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This is the first in a new series of talks called New World Awakening by my new favorite personality on the Alternative Media scene, Thomas Paine, aka Douglas Gabriel, PhD. In this one talk, he covers all or most of the themes I’ve been writing about on FKTV for the past 7 years and he offers solutions and actual signs that some of these seemingly intractable problems have been solved.

Dr. Gabriel is retired from a full career in education as a headmaster, administrator and teacher at various Waldorf schools, which are based on the work of Austrian philosopher, Rudolf Steiner. Prior to this, he was a Trappist monk and a Jesuit priest and prior to that, he was drafted into the Army, where he worked as a cryptographer and systems analyst in signals intelligence at NSA. Presumably, this where he gained the firsthand insights and contacts that inform his work on the American Intelligence Media YouTube channel, and in several other interrelated websites and YouTube channels. He is married to Tyla Gabriel, aka “Betsy Ross,” who is equally devoted to the Christian mysticism which they espouse in other venues.

I mention all of this due to the pseudonyms and due to the slight mystification around the persona of Thomas “Paine in the ass of the Globalists” – but as he himself says, “All of history is a series of biographies. It is not a series of events. It is not a series of ideologies; Communism, Fascism, Marxism. It is about individuals – and that’s what we’re trying to tell you, in every one of our broadcasts.”

Naming names, Baby! More importantly for Douglas Gabriel, the geopolitical is spiritual. This is an idea with which many may agree, regardless of their religious beliefs.

Below are some of the many salient points made by “Thomas Paine” in this talk about the challenges we face, as well as some positive developments. Many will be surprised to hear that Trump has reinstated the right to religious and philosophical exemption to vaccines. (They were putting people in prison in California in the last year for that!)

Paine says, We’re currently seeing “Not only a revolution in geopolitics but a revolution in science and technology, in consciousness and religion; in all aspects of life…what we need to remember is it’s consciousness that is really evolving.”

Greatly underreported is how George Soros gave $6 billion to the DNC over the past few elections. In other words, one person basically bought the Democratic National Party. The rest of the $18 billion of Soros’ money was put into the 184 Non-Governmental Organizations that Soros supports or what he calls his foundations. Paine alleges that Soros created these NGOs so that the money couldn’t be seized from him and that these $18 billion are going to drive the Far Left agenda for years to come.

Over the past year, he says this money has been driving George Soros’s Purple Revolution or the attempted regime-change of a duly elected US President, which we’ve seen playing out in the Mainstream Media – and at our dinner tables.

Douglas Gabriel and his “conclave” are part of what he calls the Second American Revolution, which is helping a small group of people in the Alternative Media to start a revolution that not only counteracts George Soros’ Purple Revolution, but also stops the erosion of the Republic, stops the undermining of our US Constitution and the US Bill of Rights.

What’s happening today has been happening since the earliest days of this country. The revolution against King George and the British was only part of the story. The US was then being fought over by the imperialistic forces of the British East India Company and the Dutch East India Company and the revolution against those same imperialistic forces continues to this day. Now they’re now called Globalism and Transnationalism. International companies are given carte blanche to commit any crime they wish, such as selling weapons to both sides of the same war.

The following are the three aspects of the CIA: 1) The “Rogue CIA,” which is people who have left the CIA or using CIA methods for their own personal gain; 2) The gold-backed CIA. After World War II, the gold taken from World War I was put into the Bank for International Settlements. That gold was then stolen by the CIA (the OSS, as it was then known). The gold from Japan that had been stolen from China and countries in the East and stored in the Philippines was also added to the CIA stash, giving them immense leverage through certain corporations in world markets, such that they seem to have ultimate control of the military-industrial complex; 3) International Corporatism. The CIA has been the military branch of Corporatism and Imperialism from the beginning. Subversion, espionage, sabotage and indoctrination. That may come as a shock to some and Paine says it was a shock to President Trump, when he realized the depth of this and how far it goes. These people were an inch away from completing the overthrow of the US Republic via Federalism and Corporatism when Trump had his surprise victory, winning despite the election being rigged in so many ways.

The complete debasement of the US Government began when George Bush Senior was Vice President. The Rogue CIA had turned the White House into a mafia. Since that time, we have seen nothing but the CIA’s perversion of the Executive Branch of our government. The Federal Government that is led by the Executive Branch is made up of 4.5 million people who are completely a product of CIA. There has been absolute lawlessness in the last few Administrations and we see that coming out every day.

