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    This Dutch YouTuber did an amazing job of rescuing a tiny egg from a destroyed nest, incubating, hatching and feeding what turned out to be a tiny Eurasian wren.

    Although small and frail, this wren is celebrated as the “King of all Birds” from Japan to Germany and in fables from Aesop to the Brothers Grimm.

    In the helpless fragility of the wren, we see the preciousness and the majesty of life.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Nice story and video.

      Unfortunately, when people intercede like this the birds usually don’t make it due to the fact that it has no skills in the wild since “mommy” was a human who could not teach it what it needed to know.

      The best thing to do in these situations is to call a bird rehabber to come and take the bird or nest eggs away to help the birds. They are experts who know what to feed it, how to make sure the bird is not :imprinted” by humans and how to set it free.

      If there’s no rehabber its simply best to let nature take its course. The intentions are great to want to help, rescue, etc but the reality doesn’t change. It hardly ever works unless handled by professionals.

    • It is really amazing how this beautiful process is total similar to my work with human souls.
      I regard all souls inside the entire humanity as hungry soul for love.
      Moreover, personality or a person nourishes themselves instead of love by addictions, where the human soul stays hungry.
      This hunger can be silenced by the forgotten love, which is stored inside the brain. By attracting these holographic images, the soul comes alive again.
      The most frightening here is that there are only very less human beings, which recognise how hungry they are after their souls. They are asleep, which sleepy process mostly starts after their 27th. birthday. That is why so-called movie stars die at their age of 27 years.
      Here dementia already starts its influence.
      By the way: I am born Dutch also.

      Yes nourishing one self by love is amazing.

    • Hi Alexandra The wren is indeed the king of the birds! Hidden within his name in Welsh, is the key to the druid belief system.
      Drwy is wren. Wydd is knowledge e.g. Y wyddor is the alphabet. Drws is door and Drew is Oak.
      “The wren, the wren the king of the birds! on St Stephens day he’s caught in the furze. Although he’s little, his fame is great!
      Open your door and give us a drink.”
      Here we have the king with his feet on the grass who wants to be initiated by the druids knocking on a wooden door (knock on oak) asking to be given the elixir of knowledge. One of the ingredients was a fungus scraped off a mistletoe berry by a druid standing on a bull’s back, cut by a sickle in the light of the full moon. Thus the gift of the muse, Arianrhod, “silver disc’ I.e. moon, was given to inititiates who became bards or harpists. ” The Silver Branch”. Love your work, best wishes from an Aussie born in Wales of mixed heritage! Ceri McCoy
      Ps I speak Welsh

    • That was the best video I’ve watched that shows the man’s love and patience to bring an abandoned egg to life; nurture it and set it free. I just wish we were all like him.

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