We have investigative journalist Wayne Madsen to thank for checking the facts on the most well-known of “fact-checking” websites and confirming what many had suspected for years since the 1995 founding of Snopes.com. According to Madsen, Snopes was formed by the Central Intelligence Agency for the express purpose of stifling subversive outlets and spreading disinformation and propaganda on the Internet. Until 2013, the CIA had to do this on the down-low because propaganda wasn’t legal yet.

We have Barack Obama to thank for legalizing propaganda and psychological operations aimed at influencing US public opinion, when he passed an amendment to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 in his NDAA for fiscal year 2013. This now allows the State Department (i.e., the CIA) to go beyond manipulating mainstream media outlets and directly disseminating campaigns of misinformation to the US public, such as the Mueller Investigation.

(What we might not have counted on was how incredibly sleazy these people are who the CIA digs up to work for them).

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  • Video is (1) an attack on reputation of staff not an attack on the quality of their ability to fact check., (2) An implication that charges during a divorce are accurate, (3) Making money for work taints a person’s reliability. Nothing actually challenges the reliability of the site’s reporting.

    The implication that the site is controlled by the CIA isn’t fully discussed and must be considered hearsay.

  • “We have Barack Obama to thank for legalizing propaganda and psychological operations aimed at influencing US public opinion, when he passed an amendment to the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 in his NDAA for fiscal year 2013. ”

    Not so fast, Alexandra. That bill, HR 5181 was sponsored by a GOP and a democrat congressman, received enough GOP votes with their majority in the house, to pass. The Senate alternative S2692, was authored by GOP Senator Rob Portman.


    Obama signed it. So, it’s Obama’s fault? Guess again.

    There are a treasure trove of snakes in both houses, as well as the white house.

    • Alexandra, the fact of the matter is that Obama DID sign it. He didn’t have to. No one was twisting his arm. If he felt propaganda was fundamentally improper, if he was morally outraged at the thought of it he could have passed on it. He didn’t. He is not now, nor was he in the past, a moral compass.

  • Here’s the deal. I was a lifelong Democrat until my published anti-Hillary statements got me completely defunded by Google AdSense from one month to the next in early 2015, without any warning and without any recourse. The entire Internet has been algorithmically pitted against my publication ever since.

    At the time, I didn’t make the connection to Hillary and the incipient Presidential campaign but it’s now come out that Silicon Valley and the US & UK intelligence agencies actively rigged the Internet to get Hillary elected except that she was such a hideous candidate that nothing could have worked.

    I don’t know if you can imagine something that spooky happening to you; where your very successful business is silently destroyed overnight in a very sneaky, subversive way and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. It’s a detestable, deceitful way to operate.

    I am a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal – or I thought I was, until I realized that “my people” are intolerant, non-free-thinking Fascists. I will never be a Republican (let alone “Alt Right”) but I will also never be a Democrat again, after having experienced firsthand what complete mind controlled elitist lunatics they’ve become. They are everything they rail against. They exemplify the psychological concept of projection.

    When I see what’s happening with Trump, I identify with him. The same people going after him are the same people who took me out. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. To try to compare the sleazy goings-on of Trump and his gross hookers and NYC construction mafiosi with the people who perpetrated and covered up 9/11, who have killed over a million people in the Middle East in the past 16 years is apples and oranges. Maybe one day you’ll wake up from your brainwashing.

    • You haven’t experienced anything that people speaking out against the Iraq War haven’t. I was targeted by the IRS, for supporting Ron Paul in 2007. Lois Lerner went after us, ALL of us.

      This has been going on for 16 years, not 2.

      The intelligence agencies don’t favor either Democrats or Republicans – they favor themselves, and the candidates that they ALLOW to rise to power are either compromised (like Dennis Hastert) or purchased – but mostly they are compromised.

      Want to know why we’re in all these stupid wars? Ask the CIA – they’re the ones that have kept us there. Politicians are nothing but meat puppet dummies with the Intelligence agencies flapping their lips by sticking their hands up their rectum, making their lips move.

    • I had a ecommerce business taken down the same night that I sent an email to Rush Limbaugh, which I know for a fact came as a result of an DDOS attack with N S A / C I A type fingerprints. According to the CPanel stats, it came from Russia. Just sayin.

      The bastards had been injecting code into the server for weeks and they finally got one site infected. Within a week the whole thing went down.

      The same night that I sent the email (which outlined how Romney could beat Obama), my hard disk crashed on my company PC.

      The database files that I could recover were fine. But my SEO/ blogging history and my ranking in google. ALL GONE.

      You are not alone. They are and were, DIRTY.

