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Suspicious: Anne Heche Pops Up on Stretcher After Crashing into House

This is the helicopter footage at the scene of Anne Heche’s car accident on August 5th. Her body is covered in a white sheet from her head to her knees. She appears to be dead.

Just as firemen are about to put Heche into the ambulance – almost like a scene out of a horror film – she pierces through the sheet and she sits bolt upright on the gurney and leans forward to remove her leg restraints. She shows no indication of physical impairment, whatsoever.

This lurid scene looks like it could be a PSYOP played by an actor (perhaps even by Heche, herself), using a script from a Halloween movie.

Alternatively, it could appear that Anne Heche was remotely carjacked à la Michael Hastings and murdered by the “rescue” operation, which would have to be well-funded and entrenched within the local law enforcement system.

Heche (if that’s her) appears to me to be attempting to escape before one fireman brusquely grabs her arm and shoves her into the van. This does not look right, at all!

The chopper news announcer, who did not know the identity of the victim while live-reporting these events, referred to Heche as “he”, saying, “Oh, my Gosh! He’s completely alive! He was trying to get away! I don’t know. That was really, REALLY strange. And that’s what we love about breaking news, here in Los Angeles. Right when you think you’ve seen it all ––”


Six days later, Heche was declared brain dead (which means legally dead in California), after doctors claimed she’d suffered a “severe brain injury”.

Her rep told Fox News that she had been kept on life support for an additional four days to assess the viability of her organs for donation.

Heche, a survivor of longterm childhood sexual abuse by her father had recently completed production of, ‘Girl in Room 13’ a film about human trafficking that will be released by Lifetime next month.

Celia Farber wrote this interesting Substack article about the inconsistent, weird reporting around Heche’s car accident and the possible influence campaigns in the comment sections of news sites.

Some speculate that Heche was assassinated via a car hack, in a manner similar to how many suspect that journalist, Michael Hastings was murdered in 2013. The implication being that she was murdered due to the general public awareness she might bring to the topic of child sex trafficking – or perhaps that she might publicize her own privileged information during the promotion of the film.

As I watched the firemen shove her into the ambulance, I couldn’t help wondering if Anne Heche, like Cathy O’Brien was born into a high-level Midwestern child sex trafficking ring and that she’d been stalked by these goons her whole life.


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