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    This is literally some “next level” stuff.

    It’s a fascinating and well-done 1990s TV documentary that takes us inside an infamous UFO cult, showing the the tragic unraveling of this fringe American religion.

    Watching it makes me think of the fatuous claims of certain people in the UFO lecture circuit today and the potential danger they may pose to a certain kind of follower.

    In 1997, thirty-nine members of the San Diego-based cult, Heaven’s Gate committed mass suicide with cocktails of drugs and alcohol. They intended to reach an alien spacecraft which they believed to be following Comet Hale-Bopp, at that time brightly visible in the nighttime sky.

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    • In my breath work, it became possible to dive into individual stories, concerning the present past, the past inside the womb and even the past of previous lives.
      It was possible to transfer “died” spirits, still holding on in the material body of a previous life, out of this body into the here/now of the present material/spiritual body. This is possible, because of a spiritual universe, which is flat by no-waves, where waves of light are moving inside.
      Inside any spiritual/material body, I perceive energetic chakras/spiritual brains out of which the spirit comes out and can come inside again. Thes chakras are the doors……….
      Now reincarnation is clarified because of the spiritual body, which is present inside the material body. This is happening in the sphere of light.

      There is also a sphere of no-light, so as a spheric gravitational mass.
      For entering this sphere, there is an emptiness inside the present material body, which attracts all spiritual mass to the inside. This inner emptiness is the door……
      These parts has no need for reincarnation anymore.
      Any body cell has a certain emptiness, where this emptiness is full of attraction forces.
      Now the spirit can find “heaven” in a no-light gravitational sphere.

      Here is needed a spiritual evolution of alle kinds of emotions into a universal feeling.
      By perceiving this universal feeling this new heaven is found.

      The old heaven of light returning to the ouside is changed into heaven of light returning to the inside. Now this light can become tighten and transforms into gravitational mass.

      Yes, it is hard to comprehend this, when the individual being has no experience of it.
      But breathing by the focus on the inhale, allows such events.
      Self-experience is the proof.

    • This documentary is sensational. It is an example of the effects assimilation and indoctrination of those who blindly choose to conspire give authority to others over their Lives.

      Since there were some who chose not to participate, I am disturbed that the video offers no solutions to recognize symptoms so that similar experiences can be avoided. Why did they not include interviews with those who saw the warning signs?

      For example, if a person or organization has more interest in your genitals and what you do with them, than you have in your own genitals; then it is a definite sign that you should increase the distance be yourself and that individual/organization. No good can come from it.

      It seems to me that the video is a weapon of mass distraction from the more important questions, such as : Why do some Humans are comfortable by complying with
      “Blind Ridiculous Conformity Syndrome and not questioning authority? Why do some Humans not comply? What are the signs which made them uncomfortable?

      Obedience based upon “Ridiculous Blind Conformity Syndrome” and not questioning authority can be fatal. One must ask the right questions to obtain the right answers of themselves first and then ask the authoritarian source presenting the proposition.

      One must ask basic questions such as, “Does this make sense”? “Why does this make sense”? What is in it for me”? “What is in it for them”? “What sacrifices are required of me”? “Why are the sacrifices required”? “Does the priority of the sacrifice rank above other things in my life”? “Are there options that do not require this sacrifice”? “What sacrifice is authority making compared to my sacrifice”? Why do they need me to achieve these agenda”?

      This is especially true in the nation where “selling crazy” and” buying into crazy for crazy reasons”, is something which should be considered in a nation where sham, scam, and ham are interwoven into the historical, economic, financial, spiritual, social and mental fabric.

      The spirit of P. T. Barnum, patron saint of the United Fakes of America, who said, “A sucker is born every minute” is ever present. Though Barnum and the United Fakes had/have no monopoly on this mindset, the sentiment has fooled and is still fooling many folks in many various ways in all nine areas of Human activity described by N. Fuller Jr.

      Just as you see the sham of various topics on the History TV, the royal scam is also in history books and mainstream news. It is also present in advertisements propagated to convince you of your worth for the benefit of the sponsor.

      If they would invest a million dollars for a minute commercial advertisement to control your mind’s thinking for something trite, then imagine the agenda at stake for the multiple millions spent for a full length movie.

      One must ask the right questions to obtain the right answers of themselves first and then ask the authoritarian source, presenting the proposition.

      It is not wise to attempt to jump a chasm with more than one hop. Look before you leap.

      • Yes, it is important to ask the right question.
        Moreover, could this a question, which haver has been asked before?

        I discovered, that instead of projection old known answers on partners, it was/is important to ask: who are you, can you tell me who you are. Hereby is automatically mirrored: Who am I and can I tell you who am I?
        Any spiritual evolution happens by the quest for the new, where the new spirit comes out of the old mud.

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