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  • All I can say my fiance had a echogram done and had her covid shot exactly 30 days later she died of heart attack.

  • 100 % garbage. Idiots not one proper organization, or world renown
    research institution as sources. Not Standford not johns Hopkins or Germanys Koch Institute.
    Here go read something from world renown source. Every last one of you and Stewart peters and all the other God nuts. Yes, some people have died. ITS A PANDEMIC!! 2.75 billion people have been vaccinated..

    Go learn how to research ya google searching morons

    • Com..on, Noyfb9: This ain’t the bubonic plague. You have to have two co-morbidities to even get sick. The case numbers were manufactured with a flawed test. The vaccine is way worse than the sequenced bug, killing way more people than any other vaccine or drug in history. Take the young athletes who got the stupid shots in order to participate in sports and now have heart disease. Their grief is on YOU!

    • May the grace of God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit fill you and guide you. Together we can be one in Christ and together we can defeat the evil that is named in the Holy Bible and just recently revealed by the Holy Spirit.

      Understand this – I have a word of warning to deliver to you.

      First, download the document and not only read, but completely understand, its contents. This document was created by the Holy Spirit thru me. It is a true document and worthy of delivery to you.

      The revelation of the Holy Spirit is in full swing now. It is the Holy Spidit that, in conjunction with true followers of the Holy Trinity, will rid this world of evil. The Bible is being transformed by the Holy Spirit into a handbook for those that follow, to the very end, Jesus Christ.

      A William Henry Gates is named in the Bible, and that entity is the rider of the 1st horse that appears in Revelation 6:1. A complete positive identification has been made; there is no remaing doubt. The explanation is in the doc and is intended for those that are seeking a blessed eternity with Christ.

      The piercing of Jesus at his crucifixion, it symbolizes the evil injection; how medical tyranny leads to the death of Christians, of Christianity. All that voluntarily accept the injection of the satanic fluid are placed forever against good and will be dealt with directly by God.

      The microchip, it is the central variable in the binding of the tares parable. It is what binds those that have abandoned Christ together, and together they will perish.

      It is not too late for you my friend. Download the document, send it to those that you want to have a blessed eternity. Pray, repent, and, most of all, rejoice in your creation. Evil thrives on fear and if you live in the love of Christ having fear is, quite simply, impossible.

      May God guide you to a glorious eternity. Eternity awaits! Please choose wisely.

    • ‘Go learn how to research us Google’ she says. That right there tells you everything you need to know about her knowledge and credibility. The reason why you’re so angry is because you live in fear or your mistake now that you’ve been Zaxx’d. We get it. We’d be angry with ourselves too if we had made such a stupid and uninformed mistake. Most of us don’t even take the flu shot, and yet here we are. Sorry dude, you lost.

    • Why won’t you look at non gov-funded research and real science? We get it, there are serfs like you out there that toe the official narrative line but it just drives you to drink, knowing there are those that won’t parrot Fauci, the legacy media, Hollywood, Academia, straying from the ignorant flock to seek truth. You mock inquisitive people and you mock God, which is telling in itself. Do yourself a favor and step outside of your religion (official narrative) you’ve placed your blind allegiance to. You seem to have more faith than the averaged Christian. Look to the experts that haven’t been corrupted by the cabal and do a little research on democide. Over 100 million killed by government in the last century and now they’re doubling down. We know you’re pissed about getting the shots and submitting to the State but don’t take it out on those that are trying to help save lives by informing the unvaccinated about this poison, and the money trail leading away from it.

    • Your the Fckin moron pal! Take your hate and discontent and go bring your trolling A$$ somewhere else!!! So what you don’t believe this is possible is that what it is, we are conspiracy theorists??? Yep you go right on ahead and think that all you wish bud, because Ive got a little secret for you! ITS REAL!! So hold on tight you brainwashed fool

    • You are an idiot. The vaxxed are dying left and right. Young healthy athletic people dying o f heart attackd.
      There never was a pandemic. Its a scamdemic.

    • Unecessarily harsh and your view likely mistaken. One searches endlessly for corroboration and if not found, the item cannot be supported. Perhaps you should maintain a better perspective on people’s efforts.

  • It’s okay. They have an even larger problem…the survivors.

