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    How the US government recruited a web of NGOs and private individuals to censor and subvert the American people.

    by Greg Reese

    Public on Substack have received documents from a whistleblower who was recruited to participate in the Cyber Threat Intelligence League or “CTIL”.

    Through cybersecurity meetings hosted by the Department of Homeland Security, these documents reveal how the US Government recruited a web of NGOs and private individuals to do what the government cannot lawfully do: censor and subvert the American People.

    Led by military contractor, Sara-Jayne Terp and Pablo Breuer of Special Operations, a primary objective was to replace words like “propaganda” and “censorship” with the term “cognitive security” in the ethos of the cybersecurity industry.

    They wrote that the third pillar of the information environment should be the cognitive dimension, which is just another way of saying, “mind control”.

    Breuer explained how this cognitive social engineering needs to be customized for Americans. Another term they used to justify their crimes against the American People is “Public-Private Partnership” to work around violating Americans’ Constitutional rights, private citizens did the dirty work under government supervision.

    Terp and Breuer openly admit that they are set up as a private NGO to censor American citizens for the US military.

    They targeted people who were protesting the lockdowns and developed the DISARM Framework, which was employed by the World Health Organization for countering anti-vaccination campaigns. They subvert social media companies and they report web domains to registrars.

    To influence public opinion, they create fake accounts and infiltrate private groups. They train influencers to spread their messaging and they pressure banks to cut off people’s accounts.

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      • Oh, wait: Isn’t this how those undesirables dispose of “worthless eaters”, incineration; Lahaina, Pompeii, Sodom & Gomorrah…

    • This one is somewhat more realistic as partially happening already.
      And it turns our that most of so called “cybersecurity experts” are paid shills as these idiots are concerned about “hacks” that most people aren’t subjected to (most people get hacked due to their own action or else have to be a high value target to get hacked), and completely ignoring about user privacy topic.

      • John, obviously insipid nonsense will not be a reason for hacking, but if the truth hurts or these imps think it does, then you get hacked, like I did when I discovered and old Chicago Sun article about the impostor running for state senator the first time, not as a Democrat, but as a Commie front party called New Party as I recall. It was not a hit piece, it was a puff piece bragging about what a native KENYAN can accomplish in America. That got me hacked by the impostor’s orange shirt intimidators.

        Couch potato warriors don’t get hacked.

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