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    Reason TV’s Todd Krainin talks with Nury Turkel, an attorney, activist, and American of Uyghur heritage, to discuss what he considers to be the greatest humanitarian crisis in the world today.

    Since 2017, Chinese Communist Party has been holding between 2 and 3 million ethnic Uyghurs or 25% of their population in concentration camps. It is the largest internment of an ethnic minority in history since World War II.

    The prisoners describe the facilities as extrajudicial “re-education camps”, where they are subject to political indoctrination and sometimes. The Pentagon and the State Department are calling it a “cultural genocide”.

    China denies these claims, asserting that the camps are for vocational training to create paths out of poverty, rather than for political re-education.

    Yet even outside the camps, Uyghurs are subject to extraordinary degree of state surveillance and are not allowed to practice their Muslim faith or to even grown their beards.

    The eeriest part of this may be that the CCP is determining who goes to jail by using Artificial Intelligence. Turkel says, “The authorities subjected Uyghurs to mandatory biometric collection and DNA sampling, that helped the Chinese government to build a large database – artificial intelligence database.”

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    • Dear Alexandra, by the way, my liaison with ‘Our Friends Out There’ has confirmed this afternoon, what I advised recently, namely Epstein is NOT DEAD!

    • China’s got the Hitler thing differently than the USA does. In China, it’s PC fascism done by culture; by commies; for state run, state approved capitalists.

      Here it’s all about tearing down and denying freedom worship, tearing down Thomas Jefferson statues (yeah! That’ll show em!) and making Guinea Pigs for testing weapons and mind control out of …libertarians, independent conservatives and protesting liberals.

      Uh. …oh…never mind.

      And we have the cojones to lecture China.

      It’s only rank hypocrisy if it stinks, right?

      • The way I see it is that “Us” equals the people of all nations and that “Them” are the Globalists.

      • You seem to be confusing the Globalist intention of the Obama era and earlier, with the ‘good’ intentions of Trump.

        It seems inevitable that Trump cannot right the whole of DC in the same way that Boris cannot rid the stench that occupies much of Whitehall in the UK.

        Give him your support, and a little time, and pray try not to judge him too prematurely, and harshly, for he has done more in two years with his back to the wall, than all the corrupt presidents since JFK.

        If you want to have a go at anybody, might I suggest to turn your angst to the H*mos*xual relationship between Obama and his Tr*nsvestYte wife, whom committed more acts of treason against the American people than almost any President before him?

    • Psychological and physical torture…sound exactly like what is going to happen to Julian Assange when he gets to America…in addition to America’s Guantanamo Bay… America and China are so much alike in so many ways!!

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