Mouthy Buddha is back with an inner dialogue about state authoritarianism vs. permissiveness, spurred by a podcast with the young Far-Right publisher, Greg Johnson, Editor-in-Chief of Counter-Currents Publishing and North American New Right. (Kids today!)

Johnson is of the opinion that the state should ban all manner of intoxicants and p0rn, etc. for the greater good of humanity, which gets Mouthy ruminating with his incredible audiovisual flare on the obesity epidemic, the rise of drunk driving fatalities, liver disease, heroin overdoses, diabetes and the epidemic of p0rnography dependence…

Johnson says that legally permitting such behaviors is bad for society because it enables individuals to make life-altering mistakes that they would otherwise be prevented from making; that permissiveness leads to degeneracy, because humans, left to their own devices are irrational, prone to bad habits, prone to obesity, to hedonistic drug use or drug addiction and a host of other negative behaviors that not only harm individuals but harm society at large.

With a surprising anecdote, Mouthy shares his belief in redemption through overcoming tribulation – and a surprising unfamiliarity with recent breakthroughs in addiction science, considering his personal story.

Mouthy reveals that he is a recovering drug addict who has now been sober for 18 months. He lives in Texas, where street drugs are illegal. This deterrent put him in jail seven times. He’s been arrested for multiple possessions of narcotics, resisting arrest, DUI and public intoxication.

Since he was 17, he’s tried six times with the help of six different treatment centers to get sober.

For the most part, all the drugs he did were conveniently and legally prescribed to him by a psychiatrist who gave him whatever he wanted, which was Xanax, Soma and Adderall. When his prescriptions ran out, he would easily find them on the street, which is how he got into trouble with the law.

Time and again, the deterrence from the State of Texas did nothing to prevent him from buying drugs on the street, despite the horrifying prospect of withdrawing from Xanax in an 8’x8′ windowless jail cell with no mattress and just one steel bench next to a toilet, the visuals of which are thoroughly dreadful.

In every relapse, he lost his job, he lost the trust of his beloved family, he pawned off his most prized possessions until he was out of drugs and money and was totally screwed.

Still, Mouthy would like to ask Johnson if it might not be more rewarding or even “spiritual” to be given the opportunity to fail, so that the opportunity to succeed can occur by one’s own volition? He wonders if we remove addictive things from society, do we also remove the spiritual growth afforded when we choose not to use? Mouthy wonders whether authoritarian societies that remove such choices may create weaker people, even if many will simply obtain banned items through black markets. This is as true of buying Fentanyl in the US as it is of buying alcohol in Iran (where, ironically, it is much easier to buy a pound of opioids than brand alcohol).

Ultimately, he says, banning behaviors does not ban the desire to do those things and that we each have to come to grips with our lower nature in our own way.

“The vices that are around us are a symptom of a much bigger problem we need to address as humans. The need to escape is the issue, not the items we use to escape. It’s my job to develop a life I don’t need to escape from. That can be very hard but it’s possible…Give me temptation, served up on a silver platter and give me the right to say ‘No.'”

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  • Statists themselves create helpless zombies in endless ways,
    through water fluoridation, dumbing down (deliberately idiotic tv, government lies, social engineering, etc), vaccination, protecting irresponsibility (f.e. in the EU we have a “headless day” where people should be allowed to behave mindlessly in traffic), treatment is law and healing modalities largely suppresssed, poisoning air water and food, creating a machine world that makes people dysfunctional mentally and physically. The burocrats that prescribe other poeples lives have no clue what life is, what it needs and how to unlock the potential of joy and physical mental and spiritual health. I could write 15 pages about how statists destroy people.

    Then they turn around and say oh all those helpless zombies all around. Oh how come, we need more statism. If your remedy doesn´t work double up on it.

    In the old days there were extremely few bumbling zombies. You had to get your shit together, and it largely worked.

    The right to be an idiot does not exist in the universe. If you cry for the state to be your mommy you invite Stalin, Mao Tze Tung, a mad scientist and a spooky psychiatrist to destroy you. When has it ever been otherwise?

    You can´t “make” health and happiness for others or administrate it from the outside. It is an inside out process.

    Alcoholism and pill dependency is a sign that our world is sick. People can´t take it anymore. It shows that we as a society are ignorant and defiant about the true universal laws of life. People need to heal. If you ban the symptoms you get more dysfunction.

  • In a nutshell, its a statist belief vs libertarian belief (classical liberalism).

    The statist believes in the big hand of government to alter behavior and enforce the ever expanding universe of laws based on offenses, perceived offenses and the politics of the age.

    The libertarian believes that personal liberty doesn’t come from government but rather from the creator (however an individual wants to define that…) Further, he/she/it believes that since government isn’t the giver of liberty, that this same government cannot take it away.

    The libertarian argument has been around since before the Magna Carta and can be found in the writings of rational philosophers like Immanuel Kant. The age of “enlightenment” that these philosophers cam from, gave birth to the Magna Carta, the liberalizing of European monarchies, the French Revolution and the American Revolution.

