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In searching Google Earth, YouTuber secureteam10 has found evidence for the new construction of hangars or large entrances to an underground base carved into the mountainside in the legendary S4 section of Area 51 near Papoose Lake, very similar to what was described by Bob Lazar, way back in 1989. If you’d like to see it in your own program, the coordinates are 37.1916478725 North and 116.17319725 West.

Until 1989, nobody had ever heard of Area 51. Lazar claimed to have been involved in a secret government project to back-engineer alien space craft that used an anti-gravity propulsion system based on element 115. This extremely radioactive substance did not exist on Earth until it was synthesized years later, in 2003 by Russian scientists who named it Muscovium.

News anchor George Knapp at Las Vegas CBS affiliate, KLAS-TV broke Lazar’s story, which would garner awards for the former and world renown for both. Lazar claimed that he was coming forward because the excessive secrecy around this technology was holding back science and emphatic that these UFOs and their associated technologies should be made available for study by the scientific community at large.

Lazar’s claims quickly began to fall apart when his employment and education could not be verified. He claimed that the Government had destroyed his records. In 1990, his credibility suffered further when he plead guilty to felony pandering (the legal term for pimping), after installing a computer system for a local brothel. Also in 1990, he declared bankruptcy, listing “self-employed photo processor” as his occupation on court documents.

In a 2008 interview with YouTuber Richard Thomas, British author, Timothy Goode who had covered Lazar’s story in 1989 said “Definitely, something odd seems to have happened to him but I remain dubious about some of his claims. Perhaps he was exposed to S-4 (which does, or did, exist) in case he came up with some original ideas. Or it could have been an experiment to test public reaction, knowing that he would tell the media. I just don’t know. It’s important to bear in mind that Lazar was drugged on several occasions by the security personnel at S4.”

That last comment piques my interest because from what I know of people who’ve breached security at Area 51 and who were lucky enough to be released, they were held for days and drugged heavily, to the point of major incapacitation and amnesia for weeks after their release.

Last year, Lazar claimed that he wished he’d never come forward and had simply kept his job. His story is in the news again, with the December 3rd release of the film, Bob Lazar: Area 51 and Flying Saucers, produced by George Knapp and narrated by Mickey Rourke and available on demand on Vimeo and elsewhere.

The film has been criticized for not adding anything new. Funny that something new should pop up in Google Earth instead.

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  • I have thought so many times of entering the blogging world as I love reading them. I think I finally have the courage to give it a try. Thank you so much for all of the ideas!

  • I can obscurely reveal to you this much about Bob L., he is only a plant to get us to trust that it’s the outsider, when all things considered, it’s innovation that our military has and utilizes every day since the 40’s ahead.

  • I can equivocally tell you this much about Bob L., he is nothing but a plant to get us to believe that it’s alien, when after all, it’s technology that our military has and uses on a daily basis since the 40’s onward.

  • Area 51 is anything but a forbidden place, aside from seeing that any organization doesn’t communicate what it’s doing. It’s an aircraft shed for new and exploratory aircraft. What might we find there? A working model of another plane, maybe.

    • We are way beyond planes brother. Planes are very outdated, except if you believe in what they want to show you. It begs the question, what aren’t they showing us?

  • I still believe everything Bob said about S4. Everything that came out afterwords kind of ties it all together. The new site that now appears on google earth is a side show. nothing too secret. New guard house for drones. Or….. If it was secret you would not be able to see it happen, they would have started underground, and the ways in would have been the last thing worked on, as well as all the earth would not be seen to have been moved.

  • WHY, do you Think its called the SECRET Space Program folks…witch actually evidence is pilling up that it actually doesn’t exist. There videos on You Tube lately showing WHY it couldn’t exist..along with damning evidence about all kinds of fraudulent claims and LIES about ENERGY.
    Look into “Space Vacume; Jumbo jets using Levitation and compressed air to Fly with…MASSIVE LIES being sold to the Public about almost EVERYTHING….By Governments!

  • I am soooo thankful secure team puts so much effort into spamming their logo in the first few seconds of their videos… it gives me a chance to stop the video before my brain cells start committing suicide.

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