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Patrick Bergy built the architecture for the US Army of what was later privatized for personal gain by a retired general and commercialized as the Shadownet, the military psychological warfare weapon that is comprised of the shadow world of digital data collected about each of us and how it has been weaponized against us in social media psychological warfare, aka Interactive Internet Activities (IIA).

Therefore, one might ask why hasn’t Bergy been asked to testify at the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government?

He says he would love to get in front of them and, “By the way, half of the people here, in this subcommittee are listed here as subjects in my Weaponization [documents].”

In the film, ‘ShadowGate’, Bergy details how Interactive Internet Activities (IIA) and the military psychological warfare weapon, Shadownet has been used to control the public narrative through the Fake News, to fix elections, to organize the BLM riots, etc.

Bergy explains how Shadownet was built by the military with US tax dollars and how General James L Jones, Obama’s National Security Advisor took this intellectual property and privatized it for personal gain – which is flat-out corruption.

Bergy says Shadownet was used heavily in the Ukraine Color Revolution by Paul Manafort and that an entire cottage industry has since sprung up, with multiple companies now using this same software.

Patrick Bergy joins Australian dissident, Brendon O’Connell, broadcasting from his bunker in Mexico to discuss. These are Brendon’s notes, below.


by Brendon O’Connell

This is not an interview, this is a “discussion” – sometimes animated – with IIA whistle blower, Patrick Bergy. With men thinking they’re women and “Globo Homo” wanting to rape your kids, it appears people have forgotten what “IIA” is? TIME STAMP CHAPTERS BELOW.

Patrick Bergy speaks for himself, as do I. We disagree on small matters and “degree of focus”. Otherwise, Bergy is his own man and sticks to general facts he has personal knowledge of. I like to speculate.

Patrick has been speaking with Hunter Biden’s attorney, the Georgia D.A and Jan 6 investigators. He has been “plugging away” via a lawyer regarding the Twitter 8 Files. Why Millie Weaver and Gavin Wince suddenly forgot about ‘Shadowgate’ and are hanging around some “interesting people”, like the former 2IC of NATO and 33rd Degree Grand Orient Mason Patrice BILLAUD. Shit gets deeper…

Gosh? What is it? One big Masonic sex ring? Subversive Masonic/Communist elements? Remember, Communism is about ‘The Scientific Man’ and “reason” and “logic” and “science” replacing silly “feeling” and “intuition”. *Not silly walks and silly plain brown uniforms*. Hitler too had a HUGE love for science and technology. He would laugh at Himmler and his “herb gardens” and occult imagery. Hitler said of The church is should be left to “wither on the vine” as science and reason took over. This is the “essence” of Masonry.

I recall Roger Stone in the doco “Get Me Roger Stone”, and the screen shot (above) of Roger as Napoleon with the hand in jacket. Maybe he just likes the jacket?

Does that tie in with former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, General Michael Flynn, standing before a crowd of “Christians” and reciting, word for word, Madame Blavatsky’s Theosophical Society, praying the “Sevenfold Rays” of the Ascended Masters, to “the name of Legions.”?

The above was no “small matter” of overactive imaginations. It was “word for word”.

Alex Jones oft filmed symbolism…the angel of death? Is that “Christian Imagery”?

And what of Alexander Dugin and his Alastair Crowley ritual? Is he a Grand Orient Mason? Does he know, or has he ever met, 2IC, French Grand Orient Lodge Patrice BILLAUD?

“Yet even so was I not deceived; for the crown hath 12 rays, and these 12 rays are one.”

Seeing the above clown show play “Born Again Christian”, quite frankly, makes me sick.

They always sucker decent people into the “secretive cult” with the…”George Washington was a Mason,” stuff. Would George Washington condone sex traps, dirty tricks and endless lies, drug taking and drug trafficking?

“I have spoken openly in the temple, and in secret I have said nothing.” Guy called Jesus. Who they all claim to follow.

