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We want accountability. Who was giving the orders that all the cops were following/executing during the Maui Fires in August? These orders resulted in deaths that could have been prevented. The people that disobeyed survived!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I wouldn’t have died in Maui, even if my vehicle was compromised. I would have approached the biggest vehicle that was trapped, and asked “Do you want to burn to death, or do you want to let me drive and get us outta this?” I can barely walk or run, but I can still drive and shoot, and may God help anything or anybody who got in my way. I’ve been a Road Warrior for most of my life, and I know what burning to death is like. Prison is a paid Vacation in comparison.

  • Alex –

    I saw a recent Maui video clip, which you and your readers likely also saw.

    A man is in his car, on or near Front Street, during the fires( ie recording DURING the fires, while driving)…very dramatic…

    …and he gives the ” Osama Bin Laden” type, “plant the story” lines about being “forced to drive in circles”…

    I hate to be so cynical about the tragedy that the people of Lahaina are living thru…but the clip is probably only 90 seconds long, but includes the “drive in circles” meme and a few other potent sound bites…ie “almost too perfect”.

    Misdirection, trauma programming, conflicting/competing theories, multiple ignition sources…= “don’t let the sheep get a solid footing”.

    Someone also brought up “downed power lines”, and “tree down, across road” supposedly visible in the same video, as rationales for the police blocking escape routes/roads…apologist talking points? or legitimate safety issues in the face of raging fires? …trade-offs I cannot assess.

    The chaos-generating advice to ‘disobey police’ seeking to manage crowds in life-threatening circumstances seems like more
    depop tactics.

  • It was men and women who did this trespass; not cops; men and women who did a trespass upon there fellow man;

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