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    I think this program has the ability to get anyone excited about geology and Earth Sciences.

    It takes us from the Swiss Alps to Barbados and all over the world, to show the effects of the last Ice Age on the Earth’s surface on which we live.

    We know Ice Ages are cyclical. There’s bound to be another one again. Climate change is nothing new; it a constant.

    Many people are outraged about the mere mention human-caused “Global Warming” – and they’re correct, in the sense that this phenomenon is at least Solar-System-wide; the increased luminosity of the gas giants and the increasing temperatures of all of our neighboring planets are also currently being observed.

    There is also the under-reported news that the Solar System has been traveling through an area of the Milky Way galaxy that is higher in plasma and charged particles than ever previously recorded – which is the likely cause of the above-mentioned and other phenomena, including the slow geomagnetic reversal of the Earth’s poles, as the Solar System completes the process of crossing the Galactic Equator, which began several years ago and which will be complete by 2016.

    This process appears to have been understood by the Maya of Central America, thousands of years ago, but the means by which they appeared to do so, we don’t currently understand. That’s what the 2012 hullabaloo was all about: To the Classic Maya, this time period represented the dawn of a new age.

    The outrage that exists among some groups today regarding “anthropogenic” Global Warming is that it’s being used as the “scientific” underpinning for bogus, financial carbon-trading schemes and due to its implicit justifications for massive global depopulation, to put this apocalyptic “warming” phenomenon in check, raising the obvious question of who gets to stay and who gets to go, in our Brave New World. There are also many in this camp argue that increasing temperatures are actually a prelude to an approaching Ice Age.

    Which beings us to this program.

    Imagine our world in the not-too-distant future? In parts of the northern hemisphere, the temperature plummets to -90 F. At 130 below, public transportation fails.

    Those caught outside, freeze to death. Buildings collapse under the weight of snow and ice. The power goes out, society collapses, and anarchy takes its place.

    Could this be a vision of our future? In this documentary, Naked Science examines what may cause temperatures to plummet and what the outcomes would be.

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