These people LOVE to quote Swiss psychoanalyst and ‘critique of the application of mass psychology’, Carl Gustav Jung. He coined the term, “Individuation.” To be YOU. It fits nicely with Jesus and the US Constitution. YOU matter, individual YOU. Made in God’s image. “The acorn can become an oak, and not a donkey.”

Jung is required reading in Lodges and Georgetown cocktail parties. They need to read him again, and the Bible, Old Testament/Tanakh and Qaran they claim they adhere too.

Further Reading:

Patrice BILLAUD: “Le Grand Orient de France supports the UfM project”
• Driving diversity at NATO

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • What is better feelings or logic?

    Try to fix a machine tool with feelings, Alexandra?

    Try to hug a computer to fix a computer

    Communism, socialism, etc – what’s that?

    Try to kiss and hug on your broken car for it to start running again!!

  • Alexandra,

    It’s the COMMUNISTS
    operating out of “our”
    State Department—
    for 70 years, now :

    Forwarded Message :

    Below post found here:

    JungianINTP says
    DECEMBER 14, 2023 AT 8:02 AM

    Sharyl and Full Measure Team,

    Last paragraph :

    “ The prohibitions include the making of any
    contribution or provision of funds, goods, or
    services by, to, or for the benefit of any
    designated person, or the receipt of any
    contribution or provision of funds, goods,
    or services from any such person. “

    Might that include State Department
    officers, who had PURPOSELY left
    $40-billion behind in equipment
    —serving those KORANIC terrorists ?

    Senator Joseph McCarthy had warned,
    that communists had infiltrated State
    —among other federal agencies.


    • Rick, you are exactly right!

      I had and uncle who was a government apparatchik in the US State Department. He was a lifetime federal government employee, I suppose because because he came into the job market at the worst time in the Great Depression. He was lucky to find steady employment even though the pay and the benefits were subsistence levels. He was on the first plane that landed in Japan after it was neutralized, to inspect the A-bomb damages.

      By his own words the US State department was nest of communists and communist sympathizers pulling the USG foreign policy strings and I think the record demonstrates the truthfulness of his words.

      Trouble is Americans today are so much farther down the ignorance rat hole, it will take a miracle or a calamity to turn them around. I keep hoping for a calm, peaceful, well reasoned political solution, but so far I don’t see one. One that the people will accept, that is. America and the west have been made to become a generation of soft, double minded narcissistic people ripe for the plucking.

  • Really wanted to hear what they were saying but simply couldn’t put up with the cursing. WHY do they do it? You will NOT lose listeners by not cursing but you stand to lose some by cursing. I can deal with milder curse words but it’s like nowadays they go out of their way to use the F or MF word.

  • Gave up halfway through, but, they strike me as gossiping like old ladies, and I find Brendon O’Connell’s whole schtick kinda creepy.
    Kind of hard to follow Berge’s disjointed manner of elocution, but he seemed to enjoy badmouthing people with whom he previously seemed happy to be around.

    Brendon asks “Would George Washington condone sex traps, dirty tricks and endless lies, drug taking and drug trafficking?” Brendon factually has no idea what America’s Spy master would (or had to) condone to help defeat the British, but we DO know that he owned enslaved people, loved someone other than his wife, and gave his dogs VERY STRANGE NAMES. Jesus thinks that people (like Brendon) who portray themselves as “holier than thou” are going to the place where he (Jesus) sends the goats.

  • Trump supporters need to face:

    1) “I’m the Father of the vaccines”, vs. the number of people suffering injuries and death under a full-court-press gaslighting campaign.

    2) Trump’s absolute silence on the fate
    of the JAN6th protestors,

    ( imo, the FEDs were the only “Insurrectionists”).

    The cognitive dissonance is embarassing.

    Trump’s reality tv chops and sakesman’s skills are astounding, but he’s playing his supporters for Marks so hard.

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