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    Recently, I’ve run a few videos about the neural web that has been planned to be deployed by means of the Internet of Things via 5G wireless technology via neuralnanorobotics aka SmartDust.

    This video is a riff on the topic by David Icke, who reminds us that it’s not the older adults reading this who are the target, it’s the youngest generation, who are growing up not knowing a life without a smartphone connected to the Internet in the palm of their hands.

    That’s why I sat up in my seat when I saw a tweet from Catherine Austin Fitts yesterday about a study cited by her friend, Toby Rogers PhD, who tweeted, “As societies near 100% vaccination rates, harms become undetectable because everyone is harmed. Autism becomes the new normal; economic and political collapse will soon follow.”

    Dr Rogers reminds us that the first autism prevalence study (Treffert, 1970) showed an autism rate of less than 1 in 10,000 kids and that today, the autism rate in the US in 1 in 36 kids (Zablotsky et al., 2017), a 27,000% (277-fold) increase in 50 years.

    If you think these numbers are due to over-diagnosis, it’s just the opposite, according to one study published in the JAMA Psychiatry journal, which suggests that many of us are already on the autism spectrum. Autism symptoms, “in seven areas: emotion recognition, theory of mind, cognitive flexibility, activity planning, inhibition, evoked responses, and brain volume…in each of the assessed areas, the measurable difference between the two groups had decreased over the past 50 years,” and “…’If this trend holds, the objective difference between people with autism and the general population will disappear in less than ten years.'”

    Dr Rogers added, “Pharma has captured the political system. Both political parties, all federal agencies and most state public health departments work for Pharma. In their endless quest for profits, Pharma is literally going to destroy western civilization.”

    To this, Fitts responded, “Agreed. Any possibility that this is not a plan is disappearing. Looks like they want humans who are neurolink ready – no need for anything to be in their brain – AI will provide – just need to make sure you have destroyed the divine spark and empathy. Gruesome.”

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    • Dear Alexandra,

      As you know, as part of my research of the Ancient Sciences, I have developed a special water called BioLife, which I initially developed to enable cancer suffers to self-heal but is now capable of resolving virtually all of our bodily diseases. Even though I developed the technology some five years ago, there is no chance of it becoming universally available until the might of big business and Big Pharma, in particular, has been overcome.

      The intention is that as soon as OFOT have revealed themselves, they will endorse BioLife and it can be rolled out across the world along with its many associated products.

      Until then, I have to be protected night and day, against the repeated murder attempts upon my life.

    • I am nearing my mid-seventies, and as a director of a firm of design and build developers in my early twenties, in my wisdom…LOL! I decided to set up my own company. That in itself is another story!

      The point I am getting to is when I left, the remaining more senior directors decided that they would employ a computer to cover some of my previous responsibilities.

      About a year later I met one of the secretaries, and she advised me that they ended up employing seven people to replace me, each with secretaries and in some instances assistants; for which they had to build a completely new office block to accommodate them all with their elementary computers

      Another year later, the company had gone bust and sold off for its land bank!

      The moral behind this little story is as David Icke, I have sufficient experience of the older world, where for instance, I trained as an engineer and architect, we drew with an ink bow pen and ruling pen; a long time before Rotring pens even. Thus, my understanding of the earlier world unpolluted by the likes of Google and Facebook gives me a compass, moral, physical and intellectual that allows me to compare everything in life against.

      It was quite alarming to see how ‘they’ have ensnared the young, whom a. see the world only in terms of black and white, and b. have absolutely no knowledge or experience of the older pre-internet world to relate to.

      I promise you, if this is allowed to continue, the AI intelligence will determine that once you get to a much younger age than me, you will be automatically devoided in some form of electrified incineration plant!

      I jest not!

    • Icke is brilliant. So prescient in his thinking, sound in his analysis, right in his ethics, and decent in his morals.

      We need more Icke.

    • This and most other things that run on electrical currents could come to a screeching halt with one huge EMP emitted from the sun. I understand it happened in the mid-1800’s and fired most telegraph communications in the nation. Imagine if all of a sudden all cell phones (plus other electrical things) were rendered useless.

    • The hive mind is one thing, but, this A.I. mind is controlled thinking, or, not thinking, following the rules, and nothing more…
      Maybe we need and EMP, bounced around the world.
      But, not many know how to do anything without a phone to tell them how to do it.
      This world has gone to far, too fast to see the ramifications of our actions.
      Or as David said, it was planned this way…

    • So we dont have cable tv and when our granddaughter comes over, which is pretty often, we play games, swim, read or just talk, shes 7, she tells us about Alexie, a computer learning thing she does at school. I asked my stepdaughter about it and she showed me a picture the teacher sent out on FB of all the children with headphones on looking at and interacting with an iPad. I said oh wow and let it go until we got home and told my husband I wasn’t at all comfortable with it but shes not our daughter. Yesterday the report cards came out and she A+ in all areas ps: we take her to the local Jr. College for tutoring twice a week, and the teacher told mommy that her reading comprehension was a little slow. Comprehension <<<< when she told us that I said to my husband later, all that changes this week. We now are ordering cards and books geared towards comprehension. We moved, rented out our house, bought another one here for the very purpose of battling education with her. They are dumbing down our kids and making robots out of them and all we can do is save one child at a time. But we are working against the system and its hard. I'm already the family crazy, vaccines being one of the issues I raised issues with both my son and stepdaughter about, but my son listened, she didn't. She flat out thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist and just laughs at me. My son has my granddaughter tutored as well and also sees issues with education. One child at a time. What else can I do?

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