Under George Bush Senior, the United Nations went to war with Iraq because of a UN resolution. In other words, Bush bypassed Congress to go to war and he stood before the United Nations and said, “When we are successful, and we will be, we have a real chance at this New World Order, an order in which a credible United Nations can use its peacekeeping role to fulfill the promise and vision of the UN’s founders.” Paine says that’s when Globalism banner was raised and it wasn’t lowered until Trump was elected as President.

Paine says we should pull out of the UN completely. We should also pull out of the World Bank, which is part of the United Nations, the World Trade Organization which is also part of the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund, because these organizations have control over the US economy, under the guise that the UN is spreading Democracy, which is complete nonsense. The United Nations has never spread Democracy anywhere!

There was previous attempt to set up the UN after WWI called the League of Nations was but it could not be ratified by Congress. So the same group of Robber Barons behind that started the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Paine says the CFR ran the US until the day Trump was elected. CFR members are the warlords, the rich bankers, brokers and warhawks from the military.

The CFR has had about 13,000 members, over the years. They continue Henry Kissinger’s plot, which is the “Clash of Nations”: the theory that we must always keep other nations in a condition of war in order for the US to keep its supremacy. This is the “counseling” of the Council on Foreign Relations. It couldn’t be any more evil. It couldn’t be any less American. It couldn’t be any more Globalist, Transnationalist or Internationalist, Paine says.

In 1913, one of the worst things ever happened to our economy, with the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank by the same Central Bankers who have done this throughout the world. The “Fed” is not Federal, it is not a reserve and it does not belong to the United States. It is a corporation that has a dozen central banks in it and they basically have the right to print money for us and charge us interest and we can never ever pay back that interest in time.

The US Federal Reserve Bank is a private corporation but there is a part that is public. Every few years, we give them around $20 billion and they break it up and give it to their dozen central banks and they give it to their stockholders. “Their shareholders. Yes. That’s right. US Tax Payer money goes to pay foreign interests who bought into the US Federal Reserve from the beginning and it is the one thing that continues to take us down.”

Little-known is that US Federal Reserve does not create US financial policy. That is done by the Exchange Stabilization Fund. The Bank for International Settlements was set up in 1930 and in 1934, a mysterious part of the US Treasury was set up that controls all markets, called the Exchange Stabilization Fund. It is a completely fraudulent system that’s been eroding our democracy through economic terrorism. There are about 127 central banks in the world and 84 of them are owned by the Rothschilds. It is not a “conspiracy” to say that these warlord bankers in fact control the US debt.

Some good things that Trump has done, according to Paine is he stopped $26 billion going to the UN Refugee Program. He stopped the US’ strong association with the UN World Bank and with the UN World Trade Organization.  Trump pulled our money out of UNESCO, pulled our money from the UN World Health Organization, pulled it away from the “Peacekeeping Troops”, because they’ve been found to be pedophiles, creating horrible, horrible crimes wherever they go. Trump is also decreasing our association with the International Monetary Fund.

Paine claims that his conclave suggested to Trump that the US Government audit and seize the assets of the US Federal Reserve and the 12 central banks and then simply default on the debt (!) The contract with the Fed expired in 2013 and Paine claims the US Government can end it at any time and further, we do not owe the debt. Trump could make over $20 trillion in one day without an act of Congress or any Washington DC lobbying.

People are souring on the Silicon Valley Tech Lords, who Paine calls “the cardboard cut-outs,” who were put in those positions by DARPA and In-Q-Tel. With former Facebook executives and others recently coming forward, we’re learning that that they knew from the beginning that this gadgetry would in fact create illnesses, social diseases and all kinds of physical illnesses. It is a social experiment gone bad.

When we think about the Internet, we cannot forget that it was created for military purposes by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and the CIA’s incubator In-Q-Tel.

When we talk about the tech warlords, we have to understand, we are in a battle not just for humanity but for our own sake, for own children’s sake. Are we going to let the illnesses that these devices create pervade all of our lives, our children’s? Billions of coherent electromagnetic frequencies, Wi-Fi, microwave frequencies and milliwaves are going through our bodies at all times.

We need to end the tech monopoly. Paine says that Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos were being presented our future Presidents when Trump said, “Antitrust.” He said, “Monopoly” – and now neither one of them seemed to be running for President anymore! Paine says the Silicon Valley Tech Lords who gave Obama $2 billion for his library are on the run and they don’t seem to think that Trump likes them very much and that’s the reason why his economic council completely dissolved.

In the medical field, the revolution is happening in our bloodstream and in agriculture, same kind of thing. Why are GMO products allowed? Why do we allow Monsanto Round-up and these poisons in our agriculture?