    Everyone won’t be able to just walk away but they will:

    sabotage everything
    spend money only with small businesses
    not pay taxes
    not fill out required government forms
    get doctors on their side that give out placebos rather than vaccines

    these are the “left behinds”….

    • Why wait??? I started my resistance with Not filling out Census when I previously always had was even going to work for them before I sniffed the b.s. In Dec.’19.Was hearing early buzz about new virus in China,then,Chicago.Knew then it was probably our bioweapon as we have sooooo many like Lyme disease created on Plum Island with usda $$$!Bayar plant in Germany went kaboom a few days ago,mmmmmmm???!Take your $ out of cabalbanks,put in metals or credit unions.Avoid amazon and other bigbox oppressors as much as possible.G.t.f. Off monitoring msm and fugbuk,twater,yutuub,d.d.go,parler,mailchimp,spotify,etc.BROMELAIN+NAC,dandelions,pine needle tea,proteolytic enzymes,Nitazoxanide,many other things help including Ivermectin,and part of oleander.Dont work at biz illegally requiring deathjabs and dont do biz with themGraphene Oxide is %98 of jabs,some contain luciferase and all make you a patented gmo.Medicalveritas.o,whateeallyhappened.c,ICANN.o,Experimentalvaccines.o,abovetopsecret.c,Briteon.c,freedomtube.c,whatdoesitallmean.c,Thecamelotprojectportal.o/Odyssee.c,dr.judywoods.c,dr.richardfleming.c,dr. Kauffman,,,henrymakow.c,Theburningplatform.c,,,monkeywerx.c

  • So… any country that doesn’t go along with the power elite will face the “kill switch.” No need for cocktail parties with underage girls or Little St. James. And it’s a Chinese company… maybe this is the smoking gun and the ultimate revenge.

  • Isn’t this clip from the closing scene from the Bruce Willis film ‘Surrogates’?
    What a great way to explain to my un-awake friends the connection between the ‘jab’ and 5G.
    Thanks Alex for posting this.

  • And just like Atlantis, everyone gets wiped out by a giant wave. This time it’s a microwave. A monstrous tactic of war?

  • That that supports life is supported by life.
    politicians haven’t learned this truth yet.
    God help them.

    • So glad my kid and many of her friends listened to me on avoiding this poison.
      I have heard this injection ties into 5G so maybe this video will become reality?
      The only positive news was a lot more leftist took it than conservatives

    • Scott:

      THAT which destroys life is defended
      by DESTROYERS, such as Harvard U. hiding
      the TRUE cause of heart disease, after taking
      a bribe ( or bribes ) to protect the SUGAR
      industry (( search duckduckgo dot com :
      “Life Extension sugar Harvard research” )).

      Forwarded Message :

      Dear Editor,

      Sugar, Sugar, Sugar is poisonous
      to a human immune system, which
      requires about 5 hours to function
      after having a sugary drink.




      Forwarded Message :

      Hi, Dr. Miller:
      Consider how this:

      relates to this:

      Cancer and viruses and bad
      bacteria do not survive well
      in an alkaline-conditioned body!

      Why do anti-cancer chemical therapies use
      bicarbonate of soda to mitigate damage
      from Big Medicine’s applied toxic chemicals?

      Why did the medical community take decades
      to “discover” alternative medicine’s immuno-
      therapy approach to healing diseases?

      Why did Big Pharma/Big Medicine shut down
      the very first “chemo” therapy clinic in the
      U.S., in the Fifties?!

      The answer is found in this
      out-of-print book,
      “You Don’t Have to Die.”

      The first “chemotherapy” was herb-/vitamin-
      based, applied by Harry M. Hoxsey—“The
      Hoxsey Treatment.” And his cure rate for
      cancers was astounding! Therein is found
      why his approach was sledge-hammered out
      of existence by profit-driven, treat-symptoms-
      not-the-cause Big Pharma/Big Medicine.

      This scribbler has cured his skin cancer without
      “benefit” of mainstream medicine, using the
      principle of Acid vs. Alkaline balance; and cured
      a cancerous tumor using same application; and
      cured flu-bug infections within two hours of
      presenting severe symptoms, by shifting from
      an acid pH to an extreme alkaline one.

      48 years ago began my often repeated assertion,
      after having been exposed to Adelle Davis’ fact-
      /science-based writings on nutrition:

      The future of medicine is nutrition science.

