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    Mouthy Buddha is back! He brings us a cannily-cobbled clip about the current period of intense novelty that we’ve been living which, as he points out is not just brimming with the unexpected – but with an abundance of unexpected good news.

    It’s all about escaping our mental prisons and about the impossible being possible…not the least of which is UFO disclosure.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • Not my choice of expression, but I get it.

      If anyone thinks this is about politics they are missing the point, it’s about reality, what is it?

    • you’ve got to be kidding me…Trump is not a savior, voting here in America is a joke, it’s non-existent. People who continue to believe in the old school paradigm have not seen the full depth of continuous wars and suffering around us, the continuous massacres world wide created by wars. TV personalities waking up? Then start to speak out against the congressional military industrial complex! Many will never speak out because they will never be heard again on the corporate media! Their trapped in their own narcissism, greed, and phony intellectual masturbation. Speak out against these wars West and you will have my attention.

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