Paine says we need to dismantle corporate intelligence in the government and stop sharing our staff with that industry. 800,000 people have Top Secret security clearances. He says his conclave pointed this out and General Michael Flynn’s program stopped corporate intelligence. “Let the people who are doing these things for us have treason as their punishment held over their head. That’s what it is, when you’re in the military. That’s the reason so few people who were really in the military turned bad in that way.” Perfect examples of  what goes wrong with corporate intelligence are James Clapper, James Comey and Robert Mueller.

Paine says we need to end all us covert military operations with ISIS and al-Qaeda and h says that has happened, that Trump did that.

He says we need to rewrite the National Defense Authorization Act and we need to close its agent, the CIA. “When John F Kennedy tried to close to CIA, Allen Dulles was averse to that and they got into a big argument and JFK fired him. It didn’t stop him. He still planned for two years through the CIA to assassinate JFK.

“We need to make sure that the CIA doesn’t exist anymore and all counterintelligence agencies, whether it’s the National Counterterrorism Center whether it is the Department of Justice National Security Division, which we’ve found out has been completely compromised or whether it be the counterintelligence division of the FBI, we need to end all of those. The fact that bureaucrats in these agencies order and maintain offices of Black Ops and Black Budget activities should be illegal. There should be no such thing but I assure you there are more offices and there are more Black Ops operations than anyone can count in the United States Government.

“Only the President should know of any counterintelligence activities. Only the President should order something that is so Top Secret that it has to do with National Security.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I was very taken a year ago by Thomas Paine aka…… I have changed my mind and no longer trust him. I have been wondering what The Dark Journalist think about Douglas Gabriel. I am so happy to have found the integrity of Dark Journalist and I know you think very highly of D J also.

  • I cannot find any referenced material concerning “… Trump has reinstated the right to religious and philosophical exemption to vaccines. (They were putting people in prison in California in the last year for that!)” Does anyone have the link to this?

  • Trump = good guy, the Bushes/Clinton’s = bad guys. Where do the Black Nobility fit into this? Are they supporting Trump. We know that they like to appear to be the opposite of what they actually are, so Trump the face of 1000 year old money is a perfect disguise. I’m really sceptical about these reductive binaries. Surely the reality is a situation as interwoven and complex as can be. And none of these factions can be said to be acting in our interests. I think we need to create our own reality, starting with free energy. And independent systems of exchange that really do serve us. We can do it, we can innovate!

    • Debbie,
      in this video, I found the first scientist, which a new approach to science:

      This is similar for me to the awakening process, creating the own reality with free energy INSIDE a human being.
      In fact it all concerns black holes and wormholes, where by wormholes any remembering is possible and by the black holes, all nano information becomes attracted and contracted inside. Now the soul cann appear.

      • thanks Aham I’ll have a look at this. Btw I asked the I Ching these questions over the last few months. Who is Donald Trump, what is Bitcoin and what is the internet. I’ve just realised that I got the same answer for each one of these questions.

        • Debbie,

          yes, creativity happens by the receptive one.
          Still there is leading force, which I name as love.
          This force attracts all what is need to the inside of the loving being.

          Now he/she can create the own being anew.

          This corresponds to a sentence which came in my youth at 16 years:
          Love is a feeling, which my feeling feels, when it feels what it has never felt before.
          Conclusion: love renews.

    • The Black Nobility (e.g., House of Orange, founder of the Bilderberg Group) are directly involved in the Central Banking system which currently uses the US dollar (petrodollar) to impose the “Strategy of Tension” of controlling hydrocarbon-rich nations and feeding the War Machine that goes hand-in-hand with the petroleum economy. It’s been referred to as a “self-licking ice cream cone.”

      It actually is very simple. The Right to Issue currency IS the ultimate planetary chokepoint. All of the systems which benefit from an insider status with regard to the Central Banking system and as enforcers of same (the military-industrial complex) reveal the biggest geopolitical ills of our day.

  • Awakening……

    An aspect of love
    Love, is making my self happy. People live between two kinds of fear. They live between the fear for death and the fear for life. The human being survives as a personality in fear for death. The human being, living as a soul, lives in fear for an unfulfilled life. By the acceptance of both fears he can choose. Does he choose for the fear to die unfulfilled, in this case this fear is an impulse to live himself and at the same time a door to pass through the fear. He is passing through the form of fear and he makes himself happy, because he did what he really wanted to do. He does love himself, does experience it was right for him self, following his impulses. He is able to love himself with more energy. He does not want to die unfulfilled. So he has to realise his own vision, his own ideas, his own wishes. The soul can fulfil herself. Does he choose for the fear for life, in this case this fear is now an impulse not to find himself and not to fulfil his own wishes. He survives as an educated personality, adjusted onto a survival system. He did gave up the responsibility for the fulfilment of his soul. He can not make himself happy, and waits for the other ones to do this with him. This is a behaviour pattern accepted by millions of people. Therefore they still are searching for happiness, because they did not understand they have to make themselves happy. They are waiting, because they think that to become happy is a matter of luck and that a human being only can become happy by accident. First after a person really accepts, it is totally in his own hands, how, when and with whom he becomes happy, he can use his energy accurately. This is not possible without a partner and must become achieved inside all forms of relationships. The relationships have to be adjusted onto the possibility, to offer the individual beings discovery of themselves, to live themselves and by this, to make themselves happy. The relationships should not be based on the idea to loose yourself into the partner or even into the relationship.
    It is an aspect of love.

