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    This is Robert F Kennedy Jr’s powerful speech given on March 5, 2023 at Hillsdale College during a seminar on “Big Pharma”.

    Kennedy is the founder of Riverkeepers, Children’s Health Defense and the author of the best-selling book, ‘The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health’ and he will soon be announcing his candidacy for President in the 2024 race.

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    • Don’t be fulled by wolves in sheep’s clothing. I think RFKjr is one. And works for one or several of them.
      Alison McDowell has a point when speaking about ‘weaponizing the narratives’ on her blog.:

      “What the CHD alt-media juggernaut seems to be crafting is a heroic storyline that will invite frightened people in and make them feel safe, like someone they trust is in charge. The tactics of these ongoing spectacles are quite sophisticated. The past three years have been a great lesson in how this works.”.

      “The clip from […] could be problematic for the Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s presidential campaign. In it I talk about emerging tech finance linked to funding repurposed drugs, including Covid “early treatments.” Steve Kirsch, the tech billionaire with expertise in digital identity, is a leader in this area. Kirsch also created a PAC to back RFK Jr’s run. […] In addition to Kirsch, think about others who have been anointed to lead this “movement.” I think it’s time people consider just how Robert Malone rose up through the ranks. Who would be the perfect scientist to legitimize the efforts of Children’s Health Defense-affiliated doctors busily at work on the “safe” personalized jabs Liz Mumper describes below.”.

      In her blog McDowell warns us:
      “Those who listened to my clip would know that the “mismanaged pandemic” language was taken directly from the first chapter of RFK Jr.’s Fauci book. He calls it that. I make that clear from the outset. […] People can choose to believe there was a pandemic, and that CHD’s affiliated white coats and early treatment protocols (which are being set up as pay for success investment markets) will save them the next time around. I would invite people to revisit Liz Mumper’s presentation on vaccinomics for CHD – personalized vaccine therapeutics. This is what people are opening themselves up for. Though they do have the right to make that choice.”.

    • I don’t know if America still has a taste for TRUTH and FREEDOM much less intellectual honesty.. We are living in the shadows of great men who have gone to their graves for nothing . If they could see us now. When someone comes alive steps up and dares to fix this shitshow we owe it to them to see that they have a fair fight. The dirty attacks will come democrat or not he will be pummeled by the thugs and sued and that proves to me he is the right guy a real American hero a braveheart.

    • I viewed this when it first aired and was struck by his uncharacteristic nervousness and lack of confidence at the beginning of his speech. That is not like the Kennedy I have come to know and appreciate.

      He understands the lying corporatocracy that has highjacked our nation and sided with the CCP/Davos trust. He has a track record of courageously exposing and resisting it!

      Most obvious is his persistent “singleness of purpose”, so lacking in Trump who is in many respects a lot like Bill Clinton, a double minded man addicted to lust for women!

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