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What we are seeing in Sri Lanka is system failure and that is nothing to celebrate.

There is no victory in system failure.

In fact, it is what these tyrants are counting on. It’s part of the plan and it’s been their business model for decades, as simple as the mafia movies on TV.

The World Bank and the IMF strong-arm world leaders into accepting loans that are designed to bankrupt the nation, while the CIA acts as management, secretly administering to the overthrow of national sovereignty and administering to the nation’s wealth.

This international mafia organization has been doing it like this for years, because it always works.

They know that once the people become an angry, hungry mob, they can be controlled like animals. And this reactive behavior is exactly what these Globalist crooks are counting on. It’s why they are destroying the world’s economies and creating a food crisis.

So the answer is to become proactive. And that is exacly what the Dutch are now showing us: How the people can achieve victory against the tyrants of the New World Order.

The prolific farmers of the Netherlands are the second-biggest food exporters in the world and they know that the World Economic Forum is planning on buying-up their land and cutting off the food supply for billions of people.

And they also know that the people united are an unstoppable force. And so, they united agains tyranny and peacefully, with unstoppable strength shut down the system.

The shelves in many stores are now empty. But it’s on their terms and the people now have the upper hand – as it should be – and could be, everywhere, if we wanted.

The New World Order’s plan is for all nations to collapse, which tells us that we must not wait until system failure.

We must act now.

Many people all over the world are now starting to rise up together with the Dutch farmers, rising up – not as a reactive, hungry, angry mob – but as a righteous people, united in a love for humanity.

Society is made up of We, the People and we must now peacefully take control of it. This is the path to victory.

And time is quickly running out. The lockdowns are coming back. China has announced 5 more years of lockdowns and if you’re awake by now, then you know they’re coming back everywhere, with quarantine camps and forced business closures, all designed to mentally break us and collapse society.

If we were to believe we’re powerless and weak or domesticated pets, then yes, the only path would be to wait until the food runs out and then join the angry mob.

But if we were to believe that we were righteous and powerful, then we would just fix it.

So, what’s the plan, fellow humans?

Do we wait for the inevitable collapse and lose everything, celebrating system failure?

Or do we learn from the Dutch and take control of everything and fix the system so that it serves We, the People?

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I like the way the Dutch are protesting. I am surprised the USA “WE THE PEOPLE” haven’t started using the same tactics. What is clear to me, we have to get all these treasonous politicians,swamp creatures and Biden puppets out of office ASAP before it is too late to save our REPUBLIC.

  • What is written is amazingly true, but is incomplete.   The IMF and WB are facades for Wall Street financiers.  [Ref John Perkins, CONFESSIONS] WS is also responsible for using their crony Allen Dulles to create the CIA to hide their nefarious acts under ‘national security,’  Soros appears to be their agent.   WS is using the $4billion they embezzle from the government DAILY using the Federal Reserve system to fund globalist projects and buy [laundry the embezzled funds] equity control of Fortune 500 firms with Blackrock and Vanguard..   ref.

    The IMF loaned 86 nations covid relief within hours of the pandemic announcement in March 2020 with the stipulation they would impose a lockdown; that they would vaccinate their people; mask mandates; and other stipulations.  Sri Lanka, Dutch, and now Italian actions have been demanded by IMF to avoid declaration of default.  Foreclosures are on the horizon.   

      The IMF and WB are facades for Wall Street financiers.  [Ref John Perkins, CONFESSIONS] WS is also responsible for using their crony Allen Dulles to create the CIA to hide their nefarious acts under ‘national security,’  Soros appears to be their agent. Civil chaos in the USA is an attribute of the coup mentioned by John Bolton. USA will be 87. 

    Wall Street is using the $4billion they embezzle from the government DAILY using the Federal Reserve system to fund globalist projects and buy [laundry the embezzled funds] equity control of Fortune 500 firms with Blackrock and Vanguard..   ref.

    If the object is to stop the chaos the Great Reset is creating all over the world, strike at the source of funds and control. Expose the embezzlement as detailed in the cited writing. The relevant records maintained by the FRBNY are subject to FOIA.

  • I have faith in God and that the Holy Bible was written by God’s inspired Word. The creation has the Creator and we have souls and life from the Creator.
    The cabal/cartel has undeniable faith in their god Lucifer /Satan which goes straight back to the Nephilim and ancient Egypt.
    They are setting the world stage for the antichrist’s arrival and he will destroy wonderfully and cause craft to prosper in his hands..Daniel 8:23,24,25.
    He is coming to deceive and he will deceive many.
    My faith is stronger now than it has ever been and I thank God for His mercy and grace.

  • THINK GLOBALLY – ACT NOW – LOCALLY. the globalists “know” what will diffuse there plans is TRUTH and CITIZEN ALLIANCE GROUPS. This video shows what “we the people” can accoplish once we implement this. Bob Oliver 8313832676

  • We are living in a post christian society.
    As the great politician once said for evil to win is for good men to do
    I live in Melbourne Australia. Can you tell me where the next demo will be
    I look forward to attending.