    H. wants to bring everything together more and more. She learnt this and now sits in front of me, with big eyes, asking how this works and waiting for certain indications she can understand. As a child she had a severe accident and suffered third degree burns. Her being has been characterised very deeply by this. The deeper the characterising, the more clear are the inner pictures and the more emotional is the pain. She wants to collect everything inside, for becoming herself more and to be able to love herself more. She has to learn to interfere inside her own life process. This is an endless proceeding process by which the energetic pictures of the past have to become transformed. The dynamics of survival with the past, have to be changed into the dynamics of living life. She does understand this theoretically. She already mastered so many situations and now she is heading again towards a new insight. She must discover now, on a deeper level, as a whole being with her body, her psyche, her soul and her self, something new. She is breathing, did identify herself with the situation this moment and is open for the things to come.
    “Can you imagine a situation from your past, where you got the feeling to be denied?” “Yes, I see how I am standing in the house of my parents and how I look at my father.” “How old are you there?” “At about 17 years.” “What do you need from your father?” “Closeness. I want to be loved.” “How does your father look at you?” “With sad and at the same time longing eyes.” “Why sad?” “Because I had this accident.” “Why longing?” “Because he too wants to love me and does need intimacy with me.” “Why does this not happen?”
    Now she does not answer directly. She cowers herself in such a way, as if she wants to control, to master an inner tension. The tension is that strong, the other participants get influenced by this. I sense somehow what is happening inside her and do take time so she can feel really what is happening with her. I do take care she stays inside the breathing process.
    “I always wanted to take care for my father, so he is doing well. Because he was so unpredictable and choleric. I did almost everything for him and not for myself.”
    The sound of her voice makes clear how much she is depressed now. She is suppressing something, what in fact wants to come out with all the power needed. I get the vision she already does know what this is. But the fear for realising this is still to big. So I let her breath on.
    “What do you really want to say to your father?” She shrinks and gets more depressed. So now I do know, we are close to the point.
    “Do you want to stay imprisoned? Or do you want to stand for what is really happening?”
    “No, I have to stand for it.,” she says in spite of the pressure on her. “Alright, so slowly arise out of your situation and take the challenge. So the words which you have to say, can come out of you.”
    Now the tension inside the room changes in bright excitement, because everyone is sensing she has to free herself of something. Therefore they form a circle around H. At one hand for support and on the other hand for taking part of the energy. With a great effort she is resisting her fear for denying and she says wit an emotional voice: “I just am a total normal person.” I do react directly and say: “Yes, it is just your body which was injured. Your soul can not burn. The personality can, the soul can not.” By coming on her feet and staying for herself now, she says it again: “I am just total normal.” Her body vibrates totally now, releases itself from this enormous pressure, becoming lively.
    “The solar Plexus hurts so much!” “Alright, dance with the pain and let go of it.”
    Now there is really celebration. She dances and the other ones are dancing too, fulfilled by a life-energy, clarifying how it is possible to free one self throughout of the burden of fear.

    The point of all this was, that H. went through the fear for denying. Her fear to hide her inner being was bigger than the fear for denying. That was shown by her action, by which she deepened the love for herself again. A day later on she told me, that many situations and many pictures came in front of her inner eye. She had to review how often she denied herself out of fear for being denied by her father. She denied her own wishes, could not reach her father and could not even cry with her father over the accident happening to her. This sadness now came and she could accept it.

    The fear for life is the door into life. This fear is in fact a painful state/form, but still illusion, falling apart when the human being tress passes this fearful door. The fear is falling apart, is disappearing and the human being arises. Love is: get up again and again.

  • Trump is a little baby, where his soul never got the change to grow.
    Maybe he is still even inside the womb of his mother.
    Acting by instinct is the result, where intelligence has no space/time.

