if we’re not in it. It’s just that it has to control money flows, not harm the big pharm, etc.

    It is a sick regime.

    To quote an anon form a recent conversation:

    “The thing about deep state, the global cabal, if you will,
    is that peace doesn’t bring in money,
    fair trade doesn’t make them rich.
    healthy people don’t need medicine.

    They need war, debt and famine to keep their machine going.”

  • Graham Hancock has traveled the world with an open mind. Absorbing information from cultures everywhere, comparing what he has learned, made discoveries of mythological sites. And displayed that information for us to consume, and enjoy. As well as taking mind opening substances, he has given a lot back to this world we inhabit. Governments don’t like the idea of us thinking outside the box they have us in. They “teach” us what lies they can to make us perform our assigned tasks. Keep watch on us twenty four hours a day. Mind altering drugs? Only as prescribed by big pharma, to keep us in the box. No open minds allowed. That’s one place they don’t want evolution, the mind.

  • I find it VERY interesting that Not Even ONCE did Graham Hancock mention the FACT that the Egyptians and “Native” beings were of BLACK race…Even though he actually shows photos of their colors right in this video.
    They have been trying (Unsuccessfully) CHANGE…OUR-Story to THEIR-Story (His-tory) by never focusing on the REAL TRUTH about US.
    Instead THEY are always trying to REDEFINING-GOD ( by introducing AI (Artificial Intelligence) as a replacement of “Divine Providence/Prime Source Creator”.
    THEY are trying to “White-Out” OUR-Story by even making out prime source as ALWAYS appearing WHITE.
    In OUR-Story ALL HU-Manity originated “Out-of-Africa” (Black raced Beings), and its coming OUT all over the Internet as the REAL TRUTH…Yet almost EVERY so-called “Light-Worker” movement (Disclosure Movement) are always trying to HIDE this FACT from US.

    • Egyptians are brown, but range from light olive in the north to black at the border with Sudan.
      Sudan has it’s own variation of pyramids and culture though for a time was a conquered part of Egypt.

      The world is not black and white it is a broad range of color and diversity with each group having much to offer and appreciate.

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