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This man made his appointment at the local CVS to get his “free” vaccine – and instead of taking it in his arm, he took his vial of the vaccine and walked it out the door – in order to overnight samples of it to reputable labs and to doctors who have electron microscopes!

He has reportedly done this with more than one of the evil competing formulations and is now awaiting the results.

He is a modern-day hero!

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I can hardly wait to hear those results. We know it’s not about a virus but about the vaccine which is a transfection; affecting the RNA/messenger of DNA.

  • Any way to follow up with this guy? It’s been about ten days since this video first surfaced. Does anyone know his name or anything else that could help track this down?

  • It’s now June 9th any updates of the Results of what’s in Vaccine or was this just a wasted hoax?
    Since Forbidden Knowledge posted video what have you found out of late to post an up date?

  • The results of which are … 🤔 He has done an amazing first step, but I’ll not refer to any ‘hero’ without the knowledge gained from the act. Surely enough time has elapsed to have gotten some pertinent information!? I’ll wait …

  • They will terminate him and his whole family and the results will never see the light of day. Big pharma probably has a large bounty on his head.

    • That’s exactly why we need to pray for this awesome man and his entire family. May the Lord God protect them all from evil, both physically and spiritually in Jesus mighty name! Amen.

  • This man is courageous, indeed. But, once those vials leave his possession no one will truly know the rest of the story. Why is everyone assuming that the lab personnel, who will be handling the contents of those vials, will do the right thing & be totally transparent in the process of determining the exact ingredients present?

    Furthermore, I’m sure that the lab could acquire identical vials themselves for testing. And they should have tested the contents as soon as the “vaccines” were distributed to all the pharmacies in America. Am I supposed to believe that with all the lab personnel in the country knowing of the controversy surrounding the efficacy of these so-called vaccines, not one of them took it upon themselves to test them and see what’s really in them? It took Joe Six-pack to deliver them from evil intent? Really?

    Something about this whole thing seems a bit suspicious to me. I find it to be a bit of a stretch of the imagination to say that no one else in the country, let alone the entire world, thought to do this until now, especially with so many thousands of deaths reported to have happened soon after being injected.

    To believe 100% of what a totally unknown person. as this man is, says is true without further research and investigation into who he is and what lab it is to whom he sent the vials to be tested, would be a huge mistake. Someone needs to do a lot of digging into this man’s identity, background, friends, associates, political and/or Big Pharma affiliations, employer(s) past and present, etc…in other words, he needs to be vetted. We need to know if this is legit or a set-up by Leftist groups.

    • Thanks for that Larry. We must be ever vigilant in exposing the tricks and ruses of the entities that want us all injected. There has been no follow up to his video so it seems that it’s a fizzer. To obtain a thorough and accurate analysis he would have needed to send the vials to a highly specialist lab, the very same kind of lab that is creating the monster.

  • Ummm…. How did he take ‘his’ vaccine vials with him? No lab would allow him to do this. And he has taken them from other labs too? Before they would inject him they would require his ID and info. Seems bogus to me.

  • Shared this link on FB and the comment was removed by FB. No spam, violence, nasty words, just the link and that I was sharing it in Telegram.

  • Everything we have all been going thru was pre-planed at least 4+ years ago with Fauci and friends like Gates desire to implement . You can search for the info on the $millions of tax payer $ sent to the the Chinese lab to do research on weaponized Corona viruses but what you really need to see and hear is this short video clip of Fauci saying there will be a “surprise outbreak” during the Trump administration . >said 4+ years ago!

  • This is what are so called the U.K.should be doing they tell us they stand up to the powerful for us .ya know. but of course they don’t.

  • What do you mean ” taking samples from EACH vial?
    Sound like bullshit!

    • Mikey Adams CENSORS comments and is a huge Trump fan. Trump gave Gates GAVI group lots of money and praise and Trump is as EPSTEIN GUILTY as Gates and Clintons ARE!

  • We will, in the end, beat gates, Soros, Fauci, and all the rest of them. The people are pissed and real hell is brewing.