  • I perceive how over the years in any culture there has been a fight. The bad ones are fighting the good ones, which implicates that the good ones has to fight with the bad ones. By this fight all old cultures disappeared. They all disappeared in pain. Now new cultures reincarnate in pain again.
    Is this going to stop in some time? I doubt………..
    Pain loves pain for developing more pain.
    A turn around, will happen by some individual beings.

    It really is astonishing how all thes stories of history are downloaded in the minds and the body minds of all people. Who is going inside, will discover this phenomenon, of even previous lives stored.

  • Alexandra,

    Thanks for this never heard off American Intelligence Media. The Western spirit seems so suck in dualism.
    I don’t see any difference between those extreme right/left-wingers, in the end, their agenda is purely devilish and thus inhumane and using the exact same methods.

    As a non American and outsider I don’t consider President Trump a refined person but maybe in this time the best person in this moment for the job. Inadvertenly he makes me think of the 3 movies “The Godfather” maybe not a flattering comparison but far better then the alternative that didn’t have “any” moral bounderies.

    • One doesn’t have to personally like Trump to like how he’s disrupting certain entrenched and corrupt elements

      The Godfather film series was a parable about Corporatism and I guess that Trump does stand for increased privatization – not surprising, with the incredible corruption of government bodies.

      We’ll see if does more good than harm.

  • Thank you; I am very grateful for the sincerity and the authentic presentation by Thomas Paine. I am inspired by the huge strides that have already been made which I was unaware of.

  • I agree with the gentleman below who said that anytime Trump is portrayed as a “hero” and “champion” of truth, justice and democracy red flags and suspicion meters have to go off.

    Thomas Paine left so much out. He vilifies George Soros for contributing money for leftest causes, but makes no mention of the far right, libertarian extremists the Koch Brothers on their multi-billions they contribute on the right. The Koch Brothers combined wealth is well over 100 billion dollars, dwarfing George Soros, who’s estimated wealth as of December, 2017 is 8 billion.

    Trump is a pathological narcissist who’s an authoritarian attempting to become a dictator. He’s embraced the military/industrial complex, not challenged it; he doesn’t want to clean up the spy agencies, and the DOJ, he just wants to control them for his dictatorial agenda.

    How come Mr. Paine also makes no mention of Trump calling all the Democrats who didn’t applaud for him at his State of the Union speech “traitors”? Clearly a sign of a would be dictator.

    I could go on, but will leave it at that. I’ll leave some comments on Mr. Paine’s YouTube video tomorrow.

  • I started to wake up several years ago to the realization that most of what I have been taught concerning reality, politics, geopolitics, history, patriotism, and religion, is a well orchestrated deception. I feel that I am much more awake and aware of my surroundings than ever before and although I’ve not yet reached a state of perfection when it comes to weeding out the characters who are sincerely seeking truth in all matters from the ones who are engaged in deception in varying degrees, I am getting better at it every day. Over the past sixty odd years I have been deceived by many different teachers, reporters, TV news stories & personalities, politicians, and religious leaders. When I was asleep- under the influence of the accepted “media system”, I did not really question much of anything that we were all supposed to accept as fact (Lee Harvy Oswald was the lone assassin, RFK, MLK, Vietnam, MJ-12 & J V Forrestall, Bushes, Clintons, Reagan, Iran-Contra, Serbia, Gulf Wars, 9-11, Obama, Libya, Iraq, Syria, and on and on it goes) however now I question everything and everyone. I am absolutely opposed to the idea of allowing myself to be deceived by or lied to by anyone, ever again.
    That being said, please allow me to express my sincere respect for the work and research that is displayed on web sites such as yours Alexandra as well as Dr. J P Farrell, Dark Journalist- Daniel Liszt and DC (David Martin). I am convinced that you all are genuinely dedicated to dignified searching and reporting true facts in all matters.
    Now, I am very impressed by the amount of knowledge and experience of this “Thomas Paine” character, and I agree with most of the views that he expresses on restoring our Republic. However, I have arrived at the realization that this corrupt government system is so vast and controlled that NO ONE ever gets to the level of Congress or Judicial or Executive Branch without being a fully vetted participant in said system. I believe this is inclusive of the present occupants of all Federal Offices as well. So I am extremely cautious when I hear this massive amount of credit being given to President Trump for healing all of our nation’s wounds as if he were our Knight in Shining Armor or the rebirth of George Washington, come to restore pure, honest governance for all. I for one am simply not buying it. I may be (and hope that I am) proven wrong about this President and his cheer-leaders such as Mr. Paine, but I sincerely doubt it. I watched the entire video presentation carefully as to not miss any of the multiple accomplishments credited to our new heroic leader, but I came close to turning it off when he made the statement that President Trump had kept Turkey from joining NATO. Really???

