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    Lately, Clif High has been saying that the Elohim of the Torah and the Bible are a race of space aliens who control the elites of our planet and they have an active base on the Moon…



    by Universe Inside You

    If you research the Moon, you might be surprised. Its reference to ancient history, its perfect geometrical symmetry, and astronaut testimonies all seem to point to only one logical conclusion: that our moon is most likely a hollowed-out structure and an artificial satellite, that was intentionally placed into Earth’s orbit only a few hundred thousand years ago – and that the advanced engineers accomplished this intending not only to influence the Earth’s biology but to oversee and control her inhabitants.

    This video combines Part 1 and Part 2 of our series on the Artificial Moon theory with some improvements.

    Written & Narrated by E. Firestone

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Suppose if it were satellite, what would we do about it?
      They don’t give a shit, neither should we.
      Stay focus on improving ourselves in order to find a perfect place after this life.

    • Disc-closure starts with a few well needed ancient history lessons all of which are recorded on the CDT plates being guarded from intentionally being released so the clown show can run on into infinity . We have some parts in our akashic memory DNA records as well but the complete record of everything comes from on high from the progenitor races who suffered along with us guardian races when the evil assholes were dumped on our front porch begging for us to take them in like trump tales of scorpions and snakes and shit. As more truthy goodness leaks out we need to filter it against the probable timeline that was shifted by time traveling assholes and find the truth hidden like acorns by ground squirrels living on the beach .

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