    • I’m sorry about you losing most of your income when Google got you “defunded” from month to month back in 2015. I question whether it had anything to do with your anti-Hillary statements. Many people have had their income from Google suddenly cut-off over the years, long before the campaign for the 2016 campaign for President even began.

      I recall gripes about Google on a regular basis going back to 2009 when I first got on the internet on a regular basis.

      I was trying to make a decent income myself from the internet from 2009 to 2012 and almost got involved with Google. But, I kept getting marketing emails from various people complaining of being cut-off overnight from Google with no notice. Some were from sudden rule changes and others for reasons they couldn’t get an answer for. Getting wind of this, I stayed away from trying to establish an income stream with anything Google was involved with. Again, this was years before Trump and Hillary had announced their candidacies.

      Advice from the marketing gurus back and probably now(I’m no longer into internet marketing) is to develop multiple streams of income, so when one dries up for whatever reason, you’ve got others to fall back on.

      I agree that the official story of 9/11 is inadequate, but there are so many different theories that who knows which one is correct. I know you think you know who was behind it, but I say the jury is still out on that one.

      I’m no fan of the Bushes. I’m hot and cold about the Clintons. but they’re out of politics now and are keeping a low profile. I’m doubtful there is a “Bush/Clinton Cabal” behind 9/11 and all the evil in the world.

      I followed the 2016 election on the internet rather closely, as I don’t have cable TV. I saw plenty of anti-Hillary ads, videos, statements, blogs and so forth. I detected no censorship toward her or Trump. Why should the “Bush/Clinton Cabal” and the Democratic Party go after you? No insult meant, but you’re not exactly a major player on the political scene. As unfair as it might have been, I’m doubtful that your trouble with Google had anything to do with your anti-Hillary stance. There was plenty of anti-Hillary videos on YouTube back then and there still are.

      The Democratic Party is not perfect, for sure. They don’t always live up to their ideals, but there are more good people in it than bad apples. Can’t say that about the Republicans. The good, ethical people in the Republican Party are quickly leaving. True, Hillary wasn’t a perfect candidate. She had some troublesome baggage, but so did Trump and even more so. I disagree with your characterization of the Democratic Party, it woulds more like the present far right Republican Party.

      I didn’t mean to say that you advocate everything on the “Alt-Right,” but you do put forward some of their agenda.

      I realize that nothing I’ve said will change your mind. Hopefully, as events unfold, you’re become aware of the true menace that Trump presents.

  • I’ve never dealt with Snopes and don’t plan to, so I don’t care if they’re CIA are not. I don’t think that many people have an opinion on them or inter-act with them.

    But, to jump from Snopes to the Mueller investigation is specious. In fact, probably the most honest thing going on in Washington D.C. right now is the Mueller investigation. No leaks, no retorts or rebuts coming from them, just quietly and persistently moving ahead with their investigation. Leaving no stone unturned and coming up with hard data.

    From Trump and his lawyers and allies in congress and the press it’s nothing but attacks on Mueller and his team. Now we have Trump ordering counter investigations. All smokescreen propaganda tactics to take the attention off what Mueller could be finding out. If Trump were innocent, he’d be quiet about it, go about his Presidential duties and wait for the final report to come out. He’s deeply worried his corrupt secrets will be exposed, it would seem.

    A sitting President can’t be indicted, so even if Mueller comes up with hard evidence of Trump’s corruption, it’s doubtful he’ll be impeached in the house and convicted in the senate. At best, the Democrats will only take back one branch this November in congress. The Republicans have lost all their ethical and moral backbones, so they’ll never get rid of Trump. So all you Trumpers out there can rest easy, he probably won’t be legally forced to leave office.

    It’s sad about this Forbidden Knowledge site and email. It started out trying to be fair minded, but seems to have ended up as of late just being a mouth organ for Trump and the party line of the Alt-Right.

    • That’s your perspective on Mueller? Oh please. Talk about brainwashing, or more likely you’re simply trolling. According to Susan Lindauer, as I understand her, Mueller is well know in the intelligence community and probably much more widely as neutering or fixing every investigation he is involved in for decades. That’s his purpose –and forte, you might say. Look how effectively he investigated and solved 9/11 as FBI director. Do some research and you’ll probably be able to provide your own examples easily.

      • Michael A W: I also suggest checking out Bonnie Faulkner’s recent interview w/ Dr. Jerome Corsi for some insight into Mueller and his “investigation”of the Trump/Russian collusion. Mueller once again appears to be a doing a job on behalf of “the deep state”.