    • Thank you, Michael,

      “Thomas” may be avoiding criticism of Trump right now because there are definitely enough other people criticizing him (to say the least) and not enough noting some of the positive things that Trump has done.

      Also, he was speaking extemporaneously and misspoke about Turkey. In the show notes beneath the video post on YouTube, he corrected that, saying of course he knew Turkey was a longtime strategic member of NATO; that he meant to say Belarus and as for saying “1871” numerous times, what he meant was “1781”. I’ve noticed certain idiosyncrasies and maybe a touch of dyslexia in his otherwise impressive off-the-cuff delivery.

    • Would agree with you on Trump, Michael. Don’t know why some alternative media is holding this guy up like some hero. You can see my comment below. I highly recommend the following YouTube video put out by TruthStream Media entitled “Trump’s New World Order”. There’s definitely some psy-op afoot when it comes to Trump. Not too hard to see what the guy is all about, despite a few things he says that may be right. Link here:

      • Speaking personally and I know for some others, as I’ve said, you don’t have to like Trump’s personality or agree with all of his actions to LOVE how he’s disrupting the corrupt, vile Rogue CIA/media complex.

        It’s sort of like “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

        • Well, Trump still acts like many of my enemy, so he doesn’t help much in that department. Shake up at the CIA; not too sure about that, but the media thing, he’s helping get the NWO agenda pushed. Yeah, he talks about fake news and that really got blown out of proportion. Mainstream media was already declining before Trump came on the scene. But, the “fake news” meme got a lot more publicity and is being used to censor alternative narratives to mainstream propaganda, and Trump has really helped that along, even if it is unintentional (which I doubt…what a coincidence). Trump has brought with him a certain amount of chaos, and I believe his handlers had that in mind.

  • Very interesting, but, I have seen some of what Mr. Paine has said, and agree that Trump has kicked the table, and things are falling off it. Hopefully the falling things don’t have safety lines that need to be cut as well. I believe we have seen too much killing in this world, a lot of it by our own government forcing vaccinations on children, adults by the pharmaceutical cartel that has no checks or balances are protected from prosecution by the Fu**ing Dope Association. Then we still have little things like Monsanto Craporation & Bayer that also are killing us off . There is one more little thing to take care of, the poisoning of the Earth we live on with nano-aluminum. Do you know what aluminum does to people? Or the waste product we have added to our water, hydro-static fluoride, witch dumb us down even further then the fake news networks, oh, excuse me, MSM’s dishing out propaganda, and programing. Yes, I hate to say it, but Trump has a lot more to do, he has made headway, but…. At the elections I thought he was the lesser of two evils, now, …. My best to all of us, we will need it for the changes to come that we need.

  • The man whose nick name is Thomas Payne states Trump “won’t allow countries like Turkey and Ukraine to be part of NATO” but Turkey has been part of NATO for a long time, and it’s considered one of its most important members (although the US was part of the attempt to a coup recently against Erdogan its Prime Minister) then he congratulates Donald Trump for “saving the US 5 trillion” by refusing to follow the Paris climate accords, even though the US is the biggest polluter affecting the health of the whole planet. While Trump has done a few good decisions, like ending the TPP which was a terrible accord where all signatory countries were to lose their sovereignty to the corporations, cut off the CFR from power in the US and bring national sovereignty to end the globalization agenda, the fact is he’s a loose cannon twiting away all sorts of unfounded statements taking away any respect left for USA. He forgot to mention the “wall” Trump talks of building between the US and Mexico, has already been built for the most part by other governments since Bill Clinton, (without so much noise) and only some is left to be done in Texas. Paynes’ assertion of “many illegal immigrants leaving the country” is hollow by the fact no credible statistics exist to confirm that. In fact I was in touch recently with some undocumented Guatemalans who are buying their first home in the US, paying away ALL THE TAXES and interest in the bank, just like any other gringo.

    • On the YouTube page where this clip is posted, some errata were acknowledged/corrected: “Please note that Thomas meant to say that Washington DC was founded in 1781 (not 1871–numbers flipped in his head) . And apologies for misspeaking about Turkey and NATO at 45:10. Thomas knows that Turkey became a member of NATO on February 16, 1952. He meant to say that Belarus was not a member of NATO.”

    • That must be correct, since sovereign countries do not have the right to determine who they allow in their country or to remain there. Sovereign nations are not in fact, sovereign. They make laws governing immigration and those laws need to either be repealed lawfully or be enforced. I know numerous illegal felon invaders who were working in the local housing sector who were caught by ICE and deported to Honduras. Numerous people I know worked long and hard to legally immigrate to the United States, including the family of a well known U.S. citizen whose ancestors died in the Holocaust and some barely escaped to Italy where they waited many years to immigrate here.

