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    Last month, it was reported in the journal Science Advances that a 20-mile-wide asteroid impact crater had been discovered in northern Greenland, with the impact dated to be as recent as 12,000 years ago. This discovery would lend support to the 2006 “Clovis Comet” (aka Younger-Dryas Impact) hypothesis of Richard Firestone, which posited a massive airblast in the Great Lakes region that extinguished the Paleo-Indians living in North America at that time, along with numerous species of giant Ice Age animals.

    This extremely consequential impact coincides with the beginning of our modern Holocene Epoch and the 6th Extinction, which continues to this day. I’ve always found it odd that as children, we’re taught more about the dinosaurs from tens and hundreds of millions of years ago than we are about the megafauna, which were hunted by humans until relatively recently.

    As publisher and author Barbara Hand Clow says in her book, ‘Catastrophobia’, “We resist knowing about the recent cataclysm because humans experienced the nearly complete annihilation of life on Earth. Evidence of this catastrophe lies in the intact frozen bodies of oxen, bison, horses, sheep, tigers, lions, hairy mammoths, and wooly rhinoceroses found interred in the Sibero-Alaskan permafrost…”

    Clow predicted a cataclysmic extraterrestrial impact at the end of the last Ice Age, describing the brutal results of this impact: “The Earth’s lithosphere was dislocated both vertically and horizontally and tectonic plates formed that caused the planet to become a polyhedron of twenty faces – an icosahedron…”

    Clow believes the trauma from this event is still locked in our DNA, blocking our view of that era and preventing the spiritual/psychological/cultural integration of those events.

    In the view of Jimmy from the Bright Insight YouTube channel, it has more to do with scientists protecting their turf and not wanting to grapple with the implications of a global civilization in deep antiquity. He does a great job discussing the rampant Group Think in science, that has caused Graham Hancock to be continually disrespected by organizations like TED. He gives ample evidence that the Ancient Egyptians who left us their beautiful temples and sculptures were not the people who built the pyramids at Giza, the latter pre-dating that civilization by thousands of years.

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    • yeah this pisses me off so much…literally holding humanity back, so many ridiculously talented individuals that have had their life’s ruined and information thrown to the wasteside and more often than less not even looked at until people literally die off and are replaced. closed minded egotistical mf’r…graham, rupert, flanagan, reich, rife, tesla and so many more luminaries that didn’t deserve how they were treated, many with altruistic principles guiding their studies

    • I remember sitting in school listening to ‘history’. I loved ancient information but always, always had a problem with the construction of all of these ginormous stone buildings. “How were the stones transported, carved and put into place?” There were no answers.
      It’s about time so called ‘science’ pulled its’ head out of its’ backside and gave us the answers to these questions. I’m pretty sure they know what’s what…..but like the fellow said…paycheques & careers sit heavy on the truth of most of our past. Who controls this flow of information and why do they consider it so dangerous to share?
      There is an under current of deceit that flows into everything. Most of us can feel it, it’s like walking through a thick fog. Keep the discoveries coming…..they are like fresh air in a stale room.

      Hilarious and hopeful..
      I wish someone would prioritize child protection..
      Maybe Soros is paying for this hope porn to put opposing forces at ease.
      That is also a wild idea
      and happy Holidays

    • Ooooh and by the way…The MOST Ancient civilizations on Earth came “Out of Africa” and “Migrated” all over the planet FROM THERE.
      Just Research this for IRON-CLAD proof…Get a copy of a video called “Out of Darkness” for a VERY condensed version of OUR-TORY.
      AFRICAN Story goes back as long as 65,000 years…maybe MUCH MORE!

    • I find it VERY hard to believe ANYTHING that Now comes out mouth of Caucasion people who been LYING about OUR-Story for THOUSANDS of years…even ASSUMING other races Identity and THEIR-Story…Keeps WAAAAY to MANY “Secrets” from everyone.
      There are ancient civilizations that existed LONG Before 12,000 years ago, and yet They Never even bring them up on MSM sources.
      Now I’ve reading and SEEING this kind of OUR-Story for the last 5 years…WHY all the LIES about something that SHOULD be made KNOWN to everyone….regardless of RACE???
      When one has a “TRack-Record” of Lies and Deceptions, How can you TRUST them NOW???
      To THIS day They will NOT even deal with the REAL Identity of the ORIGINAL Jewish people, (Black Raced) who ARE Still alive, living all over this planet…WHY???
      I have a “Gut-Feeling” that finding out WHAT is being Guarded and HIDDEN about “Antartica” holds the KEY…Yet Governments to this day WON’T even present ANYTHING about it….Again, WHY???

    • Graham Hancock and Randal Carson have been talking about this happening for a couple of years now, including how the Grand Canyon was made, etc. Unlike academics, I try to understand the information, and see if I can find the dots that connect it, like most people that come to this site do. Thank You, Alexandra Bruce for keeping us going forward, especially with all the censorship by “google” and their other CIA buddy’s that distort the facts with fiction and omission.

    • Too bad so many historians refuse to admit their orthodoxy is wrong. The evidence of this comet crashing into Greenland is in the 12,000 year old layer of soil world wide, the sudden mass extinction and sea level rise..the ancients around the world witnessing massive floods. Advanced civilizations exterminated.

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