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This Clif High interview with new YouTuber, Jenny Moonstone is entertaining, for us Clif High fans. Most of this talk centers on the ancient aquatic creator gods called the Nommo, who he says appear in ancient myths and legends globally. The Nommo correspond to the Oannes myth of the Mesopotamians and the Quinotaur legend of the Merovingians.

Clif says that even the British Royal Family has a peculiar yearly ritual they perform in Wales, where the heir apparent must sit on a particular stone and acknowledge to his parent they are both descendant from a seamonster. (He claims that is the actual term used!) Celtic legends of an underwater “people” are recalled in the origins of the surname MacLachlan and its cognates, like O’Loughlin, which refer to the desendants of an ancient prince who married the daughter of the King of Lakeland (the princess is described as large and dark). Could the Loch Ness Monster refer to ancient memories of such contacts?

The Nommo are perhaps most accurately remembered and worshiped by the Dogon tribe of Mali, Africa, as first revealed to the West in the 1930s by French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen. The Dogon described the Nommos as descending from the sky, whereupon, they immediately set about creating a reservoir and jumped in, as they required a watery environment in which to live.

Dogon legend additionally says the Nommo came from a world that circled Sirius, which they knew to be a binary star system, centuries before Western astronomers’ telescopes would reveal this. Carl Sagan was among many scientists who attempted to debunk this after Robert Temple’s 1970s book, The Sirius Mystery revived the work of the French anthropologists. The Nommos in Temple’s book went on to spawn references in numerous works of science fiction by Philip K. Dick, Tom Robbins, Grant Morrison and others.

Clif says that the indigenous groups that have had the least contact or conquest by imperial powers over the millennia have the best-preserved traditions about the Nommo, citing the Salish and Tlingit tribes of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska, as well as the Polynesians.

In characteristic Clif High fashion, the conversation covers lots of interesting ground, including his belief in the Expanding Earth hypothesis and his assertion that the recent spate of Flat Earth meme “Can be traced to a memo that came out of the e-ring in the in the Pentagon in the 2002-2004 period of time and if you look at a lot of the organized parts of the Flat Earth groups you’ll see that behind the scenes there’s a little bit of money flowing in that’s got to be coming from government so I think that the Flat Earth Resurrection at this point is somebody’s psyop.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • … the Annunaki, more accurately the Nibiruians, did not create the original Mankind but DID alter it to the state we r at rite now

  • The world is full of psyops and frauds. The so called “royal family” are nothing but criminals and pretenders who have stolen their wealth and right to the British throne. Turn away from this nonsense and recognize we are each divine beings here for a purpose. Become what our divine creator always intended, Gods and Godesses here on earth at this time to help each other and become something better. These criminals will be punished.

  • Really enjoyed Clif High ….so educational and just absolutely fascinating. Thank you so much for sharing these topics…’s uplifting and reassuring to get information like this.
    Big fan of your site…..again my thanks.

  • This information is mostly based on the work of early 20th century
    French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen:

    Also on the work of Robert Temple, British author of the 1970s book,
    The Sirius Mystery:

    and on the more recent work of Canadian author Shannon Dorey:

  • Whew, what a trip, a smorgasbord of primitive tribal fable speculations mixed with sci-fi about as useful as his market speculations. A kind of internet fortune telling minus the traditional crystal ball. Confusion.

    • Listen more closely and you will see a logic to clear things for you and me. Jump off the Cliff into the trans view of ancient wisdom. There are the sons of light (star people, galactic citizens, nomo) and the sons of darkness (sky people, me-agenda snakes, a-nu-na-ki) who have greater (fusion) or the lesser (confusion) world views respectively. All souls or lost souls get to be the choosing people.

      • Ron,

        I perceive a psychic soul based on rewarding and punishing.
        I perceive a sensing soul as being male and female.
        I perceive a soul which is beyond any duality, is so singular based on feeling.
        Feeling happens NOT by a sense organ.

        Inside the survival system thus singular soul is unconsciouss.
        Therefore all fightings on earth.
        Who still wants to find who/what he/she ist, will become conscious over this singualr soul

        I wrote a muscript over this.
        I guess that Alexandra has my email..

  • The question is:
    How came a creating organism into the water on earth and from where came it.

    There must be a universe of spiritual creation for becoming one and a universe for spiritual separation, where destruction happens.

    As a human being it is possible to make a choice.
    Do I want to love and heal myself or do I want to stay split inside and make myself sick?

    I state that self love and self healing is possible.
    I gues that this is the only way for getting peace on earth.

    If somenone wants the walk on the path of self love he/she has to find this inner forgotten child.

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