  • In the beginning words were written: awareness, singularity and consciousness.
    Maybe I missed it, however there is a need for describing of what this is, otherwise this story is just a political strategy in order to stay in controle.
    What is awareness, when not is signalised of what people should become aware of?
    Is it enough to become aware of fake, lies or must there also appear an awareness for truth?
    Singularity is for me a describtion over oneness, moreover in what?
    Consciousness ist for me a state of being, moreover as what?

    The way how it is descrtibed here, it concerns a collective issue.
    What about the individual issue?

  • The deep state is behind all the perversions that we see happening around the world. There’s little doubt that the endless wars witnessed since before WWI have been perpetrated by the cabal of the military-industrial complex which depends on them for their existence. The debt based economies keep the populations of the world enslaved financially through the World Bank, the Federal Reserve and other such entities controlled by a select few. The debacle that takes place in the sky everyday in which chemicals are being dispersed by military , mostly USAF, aircraft is poisoning the biosphere and destroying earth’s ability to support healthy life. Geo-engineering perpetrated to continue fostering a dying fossil fuel industry as well controlling the populace by degrading their ability to rationally think and understand what’s really going on is destroying civilization. Its true that the air is filled with nano sized heavy metal and other chemicals including aerosolized aluminum which is a known neural toxin. Vaccines are also laced with these toxins. Pesticides and herbicides are broadly dispersed as well as Genetically Modified foods. Micro-wave radiation is ubiquitous. All these have led to cancers and other diseases spreading across the planet and inflicting untold suffering and deaths well as a populace that is unable to think for themselves. All major media sources are nothing more than propaganda and distraction outlets. All of this is being coordinated and inflicted on the world’s population by an insane and arrogant cabal of evil players.

  • Any time someone gives Trump a free pass, it’s a red flag for me. I still don’t understand how people think this narcissistic, juvenile, arrogant blowhard is going to be this nation’s savior. I just don’t get it. Yes, he’s said things about vaccines and wanted out of the Paris climate accord (which he says he wouldn’t mind returning to if some of the accord were amended – just says it’s bad for the country economically – doesn’t seem to care about the climate change part of it) and didn’t like the TPP, but what about other aspects that are continuing the same agenda that the NWO desires?

    How about all the Goldman Sachs’ alumni Trump appointed to government positions? Where’s Paine on this? What of the warmongers that Trump has appointed who continue to demonize Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China (amongst others) – threatening war with at least a couple of them? What of Trump’s attack of Syria over the alleged use of gas by the government on its own people (for which there was no evidence of the government’s part in the attack) before there was any investigation (a very NWO move)? What of the arms deals Trump has made with nations such as Saudi Arabia ($350 billion, I believe), which is known to support terrorism and is currently devastating Yemen? What of Trump’s love affair with the apartheid state of Israel, to which his son-in-law, Jared is heavily connected?

    I could go on, but this is just a few off the top of my head. The same agenda is marching forward regardless of who’s in charge, including the current President. Obama wanted to attack Syria over the gassing of the civilian population, but failed to do so. Trump was able to accomplish that goal. Now military leaders are saying that we will be in Syria indefinitely, even though ISIS is all but eradicated there (which was initially the main reason for our presence).

    So, it doesn’t matter what the majority of the people want, those few in high positions call the shots.

    Oh, before I forget, it seems that Paine is unaware of a wikileaks release where there were documents showing that the Hillary camp was working behind the scenes to try and get certain Republican candidates nominated. They included Cruz, Carson and…you guessed it, Trump. They wanted someone they felt Hillary could easily defeat.

    I was really shocked when Hillary lost, although it was becoming more and more a possibility since wikileaks was drowning us in documents showing her true corruption (although Trump made it through virtually unscathed, strange how that works – Trump certainly isn’t squeaky clean). My contention is that “They” decided not to go with Hillary (who seemed to be the chosen, anointed one), and put Trump in position. I ultimately feel that Pence is supposed to take over. I’ve heard it speculated that Pence was the one “They” actually want in that position, but was not readily electable, so he ran as Vice President. Could be why all this pressure is on Trump now, not because he’s anti-NWO or some kind of rebel against the establishment since he’s been doing a number of things to move the NWO agenda along.

    There was a very good video put out by Truthstream Media called “Trump’s New World Order”. It was posted just over a year ago, but makes some very compelling points. Worth the watch.

    New boss same as the old boss regardless of what Paine or some of the so-called alternative press has to say. I just hope Paine is genuinely trying to make a change and is only approaching things from one side (as I agree with some other things he has to say), and not controlled opposition, although I fear it is most likely the latter.

