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Jeffrey Prather is back with a full report on the audit in Maricopa County, Arizona.

He warns that because the election fraud is unraveling, there is a high probability of a false flag attack instigated by the DOJ and executed by BLM/Antifa (“Blantifa”) and covered-up by the FBI very soon.

As we saw last year, with expensive hotel rooms being occupied in Washington DC by Blantifa, the same is now happening in Phoenix, where they’ve occupied hotels for the past 3 weeks. He’s almost certain that they will be inserted to create a crisis situation.

He reminds us to understand the fight: It is 5th generational warfare, it’s primarily informational. People do get killed and it can go kinetic but that’s not the primary means of warfare.

“649 watched [Biden’s] speech [on YouTube]. 2,000 – not 1,000 – gave it a thumbs-down. So how they got here is by controlling the media, the vectors of communication, so they are confusing the vectors of communication with their popularity. And everywhere, we see consistently, from the NBA, from the Oscars, from the news, from the TV shows, it is all collapsing. It is all collapsing around them. How are they going to ever hold this? Well, they’re going to have to have more crisis…

“I’m not saying we’re winning, yet but I’m not saying they’re winning, either. They are collapsing, they are crumbling.”

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • i am not even American and find this election corruption sickening, horrifying and depressing. As this drags on, we get shock after shock as to how deep this infection of the system goes. If people are not tried, convicted and executed then democracy will no longer exist. Soros is among the dregs of humanity as are the central bankers.

  • I have fact based info from God. I had a dream a couple days after the wrong guy was arrested on 9/11 as the Phoenix Freeway shooter. In the dream, I saw the guy that they did finally arrested and charged a few days later. I saw the man, the hand gun and a vehicle. I was told to get a description of the vehicle and I knew it was very important that I did. I saw PURE evil BEHIND the guy and I knew he would be arrested, something was wrong and he would be released and it was not over with.

    Note that the wrong suspect was arrested
    on 9/11. They later arrested the suspect that they charged. They “claimed” that he used a 9mm and “claimed” there were 11 incidents. Twice they signaled 9/11.
    Also they “caimed”only one injury “a 13 yr” old girl.
    I was told to get a description of the vehicle so here it is: It is like a food vending truck. It is base white with lots of color. The words are written in cursive or curvy lettering in a very deep dark jade ( or emerald ) green. The color is so dark it almost looks black. There in a large letter “K” on the back of the truck as the beginning of a word. It could be an “R” but I’m 99% sure it was a “K”. The only opening on the driver’s side was a driver’s door window. There were two AC units on top.

    My visions have always come true in the past. This one is 1/2 fulfilled already.

    My conclusion is that: this vehicle will be used for an attack and that the “incident” locations on the map are significant and may be “choke points”

    Over the last 2 weeks, myself on one day, a friend, on a different day, other friends, on the weekend prior saw the highway patrol weaving across lanes with lights on, slowing traffic to a crawl and there was no accident or hazard ahead. The weekend prior, friends noticed police vehicles at nearly every freeway exit and they were just there. They didn’t have anyone pulled over.

    The vision will come to pass. My interpretation of it is fallible.

    However, I am looking to a ff event possibly involving the coliseum were the audit is taking place and freeway closure at the locations of the “incidents” on the Phx freeway shooter map “maybe?” on the 13th???

    This has already been reported to the police and FBI so don’t turn me in again like the last fool that did. Also 3 percenters, oathkeepers and others are aware and hopefully watching out for us.

  • I am working the audit as a volunteer. Are you telling me Dems are running the Ninja’s?

  • So they are killing people cause we, the lemmings, don’t watch enough TV?
    Insanity rules…..

  • The whole world depends on Reiner Fuellmich and all the other attorneys taking on the cabal. They know they are up against evil. Reiner wasn’t even religious a year ago now he knows spiritually is going to play a big part in taking down the cabal. Their main concern is how many judges have been compromised across the globe. They are trying to get a trial set up at The International Court of Crimes and do a Nuremberg 2 type trial for crimes against humanity.

    • Taking this to an International Court is the best idea to avoid being tossed out by a Judge on someone’s payroll.

      I hope they are successful for us all!

  • My believe with my soul, Satan is running at an insane pace with everything that is happening right now to push his disciples to the edge! With our great God’s help, we can push all of them right off!! God himself has many key people right in place as we speak to PUSH BACK just like you are doing. We need you to keep up the good fight and keep pushing forward. May God bless you and keep you 🙏

  • Worth repeating from The Prather Point, Jeffrey Prather:
    The enemy is as ancient as the war. Respect. Never underestimate the enemy.
    The first rule of war is to know when you are in one. Then know the battlefield.
    The terrain is always human. Discern via action, not words.
    Friend or foe, sheep from wolves, victory or defeat depends upon commitment.
    Faith defeats fakery. Infiltration is not immigration. Idealism is not realism.
    Religion is not God. Prayer talk is not kinetic.
    Yeshua flipped and whipped tables and traitors. If not you, who?
    Neighbor up. Study up. Train up. Show up. Link up with Team America and take it back.

      • With all due respect and with no intent to offend, I believe Yeshua is Jesus’ birth name. As I understand it, “Yeshua” is Hebrew and was translated to “Jesus” in Bibles written in English.

  • We needed to hear this. The mindset of former military and how the enemy works. Thank you!!

    • This guy is proud to be an American and Christian. His god is his belly and his glory is his shame. Since when is America great? Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Laos, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, (and many others unreported) and CIA directed coups, assassinations, guile, and economic destruction of other nations, and Christians are all hypocrites, and the pastors well aware that the bible is the big deception. If you want to listen to this old fart, go ahead. He is another propaganda tool for the beast.

      • To Michael Lewis Kahn: A-Meri- Ca means God Loves Her.
        America has always been great. USA inc is run be the evil ones.
        You are FREE to leave America. If you hate it here so much, why haven’t you left?
        Your words and actions do not match.

        • I am on parole for a crime I didn’t do in the nation with the highest incarceration rate in the world- by far. I am not allowed to leave the state, never mind the country. I love the people, and fight and inform to save their asses from their government. The Vatican rules in collaboration with globalists. My books reveal all. ANGRY LOUD AND CLEAR TRUTH, THE UNTOLD NATURE OF CHRISTIANITY, and EXPOSING THE MONEY MACHINE. I was Christian, loved Jesus and the bible, beleived every word of it, and then when parted from both, came to my senses. I studied the worl 10,000 hours, the book on Christianity soundly debunks it, using many hundreds of scriptures used to prove every point. This man does not comprehend the depth of the problem. The cabal is international, every world leader is complicit, every politician as well. They all kiss the ring of the pope. Jesuit ADam Weishaupt collaborated with the first Rothschild Maer AMschel Bauer in 1776 to form the illuminati, and their wealth has grown immeasurably. The Jesuit general runs all banking, all freemasonry, and all secret intelligence of every nation. He is grossly underinformed. Rump was educated two years at Fordham Univ. a Jesuit college. HE is a freemason, and shut down the country, and started operation warp speed. I have much more on him. Proof of all I say in my books- names, dates, documents, quotes, sources. Satan rules, and look at your one dollar bill- the all-seeing eye of satan above the pyramid- one nation under god. Below, in latin, language of the RC church, novo ordo seclorum= new world order.

  • Very great presentation!!Medical professionals are being attacked for going against this false covid war!It’s awful.

  • This truth needs to come out. All your words made total sense and I have been following all this nonsense, and could see it happen in front of my eyes. It is time the general public awakens, Will they? I am not sure if they are ready to accept all of this.
    Keep fighting!!!!

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