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Stefan Molyneux interviews Diane West, author of ‘The Red Thread: A Search for Ideological Drivers Inside the Anti-Trump Conspiracy’, which investigates why a ring of senior Washington officials went rogue to derail the election and the presidency of Donald Trump.

She deadpans, “It’s dangerous to have your president removed unconstitutionally in a coup and we need to get to the bottom of who these people are and where their loyalties truly lie.”

Looking deep into the backgrounds of James Comey, John Brennan, Nellie Ohr, Christopher Steele and members of the Fusion GPS team, West found that ALL had been hardcore Socialist and Communist activists in their youths.

While many of us have already heard that John Brennan voted for 1976 Communist Party USA presidential candidate, Gus Hall, we learn here that as recently as 2003, fired FBI director James Comey openly discussed having been a Communist, telling the New York Times how Reinhold Niebuhr, the militant Socialist leader had been a lifelong influence of his. In fact, “Reinhold Niebuhr” was Comey’s Twitter handle until he was outed a couple of years ago.

West says, “Having done the historical deep dives I’ve been doing, I always think back to, say 1947, when Alger Hiss was just a respected Washington figure who had been a very senior State Department official [and] the first Secretary-General of the United Nations. He was…exposed as having been working the whole time for a foreign hostile power, namely, the Soviet Union.

“Will we discover that one of these [anti-Trump] conspirators is working for a foreign power? Well, I won’t be surprised…Are they just homegrown Marxists and this is just a Marxist takeover? Or are there foreign actors?

“We know [the US Government is] beset. We’re infiltrated up to our eyeballs, for example by the Chinese. This is something that people are paying attention to a little bit now. Are they involved? Are the Russians involved?

“Because it looks so much like things we’ve seen and when you actually start tying some of the actors in my little threads, that go back through the decades, you see a continuity, with this long-term assault on our nation and it’s very frightening. But again, what’s more frightening to me, at this point is that they will not be fully explained to us.

Of these Deep Staters behind the failed coup to take down Trump, West says, “It was a network of people that were trying to create this Kabuki theater in order to manipulate the American people. It wasn’t about getting at the truth about Donald Trump or exposing a threat to the United States. It had nothing to do with that, it was all about creating a spectacle that would destroy this counter-revolutionary figure who’s trying to roll back this very Socialistic world we live in, where nation-states disappear.”

Due to Trump’s unexpected resilience, the coup plotters are currently “regrouping to protect from further exposure of the fact that so many people in this bureaucracy were involved in a criminal conspiracy to overthrow the government…[which is] why the ideological motivations I think are so important, when you see a consistent thread of Communism, Socialism, Progressivism, all of those Hard-Left, Marxist forms of thought in the actual conspirators, across the board – everyone I’ve been able to peel back is a consistent ideological champion of anti-Constitutional, anti-American politics and you know, that’s very scary because a lot of them are at the top of the Government.

“Our representatives need to know how important it is that we uncover everything we can uncover about this absolute black mark on our history, which is this terrible conspiracy and this rolling coup. I mean, if he’s still standing, that’s really a miracle, at this point…

“Understanding the crucial nature of what we are living through and how it is that a president who seeks to restore the necessities of nationhood has come under this kind of attack by those who wish to dissolve our nationhood. I mean, it’s that black and white, in terms of what we’ve been looking at, living through and trying to understand.

“I noticed Karl Rove, Mister Never Trump…just this week talking about, ‘It’s time to move on,’ you know, ‘The Mueller report is done and now let’s get back to governing the country.’

“No. This is governing the country. If we don’t rectify this, there is no Government of the People by the People for the People, ever again. It’s over…It’s that important.”

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  • First off, it’s not the McCarthy era anymore, but the far right is trying to revive it with the old “red scare” tactics. It’s not against the law or constitution to be a member of the Communist Party, nor any other party, far right Federalist Party, and so forth. These people were not breaking any law nor the constitution to vote any way they wanted to at the polls.

    Russia is not communist now, nor socialist, it’s an oligarchy, run behind the scenes by the Russia oligarchs and Putin controls the oligarchs. Trump had to go to the Russian oligarchs in the 90’s to bail him out of his bankruptcies because no U.S. bank would loan him money. There’s evidence that he laundered drug money from these oligarchs through his condos. That, and other financial irregularities, is being investigated by U.S. and State Attorneys in New York state.

    There’s no coup against Trump, he’s brought on his troubles with his own actions.. His constant lying from day one, from anything little to medium to large; his not putting his family business in a blind trust, as other past presidents have done and seemingly profiting off his high office, which is unconstitutional. That’s why we need to see his IRS tax returns, which he still refuses to make public, as all other presidents have done for the last 50 years. What’s he hiding in them? Obviously, some very serious stuff.

    No, the Mueller report is not over and done. The congress and the public have not even seen the full report, only a 4 page summary by a political lackey. William Barr saved the chestnuts of H.
    W. “Pappa” Bush and his cohorts back in the early 90’s and helped out Bush II from being indicted. He’s now been brought in to save Trump and company from the save possible fate.

    When criticizing “socialism,” examples of dictatorial regimes, with some aspects of socialism, are held up as examples.

    But, let’s look at the democratic socialist countries of scandanavia for a change. The call themselves ” social democracies” and have a strong safety net combined with a regulated capitalism. There are no human rights violations there; no goods, services and food shortages; thriving business community and are ranked as the “happiest countries” in the world to live live in.

  • I remain a huge West fan in spite of David Horowitz’s criticism of her. I happen to be a Horowitz fan as well. They both have done their own homework on communism. I know that because I’ve done mine also.

    America is in serious trouble because Americans have become intellectually lazy and self indulgent with the help of the communist religion that believes the next version of it will finally work out well. It will never work out well, because it strives against nature and nature’s Creator to wit: the destruction human identity, individuality, family and free thought and association by an all powerful central state which they falsely promise will be abolished when communism reaches universality.

    It is impossible to understand current disorder without having knowledge and understanding of the first world war and its antecedents. The popular MSM accounting of history is skewed by this communist political religion that has pounded the warped communist view of Hitler into tens of millions of Americans. I am absolutely no Hitler fan, but popular notions of him are so warped they hardly resemble truth at all. Hitler was a leftist reactionary against communism and Jews. His National Socialist Party fascism morphed out of Italian communist Antonio Gramsci’s fascism. Study real history! Communism and fascism have the same genetics and yet what do you hear from the MSM? Total nonsense!

    We are ever told Stalin was the bad communist, that communism is good. I ask where has it been good? Nowhere! Communism has butchered, impoverished and persecuted more human beings than any other the form of government in history, including fascism, because it hates competition! We are to believe Russia hatched communism. It did not! Communism was imposed on Russia by German and American Jews who were attempting same in Germany and darned well nearly succeeded there. Nazism was the German reaction against communism and against Jewry.

    Real history gets lost in the brutalities of war and all the subsequent one sided finger pointing.

    Besides the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, what caused WWI? I know the answer, do you?

    • HIS-Story will be EXPOSED by the Now arriving “Golden Race Beings” who will exposed the REAL-SORY about “Creation”…and will take down ALL THE LIARS.

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