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Mouthy Buddha just released this slick new documentary short about the Pentagon’s missing $10 trillion. The piece doesn’t contain anything totally new to me except for some details about John Hutchison and Robert Lazar. He presents the controversies surrounding both and then acquits them with his advanced editing and particularly his amazing sound editing skills.

It’s a polished refresher for those not new to the subject and an instructional piece for those who don’t understand how the UFO coverup and the Black Budget work.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Thank you for an excellent and compelling video. There is nothing new here, and nothing that could convince informed skeptics like Stanton Friedman and John Alexander. And this is the problem. Nothing can be established about usaps from the testimony of single witnesses. Personally, I believe Lazar, and Bill Ulhouse. I don’t believe Corey Goode. But finally, it makes no difference. Nothing is proven, there is no conclusive evidence. If these UFO technology programs exist, and they probably do, the truth about them is firmly in the control of those who run them, and nothing will be known about them until those people decide to make it known. And remember, it could all be faked, in order to make the enemies of the United States believe we possess such invincible weapons. That was the meaning of the 1950s memo about psy-ops.

  • Short refresher on the shadow government and their theft. Catherine Austin-Fitts sets the theft at $21 trillon currently. One key point Lazar mentioned was the ship he was asked to back-engineer for propulsion was ‘not damaged’.

  • Geeeee! Somebody has to fund THEIR “SECRET Space Program”…an “Elysium Style” break-away civilization…SOON to be exposed for WHAT they really are.

  • Alright. we have paid for all, with trillions of dollars, now I want the information gained, or, my money back. Never mind, sure would be great for our world through. But the monopolies of the world would kill all of us much faster then they are now, if that were to come about.

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