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Some argue that the construct of defining humans in terms of generations is artificial and meaningless but as someone who has been living at the effect of Baby Boomers (who invented these definitions) as long as I can remember, it makes sense to me.

My parents were exponents of the Silent Generation and I am an early GenX. We are the sad sacks renowned for being the first to have a lesser quality of life than the generation that preceded us. In numbers, the Boomers engulfed GenX and the Silents. Their children, the Millennials are the biggest cohort in the history of the US, notorious for taking Boomeritis to unchartered levels.

My earliest memories as a toddler are of the bare feet of hippies on the sidewalks of Greenwich Village where we lived on West 12th Street near New York University. This was when a 3rd story walk-up that today costs several millions of dollars to buy cost $75 per month to rent (!) That figure alone says a lot about the inflation of the dollar and the financialization of everything since I’ve roamed the Earth.

Today’s video is a brilliant screed by Devon Stack about the engineering of “A culture in ruins, a culture built on coping mechanisms, escapism and endless pharmaceuticals,” in the wake of 9/11.

Starting at 1:43, the video of the second plane impacting WTC #1 was taken by my neighbor from the roof of my building, one story above my top floor apartment and it’s virtually the same view that I had for 8 years.

I have had an unusual life, with a front row seat to many mass consciousness events. I always knew it was an inside job. I’d been jokingly calling my neighborhood “Ground Zero” since 1993, when I moved into what was then a cheap apartment after the first WTC bombing.

Looking at that explosion, I see the Seven Deadly Sins writ large. I see a greed for power that is unfathomable and a lust for blood that is incomprehensible. I see the wrath of an elite that hates humanity. I see the envy of those who would deprive us of our God-given rights. I see the gluttony of those who stole everything that wasn’t nailed down. I see the pride of those who think they can get away with this – and I see the sloth of all of us who allow this perverse chicanery to persist.

We are living under our fourth and final Boomer President and the third one to be born in 1946 (!) As Devon says, “The torch is being wrestled from the grip of the Baby Boomers. The summer of love that exists only in their increasingly senile minds has been exposed for the reckless naïveté and hedonism it really was. The lack of discipline and the drug-fueled devouring and bastardization of our culture at the hands of these people may finally come to an end, their power threatened by those that have resisted the programming.”

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  • It is long ago, where my father said: first after you have been in war, you can know what peace is.
    I got very angry, because this means there must be at first a war……………
    It took me some time, where I discovered that this war is present all the time, moreover it is a war INSIDE. It is a war between self love and self denying, or a war between life and death. Here death seems to win allways after some time. Death seems to have the monopol position, because any body has to die.
    Moreover, I discovered that the material body can die and the spirit can not.
    The spirit can be singular and bipolar. The bipolar spirit leave the body and reincarnates again.
    The singular spirit is present allways and ever, where this singular spirt now can be seen as “god”, existence, universal organism or devine oneness.
    Here the question arises, how is it possible to disappear out of the bipolar matrix of war?

    The only answer I found is: going inside transforming dualities into singularities.
    Blaming the other ones is a different path as taking responsibility for the inner world.

    Looking inside the brain, there are so many stored stories of war that the brain is a library of a painfull history. There is a possibility to transform these stories inside the brain, where love can appear inside the brain.
    However, this is a most daring path and it is much easier to be alinged with these old stories, where the matrix can stay “alive”.

  • For the most part I found Devons presentation very good but I have to agree with Joe Doaks comment that using the blame game and pointing the fingers at the boomers is bullshit.
    The powers that be at the time we’re dealing, from there point of view, a problem . The boomer generation were fighting back as more and more of them came back from Vietnam in body bags or permanently disabled. The movement grew and the sheer numbers of that generation freaked them out ( boomer speak for scared them).
    The power establishment fought back using various tactics and eventually Kent State happened which changed everything.
    The more serious minded amount us who were not side-lined from fighting for change with cheap drugs brought in by the CIA, changed from being hippies to yippies and serious talk of revolution was in the air.
    There weren’t enough yippies to create a large enough momentum and that movement was squashed.
    As time went by children were born and families grew and the harsh realities of life took over from lofty ideals, the hippies and yippies turned into yuppies and traded their beads in for BMW’s
    Yes, we failed. We didn’t realize at the time exactly who it we we were fighting and to the extent they would go to realize their agenda. Many of us are still fighting today in our own ways and people like Alexander Bruce and Devon are stepping up out from the shadows to bring to light the extent to which the rot and corruption has taken its toll.
    In summary it does no good blaming the generations before your for the ills of society. in general I am quite impressed with the millenials, they give me reason to hope.
    Devon… we would gladly pass the torch off to your generation willingly but please learn from our experience, our mistakes and when you hear it our wisdom.
    Now quit your whining and blaming and get out there and kick ass…

