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    This is a hair-raising documentary by Truthstream Media’s Aaron and Melissa Dykes about the bureaucratic marathon involved in opting out of the Oncor SmartMeter installed in their Texas home. The bizarre antics and intimidation tactics of the service provider, customer support and technical crews are totally astonishing.

    Bruised but not beaten, Aaron and Melissa say the switch was worth it in every way. They felt better without the spiking baths of ionizing radiation, they stopped getting headaches, their small son stopped sleeping on the couch in the livingroom (his bedroom was right next to the SmartMeter), their monthly bill went down and they eventually recouped the extortionate cost of opting out. Then, of course, there was the satisfaction of victory against the Man.

    “One way to oppose the establishment is to waste their resources and make it cost too much to carry out bad policies,” Aaron remarks.

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    • It sounds little bit crazy, that power meter which is installed also in eu can hurt somebody.I’m working in electric and IT sector and can’t imagine this, it can collect data about your consumed electric energy but nothing else.Sorry ,this is funny story.

    • This is extortion for sure. It’s extortion that requires the public take them to court.

      Like the late 70’s when construction was at an all time high the 90’s were the same. Apprentices installed a home’s electrical system. One certified electrician oversaw several installations at once. He was supposed to inspect the work of the apprentices but, typically, he just signed-off on the home without doing the job resulting in bad electrical wiring nationwide. So, somewhere between the breaker box and the device the wiring is bad and should be thoroughly reviewed by the old guy electrician that came out later. The tech couldn’t tell Melissa why the problem occurred because he didn’t know. He’s a tech not an electrician.

      The video was deleted and the camera was drained as a result of a strong EMP emitted when the energy “potential” was released in the form of fire and sparks. The incident revealed that the house had a grounding problem. That makes the stories of weird events prior to the smart meter removal make sense. When the techs touched the meter they applied a ground to the house. That ground allowed the potential to be released and travel to the exterior. (BTW you don’t need to cut the electricity to remove the smart meter.) Fire shot out of the box and an “oh shit” moment occurred for the tech. The tech hadn’t recognized prior to touching the meter that a potential existed. Surprised he wasn’t hurt. Clearly, the smart meter was installed without checking the box, the grounding or the home’s wiring. Oncor just slapped it up to meet the requirement. The electrician who came to fix the problem was absolutely correct–it’s a miracle the house didn’t burn down. In speculation, Oncor likely piggy-backed onto the house’s electrical problem by slapping-up a meter that forced an interaction of various metals. The metals broke down under the constant pulsation of the smart meter. That’s why the bolts were loose and said to be deteriorating. The result was the building potential and it’s release.

      The “Indian” accented guy called because he was alerted by a huge spike in the home’s smart meter (should scare the hell out of everyone that a guy, likely from very far away, is watching your home). The Oncor caller apparently took the opportunity to frighten the Dykes about the safety of removing the smart meter.

      What should be of enormous concern to everyone is the creepy and suspicious manner in which Oncor, et al are acting with regard to these meters. Energy grid providers have been putting a huge, unwavering effort into wiring every domain while threatening those who refuse to comply. This video show they now have a threatening protocol built into their response system since they can’t seem to arrest citizens without blow back.

      Truthstream is absolutely correct. The only way to get a problem solved is to waste their resources. This, they understand.

    • i think the oncor techs were bullshitting you about the sparking, and “the problem”. they are just trying to frustrate you so you’ll take the standard meter. the reason it arced is because they didn’t turn the main breaker off at your panel. there was a load when they unplugged the smart meter, and so it arced. this is probably standard policy for people that opt out.

      • Thanks for the information but I will continue to use my analog meter and not the ticking time Smart bomb called a meter. i really value the health and privacy of my family.

    • Having requested to opt out of a Smart Meter through FPL in FL, and being extorted in order to do so, I most certainly empathize with this story. I’m still waiting for a massive class action lawsuit so I can recoup my expenses. I can’t say that my electric bill ever went down. I never had the Smart Meter on my home, but I did notice I was paying $13/month extra just to NOT have the Smart Meter, plus the initial almost $100 fee to just opt out.

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