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    “I can’t stand this corruption anymore!”

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Yep! The money. It’s not about people’s health. Hospitals get your tax dollars for declaring the Covid19 infection. There is no proof it exist. Proven in court by Patrick King.

    • If you haven’t seen how corrupt the entire western world is by now, you may never see it. All governments, the so called justice system, the medical establishment, the school indoctrination program, the wicked militaries, and of course the media, everything is all run by the Satanists and Lucifer Devil worshippers. And America, was founded by Agents of the British Crown and Freemasons. That’s who our founding fathers were. And world wide, they have been destroying the indigenous people and their cultures and religions in order to make us all alike. God, or Allah, or Grandfather, as the Hopi call him, created all of us people different so that we would know one and other. But Satan, doesn’t like diversity. He wants one world. One world Government, one world Religion, etc, etc. He even wants one androgynous or bisexual human. And this Representative form of government came from Rome, so we can be controlled from London and of course financially from Frankfort. Representatives can be corrupted and then controlled. FREE humans should make their own laws and run their own affairs. The purest and most honest form of democracy there is. Got that? But of course the controlled opposition, like Alex Jones, says, “…that’s mob rule”. Anything to scare us off that dangerous idea. Dangerous to London, that is. Well, you damn right it’s mob rule. The whole damn mob of us daring to make our own laws and run our own affairs. But I see the mind controlled rallying around Trump, and again falling into the same old right/left, back and forth political tennis match. They work overtime casting spells and sorcery to brainwash and mind control us. And know this, God, gives no council to a wicked country that eats their own children. You may know that vaccines have aborted human fetus tissues in them. But they are also putting it into the food and drink. Please Pray for all the children and others, in chains and cages right now, that the pedophiles and blood drinkers use for their delight. In the Name of the One True God, I say, Awaken ! Capt Joe Kelley.

    • Also thank you I really appreciate the platforms like this that are giving the truth and going against this dispicible agenda. When this first came out and they had us lining up 6′ apart with hideous masks, following arrows plexiglass chutes at checkout plus the irritating loop tape playing droning on about cleanliness, face covering distancing etc I felt like we were being treated like cattle.

    • How can we stop the so called vaxes in Canada ? Now they are going after the young kids under 12!!! I refuse to wear the face diaper, get the v etc. When us this hell going to end,???



      • Yes! I’m on the Media Team at Prepare for Change and we created a series of videos called Planned Chaos (had to move them to Bitchute due to YouTube dropping our channel). We covered the topic extensively and were looking everywhere for information to use. This was one of the videos…. It’s not new.

    • Follow it up the chain. Who told the woman who told her? Protecting the person above her is just plain cowardice, and if these people were exposed, consequences be damned, this would be over.

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