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Jack Maxey joins Stew Peters in the aftermath of the release last week on 4Chan of the contents of Hunter Biden’s iCloud account containing the backups that Hunter made of his 46 devices; phones, computers and iPads over the past 11 years.

We learned that Hunter’s name for his father in his iPad contacts was “Pedo Peter.” This was after Joe Biden had changed his email sender name to the pseudonym, “Peter Henderson”, the name of the KGB mole who infiltrated the US Government in Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan book series.

This was a former US vice president jokingly referring to himself as a traitor and a Russian spy – and his son referring to him as a pedophile!

This is who the Establishment moved Heaven and Earth to steal the election and install in the White House!

On June 16, 2021 Jack handed the material over to The Washington Post and to the Senate Judiciary Committee on July 8 of the same year, and then The Daily Mail in April 2022, to little or no avail.

Jack has said his IT guy, Vincent Kaufman was helping him to extract and to catalogue the data from Hunter Biden’s Laptop from Hell and that he became traumatized after seeing all of the child sex abuse in Hunter’s account and that he grew increasingly frustrated that no law enforcement would launch an investigation.

He says it got to the point where Kaufman became completely paranoid, thinking that everyone was a CIA agent – including Jack, which the latter denies – although Jack does share here that his grandmother did work for the CIA.

Jack says Kaufman is a “good guy” but that he had a “nervous breakdown” and he “went rogue”, sharing Hunter Biden’s data on 4Chan that the world is now seeing and which nobody can deny and which may become the nail in the coffin of Joe Biden’s presidency.

Jack says he would have never have condoned this and that moreover, the iCloud data posted by Kaufman pales in comparison to the rest of the deleted material that they have uncovered. He refuses to look at the illegal images without “the color of law”, because he fears that by doing so, he would risk being framed by our corrupt legal system.

A dozen NYPD cops who investigated John Podesta’s laptop and who ended up dead may help explain the reticence of law enforcement to take on this case.

Jack discusses Hunter Biden’s pedophilic activities involving underage girls. “The first dozen images that we looked at when I stopped were pictures of young girls doing highly sexualized things to each other. Through their clothes, but definitely trending very, very badly and they were on Hunter’s erased side of the disk.”

But he says Hunter’s penchant for crack and prostitutes distracts from the more vital revelations about Joe Biden’s financing of Hunter’s overseas business deals. For years, the Biden family has enriched itself by selling access to the US Government to China and Hunter Biden has been the bagman for his father’s lucrative treason for decades.

One example is how the Biden Regime sold 1 million barrels of oil From America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve to the Chinese company, Sinopec Marketing, in which Hunter Biden bought a $1.7 million stake. In all, Hunter Biden made more than $30 million from entities affiliated with China’s Communist government and the intelligence community is covering for this.

Jack says, “He was protected by everybody from Louis Freeh to Brennan, Clapper, Panetta, Hayden, who wrote that letter on the 19th of October in Politico, declaring, in their ‘best estimation’ – their little weasel words – [the laptop] was a ‘fabrication of Russian intelligence.’ We open this book and they all go down.”  

Stew asks Jack, “Are there any American law enforcement officials that you’re aware of that are actually investigating the criminal evidence on this laptop?” and Jack replies, “Yes there are. There are some brave constitutional sheriffs who I have been in contact with. I think I have more than a dozen hardcore, American patriots who are not controlled by federal law enforcement, who have constitutional roles to protect the constitution and people of this country.”

In addition to the 28,000 images recovered by the computer repairman in Delaware, Jack’s team has recovered more than 80,000 more, including “dozens and dozens” of videos.

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  • This is good info if it ever goes anywhere. He’s had this stuff for many months, so one wonders.

    As to the interview, why would a person feel they can’t hold off on a dip of snuff for 20 minutes to do an interview? Really rude to be dipping when someone is trying to do a decent interview.

    And with all the info out on how terminally dangerous it is to dip, why am I seeing all these wags on patriot shows slobbering around trying to control a dip?

    BTW, I used to dip for a couple years when a young fool, but then I grew up.

  • We can’t count on the Federal Gov. to prosecute crimes at their level, such as financial and corruption crimes, Federal gun crimes and human trafficking across state/international lines for prostitution. But we have State level crimes that individual Sheriffs can prosecute. This includes crack cocaine trafficking charges, solicitation and offering of prostitution services, and underage sex/rape charges.


  • just a shame investigation no thing will happen Stew. Evidence acquired by Hacking is inadmissible for any court. Cops just paying lip-service. Sorry Bro!

  • Selective indignation by the government, the media, and the libtards communists is destroying the rule of laws in America.

  • Nothing will ever happen to him get over it . Your just a number and not part of the elite Im ok with just work a extra job

  • I’m so sick and tired of this Pedo Peter world run by the CIA and Mossad that ran Jeffery Epstein’s Island.
    May God forgive them, for I can not, nor would I.

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