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    by John Bowne

    This is the entry point into the horrifying dam that is about to burst on humanity. A kill grid has been constructed to silently reduce the population. A quiet war against humanity waged by a sociopathic corrupt technocratic elite. Recent developments at the G20 in Indonesia have given the offshoots of World Government their own authority to control humanity when their next pandemic is deployed. Wake up before it is too late!

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • As Khazarian mafia member Chuck Schumer plainly states, the “White Replacement Theory” is not Theory but Fact. From the beginning, the Immigrant Invaders were ruled Exempt from the “COVID-19 Vaccine” requirements. Besides the risk of Americans joining the “Died Suddenly” Club, the Vaxxine is wreaking havoc with American women’s fertility and ability to bear children alive. Stillbirth and deformed fetuses are rampant now in America even without the influence of the 5G, and are quickly becoming the Norm. Wake up, my fellow Americans! Thanks to the “Hidden in Plain Sight” Vaxxine endeavor, we are quickly and effectively being Depopulated. Educate yourselves and learn to Resist rather than becoming an unwitting participant in the WEF’s “Build Back Better” program.
      Despite their constant programming, Resistance is not futile!

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