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Though it will be hard to top, I’m guessing that this week will be even more eventful than the last.

Keith Ellison, former Deputy Chair of the DNC and current Minnesota State Attorney General is now leading the prosecution of  George Floyd’s death. In the past, Ellison has spoken in support of Antifa and he even took a selfie holding the ‘Antifa Handbook’ by Mark Bray.

Mark Bray, a World Bank Research Fellow, University of Hong Kong Professor and little darling of academe seems well-chuffed with the recent turn of events in the US, retweeting his likewise jovial Blue Check/Hard Left/Hollywood buddy, Seth Rogen while promoting his seminal book.

Like father, like son, Jeremiah Ellison, a member of the Minneapolis City Council, tweeted, “I hereby declare, officially, my support for ANTIFA. Unless someone can prove to me ANTIFA is behind the burning of black and immigrant owned businesses in my ward, I’ll keep focusing on stopping the white power terrorist THE (sic) ARE ACTUALLY ATTACKING US!”

The abiding refrain among the intelligentsia and in the media is that Antifa is not organized and therefore, it cannot possibly be categorized as a terrorist organization. One Washington Post headline tag read, “In Trump’s campaign against Antifa, observers see an attempt to distract from protesters’ genuine outrage.”

But the sheer scale of the rioting taking place around the country does indicate a highly-coordinated and well-financed operation. This is underscored by celebrities, like Seth Rogen and Justin Timberlake actively soliciting donations for the rioters’ legal fees through organizations ready-made for the cause.

‘Fascism Today’ author, Shane Burley tweeted, “Trump declaring ‘Antifa’ terrorists gives law enforcement cover to run grand juries, tack on phony charges, use excessive force, and lay siege on basically any activist standing up against the Right. This should be frightening.”

I can’t help but laugh! They’re burning and looting the country down to the ground while bitching about “excessive force”!

By the way, not one person has died at the hands of law enforcement since the increasingly suspicious death of George Floyd – but a Federal Protective Service officer, Dave Patrick Underwood, was shot and killed by rioters in Oakland on Friday. He was Black.

The mainstream all insist that Extreme Right Wing, White Supremacists are to blame for the violence, when that is clearly not what’s on the videos being posted around the clock. I’ve downloaded dozens of hours of footage.

These are the same relentless Saul Alinksy projection tactics with which we’ve been buffeted for the past 4 years.

The murder of George Floyd is looking increasingly odd. If you’ve seen the footage, the whole scene makes no sense. Derek Chauvin stares right into the camera several times as he kneels what seems like forever on Floyd’s neck, despite Floyd being handcuffed, with his face on the pavement and not resisting. Very, very odd.

With Ellison, an entrenched member of the corrupt DNC plus controversial associations with the Nation of Islam, CAIR and Antifa leading the prosecution, one might not have a lot of confidence the ultimate work-product of his office.

Conservative Treehouse writer, Sundance did some digging into the actual story that everyone is supposedly protesting. As we’ve discussed before, Chauvin and George Floyd worked security together for at least a couple of years at the El Nuevo Rodeo nightclub. Sundance found that this club was allegedly a front for money laundering and that its ownership was a shady network of LLCs that might connect to one or more US intelligence agencies.

He says, the “former club owner” shown on TV, Maya Santamaria appears to be a front. Omar Investments Inc. has owned El Nuevo Rodeo since 1996. Omar Investments’ principal is Muna Sabri. In 2001, a close relative, Basim Sabri, was captured in an FBI sting and convicted of bribing a local lawmaker to support his real estate development.

Basim Sabri allegedly became an FBI asset from that point on and through him, they were able to infiltrate a criminal networks in Minnesota to monitor for domestic threats from the Somali community, etc.

Speaking of Somalis, Sabri is also Ilhan Omar’s second-largest donor.

Sundance says that El Neuvo Rodeo looks like a money-laundering operation involving counterfeit currency, which might help explain why George Floyd was arrested for passing counterfeit $20 bills.

Sundance wonders if Chauvin’s interaction with George Floyd had to do with protecting the club’s counterfeiting operation.

And who can even pull off a major counterfeiting operation? Sundance answers, “A US national security agency conducting an operation with little interest in the profit dynamic; that’s who.”

The GoFundMe for George Floyd’s family has raised nearly $7 million in 4 days, which for me is a record. Peter Strzok didn’t raise one-tenth of that!

According to The Indepedent UK, Chauvin had 18 internal complaints against him.  Sundance asks, “Could the national security angle explain why no prior charges against Chauvin in a 2006 shooting were ever sought?”

It looks like we may be dealing with many layers of deception around this horrible event.

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1 comment

  • “It looks like we may be dealing with many layers of deception around this horrible event.”
    As has become the “New Norm”,,, You can’t tell the good guys from the scum anymore. Sad, very sad.

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