New Anne Heche video street view from the side shows disturbing final moments.


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  • What’s behind that last firefighters hand?? Can Someone please tell me??? Anne Heche R.I.P Sooooo Sooorrry what happened to you and all
    the other wonderful actors and actresses that was taken from us to Sooon!!! Hopefully these Tyrants and Torrential Evil Doers will Get Stopped Very Very Soon. God Bless Everyone and Keep the Faith!!!!

  • that’s similar to what firefighters did to me in 2011, but with less consequences, for my luck! I think firefighters should do what they are trained for and for anything else what harms humans, put in jail, for the rest of their lives….

  • anybody hear the interview say He not Her…so is this a tricky film …and anybody know if her car was under search if it was set up due to mal function? drinking was out and drugs…i what was the cause…if speeding could she of been trying to stop due the brakes failing….hmmmm i d like answers…..

  • Either that’s a zombie getting up off the table or this is faked, imo.
    I think it’s faked. The question would be, why?

  • Handsome Boy! I watched the first season of Men in Trees, Heche is a boy! her picture where she is in Pink in the tuck confirms her no breast or the same size as mea 64 year old man who weighs 165 pounds. Cher was flat as a pancake in 1976 addition Front cover of Time Magazine, but now she is developed at least, age does that! But her laugh and style is a teenage boy! It is ironic that Ellen Degenerate made scrumptious booby jokes when Heche her mate did not have any!

  • I agree, this is bizarre. Something is not right with the narrative. There is plenty of reason to suspect that Heche might have been taken out if it was suspected that she was going to spill the beans on some powerful people. How it really went down is the mystery.

  • Alexandra I sent you a personal email that
    may give a plausible explanation for what may have happened. It is bizarre, but David Icke and Daniel Liszt would probably agree.

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