  • The matrix, which is mentioned here base on the impact of the human DNA, where ALL sense organs are involved.
    Besides these sense organs for any sensations, I perceive a feeling organ, which is NOT involved in human matter (DNA). It is feeling organ of a spiritual “god”/organism.

  • Typical blame game bullshit here Devon. You obviously have no concept of how history unfolds. This statement shows your lack of awareness and press for blaming…
    “As Devon says, “The torch is being wrestled from the grip of the Baby Boomers. The summer of love that exists only in their increasingly senile minds has been exposed for the reckless naïveté and hedonism it really was. The lack of discipline and the drug-fueled devouring and bastardization of our culture at the hands of these people may finally come to an end, their power threatened by those that have resisted the programming.”
    Your take on boomers, obviously, is from the MSM. lived it and let me just say that the ‘summer of love’ fantasy was MSM looking for BLAME in the face of the rampant questioning of authority that was at the base of the 60’s social unrest.. The fault, if it can be labeled such, stems from a culture that came out of rigid Puritan social construct, shredded by war and bolstered post conflict by the very brilliant ‘American Dream’ delusion.
    Your victim mentality of ‘millenials as the first gen not to do better than the previous’, can only be based in the idea of conspicuous and unending consumption for a driver. One would think that by now it would be obvious that the blame the boomers meme has no grounds.
    Society is not driven by the masses as much as it is herded by the avarice and greed driven wealthy, and NOT allowed to be presented in official history.

    • Well said Joe. This video is serious propaganda. The “Boomers” are no more to blame than the current “Generation Idiot” …

  • Hi, I take umbrage at the blaming of a whole generation. We are all affected by the milieu we inhabit. I take personal responsibility for the fact that I chose to devote my energies to my family in stead of attacking the system. I also take personal responsibility for my choice to raise my family with a positive outlook instead of focusing on the corruption and immorality that permeates everything in the public sphere. These may have been mistakes. But I think I had no good choices.

    • Sticking your head in the sand is a bad choice. A good choice is always available, but full of discomfort and risk …

  • I think it does no good to blame any one particular generation; we are all the victims of social engineering (brainwashing) of one kind or another, and the mind control has taken an exponential leap “forward” due to the technology now available.

    I was born in 1943 so I never really identified with the “boomers”; I was a few years ahead of them; I guess the “silent generation” was more fortunate than later generations mainly because we missed the early indoctrination of television. The first TV didn’t appear in our neighborhood until I was five years old, and even then programs were available for viewing only for a few hours a day. My family didn’t own TV until I was nine. I spent most of my time playing outdoors with all the other children whether it was winter or summer. I feel very fortunate to have had that “window of opportunity” to play outside before TV became a common fixture in our household.

    We are all victims of social engineering that goes back a long time. I feel like a foreigner in a foreign land.

  • I feel sad and disconcerted in hearing your disparaging words around putting my whole generation as “The summer of love that exists only in their increasingly senile minds has been exposed for the reckless naïveté and hedonism it really was.” Wow! So disconnecting. This smacks of ageism and generational blaming.

    I, for, one and many of my friends have always been here to make a difference. In the midst of being raised in the ‘picture perfect 50’s’, we were the ones who had to keep silent in what we were experiencing, what we couldn’t speak about, and what was happening in the underbelly of the culture and gov’ts. The ‘acting out’ was the undercurrent attempting to express what was really happening, just like a child in a dysfunctional home who is the black sheep in the family. We were the black sheep. Perhaps you didn’t like how we expressed ourselves, but we were able to make a difference…Ellsberg, Vietnam war, Watergate, the Berrigans, Woodward, and many more. And we are still making a difference. We aren’t dead yet.

