The history of the Ainu people of Northern Japan has been shrouded in mystery and the subject of much speculation over the centuries. Because the Ainu have light skin, abundant wavy head hair, thick beards, body hair and an eye shape typical of Europeans, many early investigators proposed a Caucasian ancestry for the Ainu.

This thinking likely contributed a local legend that Jesus Christ had escaped the Crucifixion and fled across Siberia to northern Honshu Island, where some Ainu still live today. Some claim that Christ was buried in the village of Shingo, where the Tomb of Jesus is an international tourist attraction and the Sawaguchi family claim to be his descendants!

Recent findings in the human genome, however have revealed no genetic similarity to modern Europeans and a very different and surprising origin for the Ainu. It’s been found that that the Ainu belong mainly to Y-haplogroup D1b, as did the people of Japan’s ancient Jomon culture, unlike their neighbors. The only other places where Y-haplogroup D is common are Tibet and in the Indian Territory of the Andaman Islands off the coast of Myanmar (Burma), where D has the highest frequency.

The Andamanese, themselves have been called the most enigmatic people on Earth. They are small-statured, dark-skinned hunter gatherers who resemble Paleoafrican pygmies. Forensic biology suggests that these genetically isolated members of Y-haplogroup D are descended from the first humans to migrate outside of Africa.

Y-DNA tells but a small part of the story because it is only passed from father to son. Geneticist, Luigi Cavalli-Sforza places the full picture of the Ainu’s autosomal DNA in the “Northeast and East Asian” genetic cluster.

Modern Japanese people are a mix of the aboriginal Ainu with the Yayoi people who began migrating from the Asian mainland in 1000 BC. These men carried mostly Y-haplogroup O, which is the most common throughout East Asia.

This video does a great job of illustrating these truly fascinating findings!

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  • ABSOLUTE & TOTAL Bull-chit!…I already SAW a video about the AINU, and the earliest Japanese People (Like the Chinese) were BLACK race people…THEY ARE STILL THERE NOW IN REMOTE AREAS in Japan.
    The Japanese don’t bring the matter up because “Whitey’s” influence over them…Here is one subject they won’t shed light on too, about BUDDHISUM !
    ALL Ancient Asian race were BLACK people!
    They Had to have MELANIN to even survive here at first!

    • This video about accepted scientific findings mainly agrees with you: Y-haplogroup D, which is carried by the Ainu people belongs to a very early migration out of Africa.

      Isolated populations carrying D Y-DNA, like the Andaman Islanders tend to be dark-skinned, i.e. “black”.

      The Ainu, like most Asians can get quite brown in the Sun but they are less pigmented and with age, they become more depigmented than their Chinese and Korean neighbors. It is thought the Ainu (or their ancestors) lost their dark pigmentation while living in the northernmost latitudes of Japan and the Kuril Islands off the Siberian coast.

      • Its becoming More Obvious that You are “Slanted” toward the “Political/Religious” System that controls this planet and NOT the TRUTH.
        I used to Follow a LOT of the “MAN-Kind” version of what is called “HIS-Story” until I started researching OUR-Story about the ORIGINAL “Seeded BE-ings” first placed on “Mother Earth”.
        I was a so-called “Christian Minister” until I discovered the REAL Origins of ALL “Religion & government”, for over 48 years.
        Then I was “Awaken” to WHO I AM…and I LOVE EVERY MINUTE OF IT.
        God/Female/Male Beings are SPIRITUAL Beings, NOT CONNECTED TO THIS SLAVE SYSTEM.
        I have researched EXTENSIVELY the “Divine Element ” MELANIN and Know what IS and WHY some folks have difficulty “Sustaining It”…AND ITS NOT GOOD For them.
        Plus…There are TWO forms of Melanin.

    • Yupp.. Seen that.. Plato, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Cesar, Augustus were Black Africans ?? So were Beethoven, Mozart, Shakespeare, Newton, Galileo, except Einstein ??
      Yea , we were once all blacks & stupid ??

  • I too have been fascinated by the Ainu, at one point I saw an article linking them to our Canadian indigenous arctic peoples.

    • Yes, the patterns on Ainu clothing remind me of those of the Tlingit of the Pacific Northwest ( Tlingit Y-DNA is 85% Q and 15% C, which are the two most common Y-haplogroups of Central Asia, Siberia and the Americas (prior to European colonization).

      Y-DNA C is most frequent in Northeastern Siberian groups as well as with the Na-Dené-speaking Amerindians (like the Tlingit and Athbaskans), whose languages are thought to be related to the Central Siberian Yeneiseian languages (

      The mutation that defines haplogroup C developed 50k years ago and is believed to have developed in the Indian Subcontinent.

      The mutation that defines haplogroup Q developed 15-20k years ago around the Altai Mountains in Central Siberia. Carriers of Q migrated to the Americas before the more ancient Athabaskans-related Siberian lineages carrying haplogroup-C.

  • this video still rests on the “out of Africa 60,000 years ago which is now being questioned as it doesn’t fit in with much earlier finds of homo Sapiens in China, Australia and the Americas. It also doesn’t mention Denisovans whose DNA is found especially in Tibetans, South East Asians, Australians and in the Americas.

  • In the Philippines, there’s a “Negrito” Village, comprised of people who look exactly like Pygmies, from all the photos and videos I’ve seen of Pygmies. (I know they don’t like being termed “Pygmies” but I don’t know what they prefer). The Negritos are experts with blow darts, shooting poison darts, and they aided Gen. McArther in WWII, acting as snipers with deadly accuracy. (All this is an aside; only the 1st sentence is relevant).

    With all this DNA testing going on, I’m curious as to why no one has come up with information detailing ET involvement, because it surely exists.

    • Yes, there are aboriginal groups living in the central highlands of many of the Malaysian and Indonesian islands, not all of which are small-statured. Such ancient groups exist in India, as well. The genetic kinship between Mbuti pygmies from the Central African forest and the Negritos of SE Asia is very distant, however – the *most* distant within the human race, according to some scientists. In general, Amerindians are the “Out of Africa” group most distant from the Paleoafricans.

      JT mentioned y-haplogroup Q, which is dominant in Native Americans. It originated in Central Siberia. There is actually a small pocket of this Y-DNA in southern Scandinavia. It descends from the Asian North Eurasian (ANE) ancient lineage, which contributed to Central Asians, Native Americans, Europeans, South Asians and to a minor degree to East Asians. This ancient DNA, aka “Steppe lineage” was brought to Western Europe during the Bronze Age (c. 4500 BC) through descendants of the Yamnaya peoples with y-haplogroup R1b. It is the dominant Y-haplogroup of W. Europe and is most concentrated in Ireland and Scotland.


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