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I am a huge Mindy Robinson fan. She is the producer of the best video on the Las Vegas Shooting that I’ve ever seen, ‘Route 91: Uncovering the Cover-Up of the Las Vegas Shooting’ and she also ran for US Congress in Nevada’s 3rd congressional district in 2020. Mindy is a fighter, just like her longtime partner, UFC Hall of Famer, Randy Couture and this is her latest video.


by Mindy Robinson

If you think what the government just did with the covid jab was bad…wait till I tell you how scientists using animals as vectors to manufacture vaccines have created multiple new human diseases and cancers throughout the years.

Just months before AIDS broke out in New York City, they were testing a new hepatitis B vaccine targeted specifically toward gay men in Manhattan. Within months, purple lesions began appearing on their skin…and yet the hepatitis vaccine experiments continued on anyway with gay men in San Francisco, Los Angeles and unbelievably on children in South Africa…every future hot spot for the AIDS epidemic.

There was also Anthrax vaccine-related Gulf War Syndrome which the military swept under the rug because they were using our service members as Guinea pigs, and Simian Virus 40 a soft cell viral cancer that had only existed in primates until they contaminated a 1/3 of the polio vaccine supply, when the monkey they used to make it with was unknowingly carrying the viral cancer.

Before you or anyone you love takes another vaccine…watch this video, and decide for yourself if profit margins, corrupt federal agencies, fake science, and Big Pharma have corrupted our entire healthcare industry.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • It takes a village full of idiots to keep the vaccine shitshow going. Every media channel Kool-Aid drinking Pfizer funded partner in crime singing along with the mandatory poisoning mandates pushes official .gov misinformation . RFK can barely open his mouth in public without having to apologize for trying to save lives from the death cult DS organized pharma mafia. The souls of all those vaxxed dead peeps piling up must be screaming at the top of their lungs to wake up the zombie sleepwalkers before it’s too late ,GOD knows they won’t listen to us, I know I married one.

  • Really excellent. I’ll be sharing this around. It’s reaching the point where the only way to remain ignorant is to insist upon it. Covid did a great job of exposing the religion of of Scientism. Let’s hope that videos like this will lead to its collapse.

  • There is a group of people who understand the suggestibility of the human mind, have understood how to use it to advance their agenda of dominion for a very long time.

    They operate out in the open, only their identity is obscured so that they may cause others to pass laws to protect them by creating artificial boogey men! Are you listening?

    Their objective is to rule the world by subverting and subduing those who don’t belong to their group.

    Understanding how advertising works on the human mind is the first step in awakening out of the false reality that is created by this group of sociopaths who’ve been raised to believe that they are the bloodline “elect”, born to rule the world.

    One of their prized wedges is thus: “sex sells”! It sells because humans are naturally sexual and when excited, they tend to lose good judgment in the excitement. Once the seed of imaginary reality has been sown in the minds of their victims, the victims will oblige the sellers by building their own personal imaginary reality resulting from following the sellers suggestions.

    With time and repetition, this false reality becomes the new reality.

    All of this takes place out in the open. It’s no secret.

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*** Medical Emergency Kit *** Use Promo Code “KNOW” for 10% Off!


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