    Sadly, the age of statism has taken on many faces through the ages and is still dominant today.

    Some of those faces include communism, socialism, fascism, dictatorships and the like.

    Also sadly, the age of enlightenment has past and few have patience of understanding of libertarian principles due to the myth of the terror war, the need to “protect” one’s citizens from such terrorists, etc.

    Governments have decided that we can’t have an electronic age of connected networks, readily available information on all subjects (like how to make a bom_b) etc and keep things as free as they once were.

    They have, therefore, created wars on groups of people (terrorists) via the use of false flags, lies, deceptions and exaggerations. These people are generally reacting to our presence in their countries (180 total) around the world.

    Our statist regime not only wants to control its own people, but the governments and people around the globe as well. They will ultimately fail as all others throughout history have done as well.

    Interesting topic but it is fantasy and dangerous delusion to think that you are a free person today living in the US or any other country.

  • State-man is looking for daddy. Buddha-man is looking for spiritual growth. One is the wisdom of experience as best teacher and the other is a weak nature looking for authority to TELL AND ENFORCE.
    Obviously, the latter is lacking in the strength of inner knowing, not trusting that ‘inner voice’. My take is that he, State-man, has not cultivated an introspective validity, THAT is the lack in most human beings, and particularly authoritarians.

  • I can’t believe people are having this argument.
    Do we give people the choice to murder other people so that some can feel more spiritually evolved by not murdering anyone? No, we don’t actually give people the choice. We tell them in no uncertain terms that it isn’t allowed and the police will fall like a ton of bricks on them if they ever did it.
    The same applies to any other behavior. The question is: does it cause enough harm to society, that it’s worth restricting it? That’s the only question. Nobody is ever given freedom to freely cause serious harm. And I’m sure there’s an argument that terribly evolved people could exist if they were just given the chance to destroy the planet, and refused it. But that experiment probably will never be allowed, for good reason.
    If you think drugs don’t cause enough harm to justify restricting them, that’s a valid position. But a position based on the idea that people must be given the choice to badly screw up simply doesn’t hold water.

    • I agree that Mouthy is young and immature and despite his 7 somewhat severe personal brushes with the law, doesn’t appear to understand the ideal function of US Law and conflates it with religious beliefs, although these do form some of the foundation of the former. The piece sets out to be about the state but it’s really about his spiritual journey.

      • A spiritual journey base also on a law.
        Moreover, what is the law of spirituality?
        Is this law the same as spiritual evolution?

  • Mouthy Buddha (MB) put it on the line quite succinctly. Apparently, his personal experiences have honed a razor’s edge for decoding the bigger picture and making it easy to cut to the core. For MB his negative life experiences allowed him to choose a positive life experience.
    FREE WILL=CHOICE. The points in MB’s response to Hail-the-State guy I, too, thought. The Earth is a polarity environment. It appears it’s meant to be so. Personal growth in humans occurs through conflict–from what we push against. Nothing to push against? Then, no forward movement, no change–positive or negative. Spiritually, we stand still.

    And for the record I don’t like it, either. Yet, here I am ready to make choices.

    • Yes, free will = choice.
      However is it a free choice?

      The conditions in our DNA is the base of our choice and there is a base which is beyond the DNA.
      Sensing happens by the DNA presenting waves of emotions, which are spiritual as well material. Here eternal survival with reincarnations happen.
      Feeling happens by the spirit of oneness, which is not material.
      Here eternal life is present without reincarnation.
      The question is, how is it possible to transform emotional waves into spiritual lines.
      Or……..how to become godly.

  • Any addiction, besides love, base on business.
    When there is an attempt to buy love, love will fail.
    Still there is money involved, moreover as an investment into love.
    When marriage is a business, the partners and the children are parts of business.
    The question now is how to come out of this business or to be freed from such a business.

    At first, there is a need to discover, there is no freedom inside the entire universe.
    Everything is related in a special way and general. Now it is possible to be attached to the right issue.

    The right of saying no and yes, cannot be given by some one else. This right is present as wisdom INSIDE any spiritual being, as plants, animals and humans. It is the inner individual voice of any spiritual being.

    However, this inner voice can be overruled by education, which starts by the conception of a new spiritual being.
    Only when the elder ones allow it that the younger ones can make little mistakes, it is possible to come out of the known addictions.
    The problem is that addictive behaviours out of previous lives hinder a choice.
    Since ever, cultures have been fighting each other, which still go on because of a robot kind of automatism. Here I state that pain attracts pain because of the impact of death. Any pain creates an addiction! See how the doctors are depending on patients, where they fight the pains and create even more and more pains.
    There is an alternative by love and intimacy.

  • Irrational and decadent!

    I believe that I can self actualize by running red lights and that I have the right to choose which side of the road I want to drive on – see how far that gets ya!


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