      D3, K-2, Magnesium, and Zinc—research those
      alkalizing nutrients, as in combination they shield
      against any flu bug or variant of a strain.



      Re Big Pharma:

      Re Acidic Body Foils Covid Test Accuracy


      Begin forwarded message:

      From: My Name
      Date: May 7, 2020 at 7:30:37 AM EDT
      To: BILL SARDI
      Subject: By the way . . ., re my flu-bug cure// Re: Bill, in case you haven’t seen this:

      Quinine’s hydrogen potential is
      about 12, effecting extreme

      Nicotine patches alter pH toward alkalinity, as well—as do other base-leaning molecules (( recall Alka-Seltzer was invented and presented as a flu cure )).

      I’ve sent my flu-bug cure packet to physicians and researchers, here and across the pond:

      No interest!!!

      At least this “researcher” can cure himself in as little two hours, after presenting fever, head and muscle aches, and general immobility (( done it several times )).



      On May 7, 2020, at 7:02 AM, BILL SARDI wrote:

      Very thorough

      B Sardi

      On May 7, 2020, at 3:43 AM

      My flu-bug cure relates why HCQ works: extreme alkalosis.



      Begin forwarded message:

      From: My Name
      Date: May 2, 2020 at 12:33:20 PM EDT
      Subject: Sugar: For people with diabetes and COVID-19, blood sugar control is key — ScienceDaily



      Begin forwarded message:

      From: My Name
      Date: May 7, 2020 at 11:21:03 AM EDT
      To: Donald Miller
      Subject: Re: More, re SUGAR // Fwd: This experimenter discovered a flu-bug cure in the Nineties: stop consuming sugar

      Dear Dr. Miller,

      Re: your admitted weakness for sugar

      There’s that Harvard study, identifying
      sugar as highly addictive.

      From my years of study and gathering
      documentation, I conclude:

      Table sugar is poison, because it strongly
      compromises the immune system. How?
      —by shifting normal pH balance from healthy
      alkaline to a disease-effecting acid condition.

      Generally, cancers and viruses love acid-/
      sugar-conditioned states.

      In 1990, I had discovered a quick cure for
      flu bugs, based on inducing extreme alkalosis
      —but couldn’t generate any interest among
      researchers, here or across the Pond.

      Quinine induces extreme alkalosis.

      Think IC / C / C / C, re the 6 deadliest times of
      each year—Halloween / Thanksgiving / Christmas
      / Easter / Valentines Day / and your Birthday

      Ice Cream / Candies / Cookies / and Cake

      Sugar in concentrated form is poison!, and we
      all suffer from our weakness for it; especially
      during flu season—and in old age.



      On May 3, 2020, at 6:29 PM, Donald Miller wrote:

      I keep trying to stop consuming sugar, but it’s not easy.

      On Sat, May 2, 2020 at 9:46 AM My Name wrote:

      Dr. Miller:

      More, re sugar’s bad impact—as nursing
      homes feed elderly occupants sweets,
      seriously compromising an already deficient
      immune system.

      Sugar: For people with diabetes and COVID-19, blood sugar control is key — ScienceDaily



      – Forwarded Message –

      [[ Garlic // C E L E R Y :
      Just two or three
      celery stocks/day
      keep body alkaline ]]

      — You needn’t respond —

      Bill Sardi,


      Sulfide in garlic can shift an acidic body
      towards alkalinity.

      I’m well-stocked, re your garlic product—
      used only when fighting some cold or
      flu bug.



      More, re my use of extreme alkalosis to
      kill flu virus :

      An ALKALINE body is protected
      from colds and flu bugs :

      The alkali metals and alkaline-earth metals are the only sulfides that have any appreciable water solubility and that appear to be primarily ionic. In contrast, the sulfides of the copper and zinc families are some of the least-soluble compounds known.

      “Just two to three celery stalks per
      day are enough to keep your body
      alkaline. You can also add it to your
      salads, soups, or smoothies.”




      • Bicarbonate and fasting of sugar is an amazing therapy. I take it whenever I feel under the weather.

      • Wow thank you for this information.
        Sincerely. I am a woman who has great interest in using food as medicine. Food is medicine. I will happily be eating my 3 celery sticks a day. Could this help with vaginal PH balance? I should do more research. I work with woman who are pregnant and postpartum who often get out of balance and I know that garlic is often a remedy.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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