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by John Bowne

The architects of the New World Order are panicking. The World Economic Forum and the United Nations have gradually allowed the minions of the NWO to publicize their master plan. But the public relations campaign is backfiring. The world has come to realize that the conspiracy theorists were only repeating what they had heard and read in the eugenicist technocrat’s documentation decades ago. And now humanity is terrified by the blatant reality of the elite’s push toward a neo feudal prison planet no matter what the cost. Humanity must tenaciously protect its individualism and sovereignty if it is to survive. Or become the victims of the new world order monstrosity lurking around the corner.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Yes, you are right about Alex Jones and Fox, they are all founded the same group.
    It’s really difficult to find the media that’s totally independent and get things right.

  • Name them. Exactly WHO is behind the NWO? The British Pilgrims Society and Babylonian Radhanite Jews. Alex never names them BECAUSE he is one of them, as he has clearly stated before. Sure, he exposes their plans, that’s a thing evil must do and if we don’t object, we’re considered complicit, but he never points out EXACTLY who is behind all of this. It’s a smokescreen. Controlled opposition, just like Fox News.

    If this channel isn’t pointing out the British Pilgrims Society and Babylonian Radhanite Jews, then they’re not doing enough research, or they’re controlled too.

    Educate yourselves and report it:

  • Thanks to Alex Jones. He has been right. It does look like he might be right about the future, too. We will have to carry on the fight for another 10 years. It’s beginning to remind me of that Shakespeare play Titus Andronicus. Everywhere you look there is depravity, blood, and bodies. It can’t stop or maybe won’t until the carnage and bodies are piled across the stage. Every day I have to think, not just how I will survive, but how will I keep my family alive up against the political medical tyranny. Nearly everyone I know has taken the vax, but some of us have resisted. They’re going to try it again, though.

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