Ben Berquam joins Steve Bannon from CPAC in Mexico City with this brief and absolutely headspinning report.

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  • I can understand that the citizens of the USA are worried about their country being swamped by colonists from the south. It may be the biggest wave of colonists since the arrival of the Europeans centuries ago. However to be worried about “bad actors” coming in to America from outside is a bit of a paradox. The rest of the world suffers “bad actors” entering from America all the time. Henry Kissinger being one of the most notorious of them all.

  • Very possible and highly likely that we’ll see 50-100 million invaders in the next two years, as the trickle becomes the new struggling terror. Capt Joe Kelley.

  • I’m told that the Darian Gap is the most dangerous stretch of jungle any potential Invader must cross on their trip to invade America.
    I would suggest that this crossing be made to be even more lethal, a literal “Gauntlet of Death” by American Veteran volunteers. While anti-personal land mines and “Bouncing Betties” would be ideal in this respect, the supply of such ordnance could be a problem. Fortunately, the Viet Cong educated me in the use of more “Green” alternatives such as the “Punji Stick” (a simple stick or piece of bamboo sharpened on one end, dipped in feces, and placed within a hole dug in the ground and lightly concealed with a mat of small branches & leaves), and the “Tiger Trap” (based upon the “Punji stick” principle but a larger and deeper hole with multiple stakes at the bottom and concealed by a mat of interwoven small branches and leaves to conceal it). That would be a good start.
    Any Volunteers to once again serve in the defense of your country?


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