  • Seems to me the American people don’t give a shit about saving their on country, some do yes, but the rest are too damn lazy and brainwashed to even care. They are waiting on a savior to save us from the evil people., well they can keep waiting, no one is gonna save us except ourselves. There are no real men here anymore that will stand up and fight and seize their country back from the evil ones. Where are they? Where did they all go? They all talk a big talk but take no real actions. If we don’t wake the hell up from our long slumber we deserve what’s coming to us. They are trying to take every bodies freedoms and Their way of living so they can dominant control over all humanity on earth. Is that what you want? Is that want you want for your children, grandchildren? I sure the hell dont. These people are scared cause they know their time is almost up. That’s why they are accelerating everything fast with shoutings( which by the way are setups from FBI and CIA who have been involved in all these shootings all over the world especially here, to have an excuse to take away every bodies guns. If you cant see that then there is no help for you. They want to starve us by hiking food prices up and up and up where no one can afford to buy anything. Food shortages, high gas prices forcing people to use their credit card even more to be even more in debt because they can’t afford to buy stuff for themselves or their family. Their bills are going up where they have to struggle to pay. We have pedophiles running our school systems, teachers who are teaching our children about sex and inappropriate stuff that no child should ever hear or learn at such a young and tender age which is vile and very sickening. They should be learning abc and reading but yet they are after the children because they are pedophiles who are teaching our children and parents dont seem to care or protect their children from these monsters. Protesting is not going to do anything, you got to clean them all out.lands being set on fire so the powerful people who are in charge can run the people off their land like bill gates is doing, why is Yellowstone on fire all of a sudden??? It hasn’t been like that in years. Why are they burning Yellowstone? What is in Yellowstone they want to burn it down? What about the precious animals that is their home they gonna burn them to like they did in Australia with the kolwalas bears and other animals. They will burn down the whole planet if they have to to keep control and power. Sorry for the long rant, I’m trying to be mean but humanity better wake up and wake up fast they want to cause much chaos as possibly. The news media, turn it off they are all part of the global reset. Why is it they don’t report any more about what’s going on in other countries? Because they all controlled on what to report and what not to report.they never tell the truth anyway and to keep us in the dark and distracted. The woke people who want to change who we are and coming up with words that don’t exist to change our sexuality and our way of thinking, To except sick crap that goes against our religious beliefs.criminals getting away with murder not being charged for their crimes, hurting innocent people with no regards to human life but the people won’t hold the people that they voted for accountable. The mayors and governors should all be charged as criminals and not to see the light of day ever. Humanity is in deep trouble if we all don’t rise up and fight against evil, if not for yourselves do it for your children and your grandchildren future. The meek will inherit the earth not the evil demonic ones. We cannot let them win or takeover humanity if we do because of our own inactions then it’s on us and we will regret it big time because when man does nothing we all lose.

    • It’s the Flooding in Yellowstone two weeks before the fires that are interesting.
      Hence, the North Pole shifting. Happens every 2,160 years.
      We entered the “New Age” at the Summer Solstice in June 2020.
      This is what “They” don’t want the peasants to know because it ruins their Globe fantasy.

  • Do you not know you geopolitics? Sri Lankan revolt is a very genuine one. Sri Lanka was a test country for the NWO. Its corrupt government colluded with the orders to ban fertilizers from all agriculture in the country. That built up to FAMINE and that´s the major cause, the MSM insists in hiding, that caused this ongoing crisis.

    • Hi,
      No this video Does Not show what The People Can Accomplish, it’s Shows 1 Man’s Perspective / Opinion.
      Some countries probably are better off protesting ,, But either way For example
      Look at what Brazil recently did with the Vaccines, They asked the vaccine manufacturers to stand behind their product / vaccine if people end up having complications,
      The vaccine manufacturers and No.
      Brazil said: Take your vaccines and Get out,
      People have to realize that just about everything has been infiltrated by the elites.
      For example: The Dollar was hurting before the Covid-19 Pandemic,
      Here’s an article about how 193 Countries Are In Debt to Loans Made in Dollars.

      There’s Always been at 1 time or another a DePopulation Agenda going on.
      Chemtrails, Did ya know some countries spray a mixture of Chemtrails and Vaccines up in the air above.

      Here’s another article that gives an idea on How Really Bad the Vaccine technology is futuristic wise,
      Since 2008 Gene Editing Technology and Crisper Technology combined with vaccines Have made us Closer as a world to Seeing The Stage set for the Anti-Christ.
      Watch the video in this link , Vaccines Can Erase memory and add memory to the Human Brain.
      The Technology Exist since 2008 To Put A Movie On A Single Bacteria Cell , grow the Bacteria in a petra dish to avoid it getting into the hands of the spy / enemy.
      Take said: Single Bacteria Cell put under high powered microscope and there’s your movie.
      Future Information Technology is moving towards DNA.
      WATCH THIS VIDEO and Really Learn What’s Going On.
      Here’s the link:

  • don’t look for any help from farmers here as the funny money from the government fills their mailboxes

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