Oh Boy, things are getting veeeeerrrrry strange in Alt Media land.

On Monday, March 26th Jason Goodman recorded a very awkward conversation that he had with Douglas Gabriel of aim4truth.org. The beginning is contentious and annoying, so I’ve set it to start 15 minutes into the call when Gabriel asks Goodman about why he and George Webb (aka Sweigert) had a falling out.

Although I was an early follower of Webb’s in 2016 and I helped launch him into notoriety, I can’t follow Webb’s blizzard of micro-posts which seem to go nowhere. I also can’t seem to make the time to follow Goodman’s very long interview posts, so this recap of events did satisfy in a seamy, tabloid-esque kind of way for those who are familiar with these figures and don’t know why they split as a team.

Then, Gabriel informs Goodman that he’s been manipulated and he’s in danger, telling him, “You will be squished” and asks him who he thinks Webb is working for. Goodman says that he thinks Webb is working for Obama and then things proceed to get extremely weird. Gabriel claims that Webb is retired as a very high-level “GS16”, “SES”, “SIS” and “SCS” operative but still working for the DIA “to obfuscate the people who are involved in the largest espionage theft in American history” and to to overthrow the American government.

Goodman agrees and he shows footage that Webb shot around Imran Awan’s house, where it appears that Webb pointedly avoided shooting the shed where Goodman suspects Awan who was in charge of information technology for the House Democrats had been keeping an off-site secret back-up server of all that data.

Gabriel then urges Goodman to quit creating Crowdsource the Truth, “If you wish to live” and after a final tirade, he hangs up on him. It’s a real-life Alt Media soap opera with unseemly language and shouting. Enjoy!

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  • What was equally as strange and a polar opposite presentation of Gabriel’s disposition than in his Goodman conversation, was his recent conversation w/ DeFango, who has been G+W’s nemesis since they started.

    I also stopped following Goodman + Webb awhile back. I couldn’t really follow all the infighting with other alt media promoters, “researchers” and whatever they call themselves.

    For me, Goodman simply has an unwatchable personality. Their sidekick (whom I now can’t remember the name of) who helps “manage” the comments section during their livestreams is also obviously on someone’s payroll as he just “happened to be in Vegas” during the shooting and a few other obvious suspicious characteristics.

    Webb’s presentations, while fascinating, were intentionally impossible to follow. I agree with others that it was the perfect draw and distraction from the PizzaGate research, that although had also become infiltrated and fractured, still became a credible pedophilia investigation.

    And Webb found in Goodman the PERFECT platform to facilitate his psyops. Believe Goodman when he says he’s entirely unaware of who and what is going on and had no idea what he was getting into w/ Webb. He’s a product of the self-serving maniacal and psychotic Hollywood industry. And he’s probably also fairly innocent.

    I am not so sure about Gabriel. Clearly, if G+W were as destructive and facilitating DS as much as Gabriel suggests, Gabriel’s vitriol is understandable. And I’d also be exasperated at Goodman’s entirely ill-informed yet ego-driven hubris “stupid balls” to get involved as deeply as he has. But Gabriel also comes off sounding incoherent, shifty and delusional. But, that’s who the DS is… so in that respect, he’s also pretty believable.

    Others who follow Gabriel have stated he’s had some excellent moments in the 9/11 Truth investigations along with Abel Danger, et al. And I’ve like some of his recent posts and interviews regarding some history on internet and social media creators and patent cartel and ties with current events, etc. Other than that… who knows?

    The current events we’re watching unfold with Q, etc. are designed to be confusing and like with the 9/11 research and so many other examples, alt media has very likely been infiltrated and this fracturing and compartmentalized structure is classic CIA.

    This is a “grab some popcorn, sit back and observe” kind of situation. And just know that this is probably 5% of what is really going on.

  • Gabriel is an arrogant, insulting, condescending, abusive ass who spends all his time spreading suspicion and division in the alt-news community. You don’t have to guess who he is working for.

    • Interesting observation there, Jay. I was just thinking the same after seeing this entire clip…


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