        • Michael AW: Or check out Sharyl Attkisson’s report about the questionable fairness of the Mueller Investigation that you’re calling “the most honest thing going on Washington DC” – that is, if Mueller has publicly announced that he seeks to promote the impeachment or resignation of a duly elected president and more importantly, to deflect attention away from the arch criminals of our time, the Bush-Clinton cabal. Attkisson is by no means a member of the “Alt Right”, a pejorative with which you wrongly smeared me: https://sharylattkisson.com/2018/05/20/collusion-against-trump-timeline/. Do you realize that you are on the side of the people behind 9/11? Yes, that is what the Liberals have become: hideous toadies of the establishment.

          • Alexandra, I’ll get around to that when I can in my busy daily time schedule. But, it looks like it’s just another Trump toadie going along with, or part of, the Trump/Giuliani strategy of try to delegitimize the Mueller investigation and attack Mueller personally.

            I clarified earlier that I didn’t mean you promote all of the “Alt-Right” agenda, certainly not the racist part, but adhere to some of it. I apologize for the inference.

            I’m not on the side of the people behind 9/11, whoever they are. You’re convinced it’s a Bush/Clinton Cabal. I’m not so sure, but am convinced it goes way beyond them, even if they do have a “Cabal.” There are powers way beyond them. I don’t see Trump calling for re-opening the 9/11 inquiry.

            The Intelligence agencies and the DOJ and FBI are multi-layered and heavily compartmentalized. Plus rogue groups in all of them. One compartment or rogue group can be up to nefarious things, while all the other compartments are going about their legal duties and know nothing about what other compartments, legal or illegal, are doing.

            I think you’re turning a blind eye to the real damage that “Trumpism” is going to do to this country alone. One among examples is the deregulation of environmental protections. Unless stopped, clean air and water will be a thing of the past.

            I live in Los Angeles and Trump and Pruitt want to eliminate California’s tough car emission standards, which has brought relatively clean air to L.A. and other metropolitan areas. And you’re asking me to come over and become a Trump supporter?!!

            “Trumpism” is just the old, discredited notion of “tickle down.” Problem is, empirical evidence shows that only the rich and super rich really benefit and very little “trickles down.”

            I can see very little, if anything, of lasting value in Trump’s agenda to the majority of Americans and to humanity. I think him and his allies are slowly marching us into a total corporate fascist state. We’re already partly there now.

        • It seems one can’t offer any criticism any more in comments sections without being accused of being a “troll” or “brainwashed.”

          You say Mueller has alternative motives, but how do I know these people you site aren’t just bought and paid for Trump surrogates? For all anyone knows, they could be making things up about Mueller. If they had hardcore evidence, Trump’s legal team would be throwing it out on MSM for all to see and read.

          After all, that’s the latest strategy of his legal team, in’t it?.Try to undermine the Russia collusion investigation and undermine Mueller and his team. So far, Giuliani and Trump have only been hollering rhetoric with no evidence.

          For your information, it is against federal law to elicit or accept help from any foreign government, friendly or unfriendly, in a Presidential election.

          In June of 2015 in Trump Tower, Don Jr. and Jared Kushner met with the lady Russian Lawyer and others in the hopes of getting dirt on Hillary Clinton. In spite of Don Jr. and Kushner changing their stories about the meeting, that’s a hard one to get around.

          Recently, it’s come out that Don Jr. met with two rich Saudi Princes and an Israeli expert on social media manipulation during the campaign. The Saudi Princes and the Israeli were offering help in getting Trump elected. Looks illegal to me.

          I suppose that the hardcore Trump supporters will say it’s all “fake news” and never happened.

          We’ll see what Mueller and his team come up with and the evidence they have to back it up. That will be very interesting.

  • Been saying this for years. While some of their hacking alerts are ok, their ‘facts’ are NOT checked, and it’s especially disinfo re: the Cabal & 9/11, Sandy Hoax, Parklaugh, etc.,, bad data on UFOs and anything covert.


  • Back when Snopes was new I used them until it became apparent, they weren’t about fact checking, they were about a propaganda agenda.

    Further back when the D of C was ballyhooing the agency to counter the KGB, I said you can’t defeat you enemy be becoming like them, hence your own enemy. It came true!

    The national secret police nightmare came true!

    Former director Brennan is now running around threatening everyone who isn’t on board with the coup to overthrow our duly elected president.

  • I don’t use SNOPES, it’s garbage! I didn’t see the link to CIA, unless all garbage comes from the CIA…that must be it!

    • Hear here…the seeeyeayy connection evaporated into a Snopes fact check. Howz that work?
      Click bait maybe…


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