    We opened the doors for everyone to look deeper. We were the pioneers to break the conformity and question, to stand up to the authorities, the ‘pigs’, the neocons. I feel sad you’re unable to see this but entrenched in bashing a whole generation into a pigeon hole.

    We are all here to learn, to grow, to explore this world and its ways of expressing to make a difference. I know that you understand this from what you’ve spoken and written of prior, in the comments and the films you share. Why go to this level without truly clearing what is blocking your perceptions in categorizing a whole generation as the ‘whoa’s’ of the world?

    We all participate and we can all do what we can in bringing our piece (and peace) to the world. If my generation triggers you, I support you to clear what it brings up, so you can shine your light even more. Resentment won’t help bring about the changes that needs to happen to make this world different in a heartful and kind way.

    • These terms by definition describe groups and should not be taken personally. I had that sentence in the first paragraph but took it out because the piece was getting too heavy.

      • Your write-ups are generally succinct and on point.
        G75 and sharingwisdom hit the real insight into indications of how manipulated we all were and how our inner truths were bubbling up and out of the control of authority, who, as Kent State revealed, and raygun’s gassing the Berkeley protests by helicopter emphasized were real anxious to clamp down HARD.
        Devon and many millenial’s takes are prime example of their spin’s success.

        • My guess is that Devon is GenX, the picker-upper of the slack of his elders.

          Trust me on this.

    • The Baby Boom was fully underway in 1947 when Strauss, the older of the two was born. The boom ended in 1960-1964, depending on where you grew up.

  • Yes, the matrix is a system, which base on a simple spiritual impact. It is all about rewarding and/or punishing, where the good ones and the bad ones appear. It is the same as heaven and hell. Or god and anti god (devil).
    This is happening inside a process of survival, where the “stronger one” ever wins. This can be watched inside the world of plants, of animals and for all in special inside humanity.
    This matrix is as old as spirituality is present on earth, where a bipolarity/duality is kept upright.
    The base is…….division, splitting, fission by which all emotions of war appear.

    This system will never change, where I ask: who installed this system and where is a spiritual organism inside universe responsible for this??? A god?? or a anti god??
    The good ones and the bad ones both are victims. Look inside a prison, where the bad ones and the good ones are separated by a door, however present inside the same prison.
    Because humanity only can survive by new born human beings, the focus has to directed on the relationship between man and woman. Thye both are human beings.

    When there is a gender fight by which a new born human being appears, the matrix will never disappear.
    Only when gender harmony is possible, humanity will appear more peacefull.

    By genetics the difference between man and woman is very less.
    However, when this difference stays as important as it is now, fighting will go on.
    So we must see a man/father as a male human being and a woman/mother as a female human being, in order to create an other matrix.
    As being human we are all alike and on the path for discovering of what I am as a human being.

    WHAT IS A HUMAN BEING? In the indian language: WHAT IS A BUDDHA?
    A person is known as a fahter, man, woman, girl etc.
    A personality is known as being a president, a criminal, a saint etc. a investigator.
    They all can be good or/and bad.

    Where is the definition of a human being??
    I say, a human being is busy with the question: who/what am I, where he/she could find inside the inner presence of oneness. Here bipolarity/duality transforms into singularity.
    He/she could find the godliness inside and not think he/she is a god for someone else.
    There are good and bad gods of sports, of politics, of maffia as godfathers, business etc.
    They all appear because of a religiousd belief that god is in heaven somewhere outside any human being. The result is religious wars of any kind.

  • did you write the commentary to this vid, alex?
    if so, that was spot on. i am 53 and my parents were not around so my aunt and uncle who had just returned from vietnam in 71 raised me. somwhat the same, hippies constant moving, concert to concert living in tents. it was interesting but watching adults stoned out of their brains all the time gave me a different view than the troupe seen on tv thru romantic bs of the late 60’s and 70’s.

    • Yes, I write all the articles. We’re exactly the same age but my parents were more like Beatniks. LOL, they partied hard and I grew up all over the world but not following the Dead or in tents! We’ve just gotta laugh!

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