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This is the first episode of the new 8-part series, ‘The Hidden Hand Behind UFOs’, produced by the Canadian Patriot Review and Canadian scholars, Cynthia Chung and Matt Ehret.

The ancient mystery religions of the pre-Christian world are introduced in order to set the stage for the growth of the UFO disclosure movement and the alien mythos of the 20th century.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Alex –
    Did Matt or Cynthia provide an explanation for the coy( letters on the circle partly hidden)
    flashing of the “Lucifer” sigil at 4:25??

    I scrolled the vid back to check several times to confirm.
    It’s there.

    L – U – C – I – F – E – R…in the two circles surrounding the sigil.

    Feels like ” Branding”, and ” Subliminal Branding”, at that.
    Not a good look.

    • The main message of the film is that the UFO PSYOP of the 20th century is rooted in the Orphic and Apollonian mystery schools, which from a Christian perspective are Satanic.

      • Fair enough, Alex.

        But I still think partially hiding the image, and short duration of onscreen time show a different intent…ie ( involuntary)Branding.

        I’ll probably watch the rest of it.

  • As a skeptic I’ve always doubted the existence of aliens. I have always doubted most things. 911 as an inside job, aliens, Qanon. But I’ve watched these things. And I remember seven or so years ago Qanon posted that our government would use the existence of ufo’s as a distraction. Then they absolutely did. They came right out admitting ufo’s are real. Well that’s one I’ll give Qanon. He/She/They got it right.

  • One can see where this series is heading. So let us review the historical facts:

    You have the ancient gods of Israel – Plural Elohim – who command the Israelites to torture. rape and murder men, women, children and animals and is also a jealous god. And likes the smell of sacrifices, usually an innocent animal brutally slaughtered.

    Judaism gave rise to Christianity and Islam. Out of these came various subdivisions such as Zionism, Satanism and Radical Islam, all with their own agenda of world control and dominance.

    If Reptilians constitute the main warlike species in this universe, it is easy to see where the the idea of Satan came from. It is a misrepresentation at best and a fallacy at worst. The idea of Satan was created by Christianity (and not found in Judaism) and some Christians want us to believe aliens are devils, instead of Reptilians being the inspiration for the myth of fallen angels, Satan and devils.

    A look at the history of earth shows it is the Abrahamic religions that are the culprits for the vast majority of religious warfare, wars and terrorism. The worst of all these a are Zionism, Islam and Satanism.

    It seems this explains the situation in the world much better than any supposedly Satan vying for world domination. This fictitious guy has become the poster-boy and scapegoat for the dark and evil side of humanity.

  • Great work – but the topic requires one’s full attention – which has to compete with the music – which is way too loud, drowning my ability to focus on what is being said.

  • I agree wholeheartedly with Kodi and Dee. That’s not music, It’s noise. I’ve been a musician since I was 4 and that noise is distracting. Good music has a Melody.

    Also, I might add, must we have to have those adds that can’t be deleted from the right side of the screen? To me, it is not a pleasant view of women loving snakes. It dreds me to think that that will be on 7 more episodes.

    Larry Ellis

  • The background music is too loud, too much of a distraction , at times I could not hear the words. Would appreciate if in the next episodes the music would be in the background.
    Thank you

  • I agree with Dee. Please remove the background music.
    I tried reading the CCs, with the sound turned off. Sometimes the CCs are wrong. Best would be a text version of the presentation. Even a speech-to-text computer-generated text version. Thank you.


  • Charles Darwin had a theory more than 100 years ago, which he could not prove it, and all the scientists after him can’t either
    So, why is that piece of sh’t name is familiar to all the human race?

    • Because it reflects a dog-eat-dog paradigm the lords of the universe want us to buy and interpret to mean the universe is without meaning other than that of the brute.

    • Darwin was,shockingly(not) ….>>> a Freemason.
      That’s why he’s famous.
      They’ve propped up the Op decade after decade.

      • Edit, for better wording /Intent:

        Darwin was,(not)shockingly,….
        >>> a Freemason.

        But then , most likely, so was the entire
        membership of the Royal Society( the Crown’s Club for scientific geniuses).

  • A well documented dark side of history exposing I suppose our baser nature to rise up over our neighbor with secret powers.

    So far, nothing new to people who’ve seriously investigated secret societies and discovered their darkened connections.

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