  • There’s so much confusion here, it’s hard where to start.

    First of all, the UN does whatever the US government asks them to, except when there is so much opposition from everyone else, that they simply say some bland ineffectual things instead of rolling over and doing whatever the US government asks them to. Of course the US went into Iraq because the US wanted to. Nobody else was pressuring the US to go into Iraq. Name which other country was screaming and shouting that the US should go into Iraq (apart from Kuwait, whose interest was obvious). Can’t think of any? Because there weren’t any.

    Therefore, it’s idiotic for the US to get out of the UN, except because there is so much resentment in the rest of the world, that it’s getting harder and harder for the US to get the UN to do the resolutions they want. But check what’s happening in Korea. Do the Winter Olympics look to you like South Korea is glad of being defended by the US? Or like they are being bullied into refusing re-unification and possibly restarting the Korean war, against their will and best interests? And if it looks like the second, is the UN doing what the US want, or what South Korea want?

    Yeah, there is a One World Government, and the US government isn’t the victim. It’s the perpetrator.

    Apart from that, the move of letting parents not vaccinate their kids goes along a number of other anti-science moves by Trump. Like the Soviet Union back in the day, a number of people are letting ideology count more than facts in science. Good luck with that. After all, it’s the Floridians that will have to suffer the consequences of not believing in climate change.

    And yeah, Soros gave a bunch to the Democrats, but the whole list of donors was hacked and released to the public, and Soros wasn’t even in the top ten. The top guy on the list was somebody whose name you’ve never heard in your life. He’s a mathematician that, after some stint in the NSA, decided to start his own hedge fund (interesting career moves). The hedge fund was so wildly successful, that he’s got millions to spare. And no, you have never heard of the hedge fund, either. It’s so successful, it only needed a selected handful of investors. I’m not kidding, do your research.

    • Maria, if you think everyday Americans wanted to invade Iraq or want to prevent the reunification of the Koreas, you are sorely mistaken. But you’re not the only one who’s confused. There is much confusion about the gulf that separates the will of the average American and that of the inhuman technocrats in the US Government who orchestrate foreign policy, much of which has been covert for the past 70 years. Who wouldn’t be confused by this setup?

      The gist of what Thomas Paine is saying is that in the 20th century, the US became the host of the Corporatist Transnationalist parasites, who invaded the US government and made America into the oppressive force on the world stage that you describe. America’s military has been used by the Central Bankers to promote their Globalist agenda. This agenda was the opposite of the original American agenda. America became an alien changeling. #MAGA is about returning to the original ideals of individual sovereignty and freedom and their positive ripple effects across all sectors, if it is at all possible for this to be regained.

      It is true that since the mid-20th century, the average American has benefited from the hegemony of the petrodollar, however, the Corporatists exported most of America’s manufacturing base and the US economy has experienced significant decline and possibly faces a crash the likes of which is hard to imagine.

      It appears that America has outlived some or all of its usefulness to the Corporate Banksters and that China will become their new host.

      As for DNC campaign contributions, Paine mentions the 180+ NGOs controlled by Soros and though which he makes his contributions and finances radical organizers like David Brock and Shaun King to name but two. I urge you to take your arguments to Thomas Paine in the comment section beneath his video on YouTube: I paraphrased his statements in this article and he claims to have fact-checked everything he said.

      • I just have come to understand whoever is in power will take there own interests to heart. That is the world we live in today. And things are marked in a course that has many off ramps. But the end game is always the same those at the bottom will stay there maybe 6 feet under. Just my two cents. Not even copper anymore.

      • Sorry, Alexandra, but Trump’s MAGA was and is about MAKING AMERICA WHITE AGAIN and putting even more money and profits into the rich and super rich. His “America First” is really about making America’s plutocrats first in the world. The “Trumpism” agenda leaves out the middle and lower classes.

        I’m surprised you’ve been hoodwinked this long by Trump’s bombastic rhetoric.

        • Michael,

          Your first statement was heavily biased but it contained a reasonable level of substantiation which gave your position a respectable foundation albeit a narrow minded one.

          You have lost all merit with your race-baiting in the comment above . Stick to the facts and evidence and stop using cheap pr tactics to appeal to one’s emotion as opposed to their rational faculties.

          I find your closing sentence rather ironic.

      • So they are nationless? Of course because they think in terms of global control. They operate through nations that are useful to them. And use propaganda and terrorism to obscure what they’re doing. So..trump’s actions have been disruptive to these occupiers? Ok I gettit now. But he must be supported by some equal power otherwise he wouldn’t be able to do this.

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