    • I sincerely hope so Doug. The unpleasant truth is that the media have been brainwashing people for so long that most people are too befuddled to even want to know what is going on. If you ever go to someone’s house where the TV is on, have a look and a listen to the puerile garbage coming out of it. The newspaper headlines are just as ridiculous.

  • I can’t wait! Not that I don’t already know most of what it contains, I think we’ll find more nefarious ingredients.

  • Private version of Corvelva in Italy in America!
    I thought I would never see anything like this.

  • Hurray! Genius! My friend is getting his second shot this Tuesday. He won’t listen to me, I’ve begged him not to. I’m sending this video to him. G DONT DOIT YOU FKIN IDIOT!

    • Why won’t they listen to truth? My friend Kevin is exactly the same, he even gets angry with me when I send him informational links, it’s just crazy.

  • Awesome! This man is a real hero. More people should do like him. The truth must come out.
    Thank you for sharing this very crucial information.

  • Excellent!! Now this, people, is how you can genuinely get “informed consent” because no one taking the jab seem to be getting any “informed” consent whatsoever.

    Stay tuned? You bet! Veritas and We The People are soooo proud of you. (Wish Moderna was in that send off. We need to work on that.)

    • This hero also had a good strategy in removing his mask. By doing so, he knew that one coming after him would not come close to him without his mask. We now live within an insane asylum where the sane people live side-by-side with the insane. God help us!

  • While I applaud this man’s initiative, I would think it wiser to wait for the results before advertising there is a loophole in controlling how the vaccine is administered. Just my thoughts on the subject.

    • I would of like to have seen him immediately put that vial in the middle of a pack of dry ice. But still, I am very proud of his act.

  • Love it! Hero!!!! Truth hero!!! ✌🏼🙏✝️🤗🙌🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • Heyo , yes!! Dis brothas a hero
    Bless him up💪🏽. Appreciate y’all gettin dis out
    I’ve shared it wit many. Keep up da good fight yo! Guidance, an protection 🦅

  • I find this rather interesting. If there is no danger to the average person why would the medical personnel be so concerned with him taking a sample to do an independent test? We are fed so much selected propaganda by the government that we are supposed to elect to look after us that the proverbial tail is now wagging the dog. Keep up the fight!
    Much Safety & Blessings!!


  • Yay. I was just thinking about this yesterday. Why someone doesnt test a sample. Awesome brave man!

  • Fantastic! But now with the post office spying on everyone, will he be called a domestic terrorist?

    • What is this about the post office spying, I live a sheltered existence, I haven’t heard. Please let me know what you are referring to.

  • Interesting. Am in suspense to learn the outcome.
    But I wonder why the MD in question can’t access the vials him/herself…

  • Before we all start performing virtual high-fives with each other there is something you should all know. As a long time sufferer of what is being called “morgellons” disease and dismissed as “Delusions of Parasitosis” by the medial community, I have had experience sending “odd” samples to various laboratories. The problem – as I discovered – is that once they receive the sample they pretend they never actually did. I pray that I am wrong in this case, but I rarely am these days (daze?).

  • Everybody that is supporting what is going on with this country should take the vaxxxine. They should make sure, so taking a dose from each brand would be a good thing. And to be doubly sure, they should take each one twice. Aaaaaaand they should wear THREE masks, a face shield, and a patch on their shirt that says: “I am a NON THINKING supporter of FRAUD, PROPAGANDA, and Genocide.” If the agenda is about reducing the population of the earth, then lets not get in the way of stupid people competing to be first in line.

      • The ‘stupid’ can’t be saved…they fight you at every turn, and defend their stupidity as though it is a virtue. A complete waste of time and energy.

    • I’m afraid I agree with you Bobby. I am done with trying to warn people about the agenda. There are so many warnings out there now that one really has to be stupid to be injected by anything being pushed by Bill Gates. So it’s a culling of the stupid. However the scenario could diverge in a number of ways: The vaccinated may just become perpetually sick, requiring constant pharmaceutical invention (a milking cow for the industry); or they may become quite insane and cause untold havoc. They have already proven that they are easily influenced by the propaganda, so who knows what kind of acts any future propaganda will entice the injected to carry out?

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