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    Over 50 years after the Apollo Moon Landings, a different kind of space race has NASA firing up its rockets to go back to the Moon. A multitude of small startups and industries have sprung up around this renewed interest in space and Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos are all vying for contracts to see who will conquer the new space industry.

    Australian YouTuber, Dagogo Altraide of Cold Fusion makes excellent documentary shorts about tech and other vital topics. His latest, about the competition heating up between a couple of Silicon Valley Boy Wonders and an Old School Globalist lays out the key projects and players in this burgeoning market, that ultimately aims to create a permanent Earth colony on Mars.

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    • Well actually it make sense that they “government” is using the word Space “Force”, they are preparing to “war” in space over what corporations. lol whatever. Its sad that President John Fitzgerald Kennedy” will fall by the wayside for his belief that we were going to space for United Space “Exploration. We’ve already screwed it up here with war lets head to space to fight it out.

    • Isn’t it odd how our “alt” community can swing from Secret Space Program, Nazis on the Moon and Mars, and the Breakaway Civ ALREADY on Mars. The head of Skunkworks saying decades ago “we have the tech to take ET home already.”
      We get Kate Austin Fitz saying the missing trillions went into Black Ops Space Fence and DUMBs.
      then we get this kind of video…gosh golly wow, these intrepid entrepreneurs (all probably DARPA fronts) are single-handedly bypassing old klunky NASA…

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