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    Has “wokeness” ruined everything? That’s the question which spurred a podcast by Ash Sarkar, a twenty-something British academic media darling who contributes to The Guardian and The Independent and is featured in this latest post by British YouTuber, Sargon of Akkad.

    First, Sarkar asks, “What is woke culture?” pretending exasperation and ignorance. Later in the interview, she opines:

    “‘Woke’ is accepting that LGBT identities are valid and should be protected under the law; that woke culture is an acknowledgement that racialized outcomes, reproduced through institutions in society and people of color measurably are treated differently…what I want, at an interpersonal level is understanding, empathy and solidarity and at a political level, I want the pursuit of redistributive goals, whether that’s power, whether that’s wealth, whether that’s land, in order to pursue aims of social justice, along class, gender and race lines.”

    Sargon of Akkad agrees. “This is actually an excellent definition of woke culture, because it shows us that we are dealing with a radical movement, that violates some of the fundamental values of modern, Liberal Britain. Primarily, that we do not think of arbitrary characteristics, like race, gender and anything else should be factors that contribute to outcomes, wherever possible and that we believe that a person’s private property should, in fact be protected by the state, using the law and not taken away from a person by the state, instead.

    “Appropriating people’s wealth and land, then re-distributing it along race, gender and class lines seems like an aberrant violation of those values and would naturally be seen as unethical by someone who is not a part of woke culture and follows the traditional values of modern Britain.”

    Like Saikat Chakrabarti, AOC’s race-baiting svengali and former chief-of-staff, who’s done so much to inject a new brand of hysterical, racial divisiveness into the American political process, Sarkar is also the child of Bangladeshi immigrants. Both project ancestral traumas onto the West while strategically weaponizing White Guilt to advance their goal of Global Communism.

    Neither complains about Bangladesh, where Islam is the state religion and homosexuality is still punishable by life imprisonment; where the Islamization of that country was defined by overthrowing the Varna caste system, the most skin color-obsessed means of social control ever devised; lasting millennia and still going strong throughout South Asia – now replaced with its Muslim version of “Ashrafs” who claim superior status derived from Persian, Turkic and Arab ancestry or alleged descent from Muhammad.

    They don’t complain about Bangladesh because it doesn’t have the capital that they want to see “redistributed” along identitarian lines.

    This, while they subscribe to “Luxury Communism”. Sarkar’s boss, Aaron Bastani wrote a manifesto about it. Luxury Communism is technocratic utopianism that’s about “fully embracing automation” and how technology will reduce the value of commodities – food, healthcare and housing – towards zero and how synthetic biology will prolong life and virtually eliminate disease.

    Such things may indeed come to pass – but it sure as Hell won’t be because of a Global Communism!

    If technology will bring infinite wealth to all, why would they need to seize and redistribute the property of others?

    These people are young and too steeped in ideology to see how Big Tech, influenced by Marxist and Postmodernist thought has already created a monopolistic combine of censorship, surveillance, social engineering, resulting in our present-day stealth digital totalitarianism with a corporatist, “social justice” veneer.

    The unprecedented collaboration between Big Tech, with the mass media and the intelligence agencies to saturate the infosphere with their chosen narrative and to ban all others is decidedly not taking us to the “world of liberty, luxury and happiness”, of which the wokesters dream.

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    • Orwell is rolling in his grave repeatedly. His novel N-E-F, one of the main reasons he wrote it was that it was a great warning to protect the accuracy, precision of correct/propoer and sound intelligent language. The use of “woke” in this corrupted grammartical way, and ‘wokeness’ in this further corrupted grammatical way and well as ‘gender’ and other certain words, is exactly what Orwell was fighting against by the very Socialist and Communist ideology which have as one of their main stratagems, to destroy proper/correct linguistics of intelligent language and intellectually degenerate it so it eventually gets into a low-level intelilgent form fit for the thrall, something right out of N-E-F a.k.a. a variation of “Newspeak.” Ash Sarkar contributing to the Guardian and the Independent, well those news outlets are exactly what Orwell would have railed against like he did through Winston Smith against “The Party.”.

      What is woke culture? It’s the evidence of what happens when the naive and gullible, easily impressionable indoctrinated pseudo-well ordered in learning and when the faux-intellectuals are indoctrinated into Socialist views innocuously and further allowed a platform like the internet to spread their increasing illusoryseasoned experiential knowledge in such matters which in turn infects others as themselves or even less informed, well-studied, well-read, astute, discerning/more naive and thus continues to spread as the ideological virus it is which if allowed to continue spread, it eventually takes over the host. The last century and more is a prime example of the how toxix Socialist and Communist ideology is.

      “Woke’ is accepting that LGBT identities are vaild and should be protected under the Law” ? So when “LGBT” in the USA are intentionally going to a cake shop owned by followers of Jesus and asking them to bake them a cake with a certain message that violates the faith of the Jesus believers, and then the “LGBT” sue them for not capitulating and win shutting down the business, that severe nefarious abuse of the law of forcing of Jesus believers to violate their faith, should be protected under the law? This is exactly more evidence of how the “LGBT” claim they want ‘equal rights’ (when choice of sexual partners is not a right) but rather they secretly in wickedness want special ‘rights’ that are in addition to ‘equal rights’, such as immunity from criticism. A certain “LGBT” manifest in the 1990s, lays this all out, how they will seek to destroy anyone who will not accept their choice of lifestyle due to their faith or personal preference;

      After the Ball – How America will conquer its fear & hatred of Gays in the 90’s by Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen

      Sargon wants to expound on the traditional values of modern Britain but doesn’t seem to care or know that this becoming more common severe catachresis of the word “gender” since the very late 1990s into the 2000s by the Socialists and all their ilk (as usual they purposely corrupt true etymological meanings and usage of words) is another example of “Newspeak” when the word is actually ‘sex,’ NOT gender. Sargon, as one from Britain, he is actually helping the Socialists destroy the very intelligent language that the well-known British writer George Orwell, fought against daily and warned us all with his writings, to protect from being hijacked, mutilated, mutated, truncated, corrupted/perverted a.k.a. full fledged catachresis and thus destroyed.

      The “woke” culture is a branch of the Socialist and Communist ideology in the modern day of the West to destroy the very foundations of what built the West which Europeans and Bible believing faith had quite a bit to do with.

      • Slight correction;

        “(when choice of sexual partners is not a right)”

        It should have read;

        (when choice of sexual partners is not a right that ought be given by gov’t, but rather God gives you the right of free moral agency/choice, you are free to make your choice of who your sexual partners are, and there’s a consequence for each choice.)

    • Well there you are, as the world turns follow the money, this is about power, control, and projection to create a reaction, distraction. We know so little of what really goes on behind the curtain of disinformation. Doesn’t the rabbit hole we go. What if everything we once believed as true, truth, is a lie? Think, reason, and stay away from the Fringe. Oh and cover your eyes and mouth, viruses and words are weapons.

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