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This is a highly-detailed, information-packed short report, which explains how this week’s events are just shades of things to come.

Dave Hodges of The Common Sense Show and James White of The Liberty Brothers Radio Show discuss this past week’s cyber-attacks, the widely-reported downtime experienced by the NYSE, United Airlines and the WSJ. He also says that there was an unreported massive cellphone outage, a few days prior to this, last Monday. Hodges also claims that there is a satellite war going on, in orbit above our heads, as we speak.

Hodges says he has an ex-military source who informed him that all of this was a beta test or drill – and not the product of a real attack. However, he did say that the country’s infrastructure is targeted next.

In other words, a large swathe of the electric grid would be taken out, resulting in multiple meltowns, like Fukushima X 1,000.

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