Alexandra Bruce
August 15, 2015

Don’t worry. The title of this film is not about the death of the Amazon – it’s about the region where it disgorges 209,000 cubic meters per second (7,381,000 cu ft/s), (209,000,000 liters or 55,211,960 gallons/sec) of freshwater into the Southern Atlantic Ocean, a greater volume of water than the next seven largest independent rivers combined. It has long been known to be the largest river by volume but recent studies in the Andes have now confirmed that it is the world’s longest river, as well.

This film is a journey through the Amazon delta, usually referred to as Marajo’ Island, located at the mouth of this mightiest river on Earth, which is 240 kilometres (150 mi) wide. The film explores both the beauty and the problems that threaten the delta’s future.

The film shows the work of archaeologists on Marajo’ Island, where it’s been recently discovered that there was an advanced culture living there, thousands of years ago, whose culture still remains secret, due to the wet nature of the terrain.

The film also shows how humans and wildlife adapt to the somewhat antagonistic but complementary battle between the river and the sea, where they meet. In this mixed ecosystem, life and biodiversity is multiplied and as the Amazon River says goodbye, it fills our planet with life.

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